Affordable Business Signs That Appeal to Customers

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Yard signs have stood the test of time and have been most popular to 3 local markets; good old fashion garage sales, political campaigns, and real estate. There are other markets to appeal to such as small businesses or contractors, but the ones mentioned before are the three main contenders. So, what does it take to make those signs eye-catching? Is it the font or colors? Is it a unique design? With only a few seconds to attract the attention of your audience, knowing these certain insights can give you an extra boost over your competitors and could have potential clients choosing you first. As we go over these tricks of the trade, keep in mind that your signs are not limited to these guidelines and you are free to create your signs as you see fit.

Why use yard signs for your business?

Yard signs are much cheaper than larger forms of advertising and are highly effective from a local standpoint. Made from a 4mm piece of corrugated plastic, most yard signs are 18” x 24” and are printed with a UV ink which helps for prolonged outdoor exposure. They’re less expensive than billboards, LED and digital ad displays, but will endure the elements as well.

Insider Knowledge

Something to consider when designing your sign is the budget you have to work with. The bigger the budget, the more colors and/or higher quantity you can attain. A smaller budget suggests a one-color sign at a much lower quantity. Another thing to think about is, what colors do your competitors use? You don’t want to have signs that match too closely to your competition’s colors or design. Below are more key points to help you achieve your goal of an affordable and appealing sign that gets your message across.

  • Keep It Local!Yard signs are a great local strategy for small businesses and using the local lingo to promote your message is a great way get your point across. If you can easily communicate with your community then it makes reaching your market that much more effortless.
  • Keep It Simple! – By keeping the message on your signs simple and clear, you’ll be able to get more attention with just a few words. Overdesigned logos or too many words can deter someone from wanting to read your sign. For yard signs, there is a small window to nab the reader’s attention so keeping it easy to read should do the trick.
  • Text Layout! – Make sure to distribute the words on your signs wisely. Too much clutter will defeat the purpose of the sign. You want to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible, so simple fonts and bold colors are what you’re going to be looking for when designing your sign.
  • Location of Signs! – High traffic areas are key to the success of your signs. You’ll also want to consider the height of which your signs are going to be displayed. Finding that perfect viewing angle can be tricky, but oh so rewarding. The surroundings of your signs are something to think about as well. You wouldn’t want a pesky bush getting in the way of your reach.
  • Be different! – Having a funny slogan or a witty phrase can definitely help with standing out from the rest. As long as you keep it tasteful, non-offensive and in-line with the message you are trying to put out there, then there is no reason you can’t make a sign to remember.

These are just a few of the deciding factors to consider when creating your sign’s design. Remember, you don’t have to adhere to these methods entirely, just use what you need to help get your layout started. Hope these tips were useful and have answered some doubts you might have had about making your signs more appealing to your customers. With this new-found knowledge behind you and a wide variety of templates to choose from online, there’s nothing to hold you back from getting started!

Big Campaign Signs: A Big Winner Post-Election

Political Big Campaign Signs for 2018 Primaries
A row of political campaign signs greeting voters at a residential corner street for the 2018 primary elections.

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As the political campaigning season has come to an end, it seems the use for large campaign signs has dwindled down. Or has it? There are still other opportunities out there that we can grab by the horns and take full advantage of. We’re going to elaborate on those options and explain how big campaign signs can also make a big impression on your potential customers.


Let’s say you have a new restaurant or business that you want to get more attention for. With a sign the size of a big campaign sign, you’re surely going to grab some attention, but using them closer to the actual location has proven to be more effective than just in the neighborhood. On the other hand, these are also effective from great distances. A sign for your establishment, saying that its 10 miles away and which way to head, will make it a lot easier for future patrons to find their way to you. Plus, it sure beats getting a billboard! Not that there’s anything wrong with billboards, but corrugated plastic is more budget-friendly, costing hundreds to thousands less depending on your area.

Real Estate

Another use you can find for these signs is for real estate. Now there are other options that may have worked for you in the past, such as yard signs, but why not add to your arsenal by having a big real estate sign for you to show future clients where to buy on a plot of land? Maybe a new subdivision is in the works and you need to bring some attention to it. One of these can certainly do the trick but keep in mind that MDO plywood signs are usually used for this kind of thing. A big corrugated plastic sign is still very worthy when displayed correctly and is significantly cheaper.


You could be having an event special or a seasonal sale that you would like to advertise. Something like a firework stand or a Christmas tree farm. You can display some of these bad boys in likeness to the big business/restaurant signs but since you’re only going to have these signs up for a short period of time, your signs should last longer than your non-seasonal competitors.

Large Campaign Signs are made from a 4’ x 8’ or a 4’ x 4’ sheet of 4mm corrugated plastic and are digitally printed. That means that a large format, Inkjet or Laser printer will be used to print your signs. Think of how your desktop printer works, just on a much larger scale. They are printed with UV ink and are rated for 3 years of prolonged outdoor exposure. You can always display them indoors but because of their large stature, outside may be more fitting. Don’t forget that you’ll need posts that are sturdy to keep these big boys up, U-Channel Sign Posts are a great reliable solution.

Whatever the purpose of your promotional efforts, it’s a good idea to consider big campaign signs as a new, more creative approach to help with your promotional needs. We hope you find this information useful and that you can capitalize on some of these ideas. Who knows, you may even come up with your own use for these signs; the possibilities are endless.

How to Install Your Yard Sign!

Yard Sign With Different Stands
Yard Signs With Different Stands

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As you know, yard signs in general don’t do very well without the help of something keeping them in place. Even poster’s need thumb tacks. We understand your ad is going to endure things like heavy wind, rain, ice, and snow. We don’t want these or any other elements washing away your potential revenue. Knowing that the yard sign for your business or campaign signage is going to be secure is a must, so we’re here to help. Here we have gathered some items to help bring you peace of mind.

What are H-wires?

We have four basic H-wire stands that we sell from our warehouse, all of which easily slide into the flutes of your sign. Each H-wire is made of slim metal posts that are fashioned together to form an “H”. First, we have our standard H-wires which is our top rated and best seller. It’s 30” x 10” and is $1.19. Next we have our economy H-wires and they’re 24” x 10” with a price of $1.09. Then we have our heavy duty H-wires which are the same dimensions as our standard except the actual thickness of the metal is greater and the top posts are slightly wider. These go for $3.40 each. Last but not least are the half sized H-wires which are 15” x 10” and they start at $0.92 . All of our H-wires have available price breaks so don’t be afraid to order more and save.

Yard Sign Accessories

Aside from our H-wire collection we also have other accessories like wood stakes, plastic sign frames, and steel sign frames. We also offer U-channel sign posts and plastic A-frame sign holders for your more particular needs. A-frame sign holders are good for indoor ads, like in a mall. The plastic sign frames, wood stakes, and all of our steel frames are perfect for outdoor signage and can be installed with a hammer and some elbow grease. These will not only keep your signs in place but will stay there for as long as you need, while taking on the surrounding environment.

Here’s where you can get your yard sign accessories and get started! A good tip to remember when placing yard signs is that six feet from the curb is considered public property so if you don’t want your yard sign up for grabs, push them back a smidge; closer to the house so it’s on private property. This ordinance varies from city to city so make sure and check with the proper local officials. Some people are even adding extra protection to their signs to keep thieves from taking them. You can read about it here! We here at Super Cheap Signs are glad to be able to assist you with all of your sign needs and as always, thank you for your business!

Yard Signs: What They Are and What to Know

Yard signs fresh of the press!
Yard signs fresh of the press!

Why Yard Signs?

Signage has been around for quite some time, to put it modestly. More specifically, however, yard signs are being used as of more recent. Some would even say as early as the 60’s and 70’s, but why. Security alarm companies from that time wanted a new way to thwart burglars from entering a particular premises. What they started to do was put aluminum window signs on to real estate stakes and then introduced the combination to the customer’s yard. Since that time lawn signs have made their staple in advertising and don’t appear to be going anywhere but outside.

Corrugated plastic and a weather-proof ink are what most lawns signs are made of. Of course if you have some cardboard, a magic marker, a wood stake, and a sunny day then you can make a yard sign at your own leisure but that’s why we’re here. We can assist you with all of your sign needs. Our ads vary from real estate, campaign, special events, and much more. Have a custom design that you want to see on a piece of corrugated plastic? Then look no further because our design team is here to help. Or if you just wanted a blank piece of plastic to write your own message on then we can send you that too.

Get Your Yard Signs Noticed!

Now we have to get those signs to stand out and stand on their own. The most commonly used supports are wood stakes and/or H-wires. However, keep in mind our corrugated plastic yard sign material comes not only in 2 colors, but also 2 flute directions. The small spaces located on the bottom and top, or the sides of the plastic are called ‘Flutes’. If you want a sign with wood stakes then you’re going to want the flute direction to be perpendicular to the stake itself. With H-wires the flutes are going to be parallel. The 2 colors we offer are white and yellow, and come in a variety of sizes. Our standard is 18” x 24” but we also offer yard signs in the sizes of 12” x 18”, 9” x 24”, and our biggest of 24” x 32” that can be screen printed. Whether you need signs for your business or political campaign signs, here’s where you can get started!

Keep It In the Community: Local Marketing

In our incredibly shrinking world, “local” sounds almost anachronistic. When we can have BFFs across the country or across the globe up close and personal at the stroke of a screen, when couples have transcontinental relationships, when our food is shipped fresh and bright to grocery store shelves from another country, does GPS makes sense anywhere except in a vehicle?

Surprisingly, yes. The Go Local movement is gaining ground. From farmer’s markets to Yelp reviews, Google Maps to hyper-local ezines, people are hungry to learn more about their immediate neighborhood. Until we can drink virtual latté, this trend will likely continue.

What does Go Local marketing mean for signage?

  • Sign up for the local angle. Consider affixing “Buy Local” decals to your products or packaging to remind customers you’re a local business, and that by buying your products, their dollars remain in the community to boost the local economy. Your in-store banners and external marketing products such as sandwich boards and spinner signs should all carry the “Buy Local” theme.
  • Socialize locally. Social media is global, but that doesn’t mean your business can’t play up the local focus. On your Facebook page, for instance (yes, your business definitely needs to have one), you can reward new and existing customers who “Like” your page — which also tells other site visitors that they prefer to shop locally. The thank-you for a “Like” can be anything from a one-time discount to a small gift with their next purchase — a simple way to acknowledge support and let them know you appreciate their business. Be sure to include an image of your “Buy Local” signage on your Facebook real estate.
  • Support the community. Does the high school football team need signage for their stadium? Could your town’s SeniorCenter use some help hanging holiday banners, balloons or lights? Every community offers numerous opportunities to make a difference — and the positive PR for your business is a nice side benefit.

Who knows, with all this local emphasis, you might just find a new best buddy across town, rather than across the world.

Foam on the Range: Foamboard signs

Everybody from kids to grandparents loves foam. Think Nerf balls, foam baseballs, paddleballs, mattress toppers, yoga mats…the list goes on. So if you’re foaming at the mouth trying to come up with creative ways to say the same thing differently with your advertising, think foam, foam on the range: foamboard signs, that is!

Foam is where the art is. Foamboard is a backing material widely used in framing art: a superior quality, versatile foam sheet sandwiched between PVC plastic to give you reliable results every time.

Foamboard is fabulous for advertising everything from your store’s holiday sale to a new product display. You can write on foamboard with Super Cheap Signs’ permanent markers, creating a personalized message for your special audience. You can even use foamboard for spinner signs, adding to its adaptability. While they’re ideal for indoor use, foamboard signs are relatively durable in outdoor weather, too, holding up for awhile even in the rain before beginning to dissolve. (This can also be a fun experience for employees with a quirky sense of humor.)

When you use our foamboard for indoor advertising, however, the main caveat is to prevent people from wanting to play with it the way they do with packing peanuts. Maybe you’ll want to keep some play foam around to distract your more artistic customers. A game of Nerf baseball, anyone? Super Cheap Signs got you covered.

The Grandfather of Creative Genius

In Marketing Magic/Part 1, author Debbie Millman discussed how to become a brand genius. Now she deconstructs the creative process itself as she recounts the wisdom of iconic graphic designer Milton Glaser, famous for the I♥NY logo and the poster of Bob Dylan in profile, his hair a psychedelic swirl.

Celebrated as the greatest living graphic designer, Glaser offers a wealth of insight that can help business owners create compelling signage. Take this story of how he became an artist:

“When I was a very little boy, a cousin came to my house with a paper bag. He asked me if I wanted to see a bird. I thought he had a bird in the bag. He stuck his hand in the bag, and I realized he had drawn a bird on the side of a bag with a pencil. I was astonished! I perceived this as being miraculous. At that moment, I decided that was what I was going to do with my life. Create miracles.”

While a sign doesn’t have to be fine art, there’s no telling where tomorrow’s critically acclaimed work will originate. You might think you’re simply designing a banner for your business — but if the combination of design, colors and verbiage strikes a chord, in the cyber age anything is possible. Thanks to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many other social sites, unknowns become global sensations literally overnight.

Or maybe it’s a banner flag: the hybrid that makes a bold statement for your business, and is made to endure for seasons to come. At 11.5 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide, banner flags are hard to miss. And with our full-color UV-protected dyes and free design, proofing and logo re-creation, all you need to add is the creative genius.

So go ahead: create a miracle and let that banner wave all over cyberland, drawing customers to your door and kudos for your artistic brilliance. We’ll just remain quietly in the background.

Seven Sure-fire Tips for Real Estate Signs

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When it comes to real estate success, it’s not what you say so much as how and where you say it that makes the difference. Try these tips to create real estate signs that will have competitors asking for your secret:

Assess your audience

While some crossover artists are able to bridge diverse worlds (think Adele’s blockbuster album, “21”), this is a rare gift. It makes more sense to sing (or write) to your intended audience. Imagine a group of teen girls turning out to hear the latest rock band, only to watch the group take the stage and croon Frank Sinatra ballads! They’d request refunds. So if you’re selling upscale, designer homes, don’t create signs that appeal to young, middle-income families. Instead, make wealth your central message: “A home for people who appreciate the finer things.”

Tell them what to do!

It seems so obvious it’s often omitted: let prospective homeowners know what action you want them to take: stop by this weekend for an open house; call now for an appointment; email for a full-color brochure, etc.

Testing, one, two

Before you order dozens of signs, test your message on a market sample to make sure it generates the desired result.

Sell the steak

Yes, it’s common practice to sell the sizzle, but then your prospects won’t really know whether the house you have to show them will meet their needs. So give ’em the WIIFMs: “What’s In It For Me?” All the features — and all the benefits.

Be sure to proofread everthing

Did you notice the “y” was missing from “everything”? It’s all too easy to skip over a typo, or leave off essential information, such as your phone number or address. While the team at Super Cheap Signs takes pains to turn out a perfect sign every time, you have the final say. This is “y” it pays to have a fresh set of eyes review everything.

Balance visual and verbal cues

Don’t create a gorgeous sign with lackluster content, or sparkling copy with poor design. Aim for both excellent graphics and high quality content to captivate your prospects. If you need help, just ask us.

Learn from the masters

Do your homework, study what works and what doesn’t, and incorporate the best ideas into your own real estate yard signs. Who knows, someday a recording artist might immortalize your business in song!

Thirsty for Success: A powerful slogan

Invest in a campaign you believe in! Give your customers something they'll remember and hold onto.
Invest in a campaign you believe in! Give your customers something they’ll remember and hold onto.

The stunning success of the California “Got Milk?” campaign is legendary, and the powerful slogan is now part of the American lexicon. While this kind of advertising accomplishment is exceptional, it’s not the exception; any brand can apply the same principles used to develop, launch and maintain a landmark campaign — or build name recognition for their business.

Here are some of the most valuable lessons from “Got Milk?”. They’re especially relevant for real estate professionals and investors looking to dominate their market, which our real estate signage solutions have been helping them to do for years:

  1. Make New Friends But Keep the Old. Focus first on keeping those who are brand-loyal, because they’re your best source of increased sales.

The California Milk Processor Board (CMPB) chose to target regular milk drinkers, who constituted more than two-thirds of the market and were already favorably disposed toward the product — and thus more open to influence, especially in the short-term.

Entice your existing customers with discount offers and specials before expending energy attracting new business.

  1. Be Candid. If you employ a “Candid Camera” approach to discover how consumers feel about your product or service, you’ll be able to develop strong brand positioning based on these insights.

The “Got Milk?” ad agency removed all the milk from company refrigerators, placed video cameras inside, and recorded employee reactions to discovering there was no milk. In another research study, consumers were asked to forgo milk for a week, then report back. Their stories provided fabulous fodder for future ad direction.

  1. Cozy Up. Find a strategy that speaks to the consumer’s heart — or stomach, or bank account — and go the distance with it.

When the CMPB tried to sell more milk based on its health value, people yawned. But when the CMPB heard what consumers were telling them — that food choices drive milk purchases — they came up with the winning “deprivation strategy”: chocolate chip cookies or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches lost their cachet without the classic accompanying beverage.

What “goes with” your product or service like peanut butter with jelly? Put that on your yard sign or sandwich board and gauge how customers respond, then tweak your strategy accordingly.

  1. K-I-S-S (Keep It Super Simple). A great ad campaign that is too clever can lead to the opposite result from what you intend. Consumers must be able to easily grasp your message and understand what action you want them to take. This is where a powerful slogan is key.

    A great example of a simple, memorable slogan that could lead to an enlarged customer-base and generate new interest in your brand!

In two words, “Got Milk?” functioned as a hook, a call to action and a take-away that could be adapted to a variety of placements. Think, “Got House?” if you’re a real estate professional, or “Got Lumber?” if you’re a builder.

Got the idea? Great. Just order it on the yard sign, banner or car magnet of your choice, and we’ll take it from there.

Spinner Signs – High Impact Advertising With A Human Touch

When business is slow, some business owners can go into a tizzy. But instead of spinning your wheels, simply start spinning; this will help a lot.

How’s that again?

Spinner Signs

Advertising is all about spin. Now you can literalize it, with spinner signs. Durable, double-sided 16×48″ signs made of 10mm Coroplast construction that announce your business in full color vinyl glory. And because spinner signs are mobile, they’re an ideal form of advertising in cities that have strict ordinances regulating signage.

Spinner signs are a superb way to maximize employee productivity during a downturn. Select a gregarious employee to become your human directional advertisement, create an eye-catching spinner sign, and send your employee outside to drive more traffic to your business.

How can a spinner sign help your business thrive? Let your creativity run wild! An accounting office dresses one spinner sign holder as the Statue of Liberty during tax season; another spinner dons an Uncle Sam costume. Real estate professionals might want to dress their spinner sign employee as a house key.

Encourage your spinner to be as imaginative as possible. One spinner sign holder was doing such an amazing dance routine at a busy intersection, drivers stopped at the light were mesmerized — and of course they noticed where his sign was pointing. Talk about human directional advertising!

Let your employee spin to the beat, and bring in the biz! Rain or shine, with this low an investment, spinner signs are the perfect high impact advertising with a human touch for any size business.