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Stir up some business with a twist! Choose from the Spinner Signs templates we have below and upload your images for personalized customization. Get started today!

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Our Spinner Signs attract attention in a BIG way and will have your future customers saying WOW!! With a low investment and a high return, human directional advertising is a perfect solution for any business. They are composed of durable 10 mm corrugated plastic construction and digitally printed on both sides. They are also printed in full color and can incorporate custom images and graphics. Don’t forget to pick up some spinner handles for your signs to make advertising your business that much easier! Our Yard Signs with H-wires are also great at getting your word out there. Check our accessories page for any last minute items you may need!

Promotional Spinner Signs

Drive down main street on a busy weekend and chances are one or more sign spinners will be stationed on corners advertising businesses. Often referred to as human directional advertising, sign spinning continues to increase in popularity as it is an excellent way to draw attention to a business. Furthermore, it requires nothing more than a human willing to hold a sign and the sign itself, which helps to keep costs to a minimum. 

However, businesses need to know how to create an effective sign spinning campaign. The following are some tips to help ensure this campaign is a complete success. 

Keep It Simple

While there are great dancers out there and individuals who excel at gymnastics, antics such as these need to be kept to a minimum when making use of spinner signs. If the sign holder is continuously moving, the movement makes it difficult for those passing by to read the sign and its message. 

Motorists typically have around five seconds to read a sign as they pass it. Make certain the sign can always be read and the arrow is pointed in the correct direction. If either one of these conditions is not met, the business won’t get the best return on investment for its advertising campaign.

Learn the Local Sign Code

One benefit of using a sign spinner is these individuals are typically not regulated by the local sign code. This allows a business to be more creative with its advertising, which can help to generate additional interest. If this is not the case, there are other ways to get the message out without running afoul of the law. 

Consider hiring a group of individuals to hold signs that point to the business, for example. Make certain the sign remains in compliance with all local codes. Use the individuals holding the signs to advertise the organization, as humans aren’t bound by these codes. This allows for more creative options when codes don’t need to be followed. 

Be Unique

Find someone with a unique talent to advertise the business. For instance, if the sign spinner will be located on a busy street, he or she may be overlooked. Have this individual tap dance while holding or wearing the sign and more people will take notice. 

Obviously, tap dancing is only one talent that can be used for this purpose, hire a juggler and put the message on the balls he or she juggles while wearing a promotional sign. Another option is to employ an individual who plays the harmonica and have them do so while wearing the sign. Think outside the box for added interest from consumers. 

Focus on Impulse Buyers

Impulse buys are very common, and businesses need to take advantage of this. A restaurant can use a sign spinner to encourage people to try new offerings in the eatery. Although not all purchases are made on impulse, companies can still benefit from hiring a sign spinner to advertise their wares. 

Car dealerships are a good example of this. Highlight markdowns on new vehicles with the help of spinner signs or encourage drivers to stop by and see the latest models. While most won’t stop if they aren’t already planning on buying a new car, those who have been thinking about doing so may stop simply because the sign caught their attention. 

Make certain the sign encourages the viewer to take immediate action. The goal is to deliver a message that has people pulling over right away to follow up on the sign. For this reason, the text on the sign needs to be clearly visible and provide the viewer with a specific step that he or she can take.   

Putting It All together

Spinner signs are an excellent way to attract attention and generate more leads for a business. It costs little to purchase these signs and they offer an excellent return on investment. 

Made of durable 10mm corrugated plastic and digitally printed on both sides, the signs can include custom images and graphics. The goal is to create a marketing tool that displays your business in the best light and represents your values. Flip spinners are a great way to achieve this goal. 

When purchasing the signs, be sure to pick up spinner handles because they make advertising the business easier. Furthermore, yard signs with H-wires can be of great help to direct individuals to the business once the flip spinner has caught their attention. We offer a wide range of signs and accessories to meet your needs, so be sure to check them out today.