Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my signs?

An Estimated Delivery Date is calculated in our online shopping cart. Once you have everything in your cart, enter your zip code and the shipping calculator will give you an estimated delivery date.

  • We provide THREE free proof revisions per order which can add time to your turnaround.
  • For expedited orders, add a rush from below the shipping options in your cart.
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  • Please keep in mind, orders placed after 3PM (CST) will count as an order for the next day.

To view the FedEx ground shipping map click here and enter our zip code 78758.

How much is shipping?

To receive an exact quote for shipping:

  1. Go to : YARD SIGNS : BANNERS : MAGNETICS : ALL PRODUCTS :, select "Price It" options including quantity and size.
  2. For custom products, complete "Design It" options too, but you can get away with the bare minimum info to get through.
  3. "Add to Cart" will put your product in the "Buy It" section, or "Shopping Cart".
  4. Repeat as needed to enter all desired products into "Shopping Cart".
  5. Choose shipping method, enter Zip, and click "UPDATE SHIPPING".

Your shipping cost will be immediately calculated for you!

Shipping costs are determined by the number of boxes, total weight, destination zip code and shipping method. This order info is communicated directly to the UPS database, where the exact total is returned. Due to volume, we receive a reasonable discount from UPS which we pass along directly to you.

What is the set-up charge for a sign order?

We do not charge setup fees. Occasionally, if you are adding a logo or graphic and do not have a 'Print-Ready' file there may be an art fee but we will try to offer a free version first. If you have questions whether your file is 'Print-Ready' contact us and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I get a sample or proof of my sign before you print them?

YES. We require your proof approval BEFORE the order goes into production.

More info about proofing:

  • We keep our prices low and service high by proofing AFTER an order is placed and payment complete. Once your order is processed, a professional designer will create a proof of your order.
  • We offer THREE free proof revisions. After that, an additional charge of $15.00 per proof may apply. Customer must review and APPROVE proof online before order goes into production.

To purchase a proof separately, go to the Services Section

How do I mount my signs?

Corrugated plastic signs can be mounted in a variety of ways, but most people mount them on wood stakes, telephone poles or metal stakes (H-wires or Step Stakes). The plastic sign has lines or "flutes" that run either horizontally or vertically.

You must request that your signs have vertical flutes if you want to mount them on H-wires. This is the default setting on our ordering page. Horizontal flutes are better for wood stakes because the sign is less likely to fold in the wind. You can attach the signs to wood stakes with a staple gun, but we recommend using roofing nails that include a plastic washer to keep the sign from tearing.

Can I add a logo or other graphic image to my sign?

Yes, we can add your logo or other graphic to your sign, but we require it to be a vector graphic converted to outlines or curves. Common vector formats include:

  • AI (Adobe Illustrator)
  • EPS (Encapsulated Post Script)
  • PDF (Portable Document Format)
  • SVG (Scalable vector Graphics)

We have a more in-depth explanation of these files on our file types page. Files in .jpg or .gif format, especially graphics copied off the internet are raster or bit mapped files and are not suitable for sign printing. We typically charge $10 to $95 to set-up your logo if you can't provide it in a vector format. This is a one-time charge and is not charged again when you place future orders with us. You can contact us and we will give you an estimate of the art setup charge. We also have a variety of clip art images available for $0 - $15 each.

Can I get the 1,000 price even if I only need 100 signs right now?

No; our pricing is based on the number of identical signs printed in the same production run. Once a set of signs is completed, we break down the screen and print the next customer's signs. The screens cannot be re-used.

Can I get a quantity discount on 100 signs with four designs?

Unfortunately we can't offer the 100 pricing unless all signs are exactly the same. Each sign design is printed in its own separate production run. This means that even if the signs are the same except for the phone number, we must create a unique screen for the different content and print the signs separately. This is more labor intensive and therefore we have to build that into our pricing.

Do you take phone orders?

Yes! Our friendly Customer Service staff can help you with anything from file questions and pricing to sending updates and placing orders. Call us toll-free Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm central time. 866-270-7446

You can contact us or utilize our online chat whenever you see the 'Chat Live Online' icon on your left menu.

What happens if my sign has an error?

We understand that things do not go as planned all the time. If there's an error on your sign, be it our fault or yours, please know that we will do all we can to rectify the situation as quickly, smoothly and cost effectively as we can.

During business hours call 512-833-9900 or contact us during closed hours. We will get back to you within one business day.

Please provide order number, and exact nature of the issue, including any digital photos if helpful.

Do you offer a low-price guarantee?

You get our lowest price without even asking. If we have the room to lower our price, then we already lowered it. You can be confident in knowing you get our lowest price every time.

What are Super Cheap Signs' hours of operation?

Our office hours are Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST.

Please feel free to Contact Us anytime!

You can also order signs and get product information 24/7 via our web site:

Why is the price per sign so much cheaper for 100 than for 1?

We use two processes when making our signs - applying a digital print of text and graphics on vinyl for smaller orders (1 to 25 signs) or screen printing for larger orders (more than 25 signs). The vinyl application method is much more labor intensive and therefore more expensive.

We have a more in-depth explanation of our printing methods on our printing information page. Screen printing is generally better suited for 1-3 color jobs and high-quantity orders, whereas digital printing is often reserved for small-quantity orders and jobs with more color variance. The finish of your signs is also dependent on material and method of printing.

Can you design or setup my logo?

We have several talented designers on staff to create a brilliant layout of your sign content. Most of the time we can even take your logo and recreate it for printing at a nominal fee. Currently we are not offering 'from scratch' logo services as these typically cost $50-100/hr and do not follow our Super Cheap model! For more on our Art Services click here.

Can I see a proof before I purchase?

To ensure Super Cheap Signs offers the cheapest price and quickest service, we require the order be paid in full at the time it is placed. Orders not submitted as Proof Approved will always go through a proofing process once the purchase is made. We offer THREE free revisions per order. If you need to change your order DURING proofing, we will be happy to assist you at no additional charge; however charges may accrue if size, colors or quantity are changed. Changes may not be possible AFTER proof approval; if you need changes to the text or layout please contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Why do you charge more multiple color and double sided signs?

We operate a high volume, low-cost sign shop, and it costs us more to print multiple colors, multiple sides and directional signs. We keep your prices low by keeping our costs low and only charging you for exactly what you need.

Can I get my signs with a full bleed?

Our Yard Signs, Sign Riders and Aluminum Signs, as well as Big Campaign Signs, Big Directional Signs and Construction Signs all require at least a 3/4-inch margin around all four sides. This accomodates our screen printing process, as well as assures that the perimeter of your signs won't suffer any cracking or peeling. Banners, magnets and even Stickers all are available as full-bleed. Feel free to call to ask one of our friendly Customer Service Reps for specifics.

How to be Approved for Tax Exempt Status

Super Cheap Signs™ is required by law to collect sales tax on ALL ORDERS picked up or delivered within the state of Texas UNLESS you have been pre-approved by Super Cheap Signs™.

Please visit our newsletter to view more information regarding tax exempt status.