File Types

We have two types of printing processes, each have different requirements.

  1. Screen Printing: includes 1-3 color 4mm corrugated plastic plastic signs 24"x32" or smaller (Yard Signs), in quantities of 25 or more.  
  2. Digital Printing: literally everything else.  

For screen printing, vectorized artwork is required to build the screen.  Graphic Designers know all about vector art, and for the rest of us it means shapes and colors need to be separated. Note that every one of our yard sign templates is set up for users to customize and for us to screen print.  If you have a designer that knows what they're doing, then tell them we like AI files (Adobe Illustrator)..  If you don't want to use our standard colors, you can request an upgrade to PMS match.  These files types can be in vector:

  • Illustrator (.AI)
  • Vector (.EPS)
  • PDF

Digital printing is all about DPI (Dots Per Inch).  You'll hear that 300 dpi is a typical request for brochures and flyers, but we find that 72 dpi is a reasonable minimum for signs.  

  • Photoshop (.PSD)
  • PDF
  • JPEG
  • TIFF

Come back for updated information on this page in the meantime, visit these sites for more about file types..

Way too much info about screen printing and files needed (this is for T-shirts but applies to screen printing signs, too):