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Advertise your business, products, political candidates, or events with cheap, customizable vinyl stickers and decals. Choose from our various custom templates to create the design that best fits your specific need and style. Vinyl decals are often the perfect solution to get the word out, they are:   

  • Fast: design your decals in minutes, and they could ship out the next day.
  • Effective: install our vinyl stickers on your car, truck, or store window to start generating attention.
  • Affordable: with super low prices and free proofs, decals are your bang-for-buck champion.
  • Long-lasting: made with high-quality PVC vinyl and eco-solvent inks, your stickers will stand up to the elements.

At Super Cheap Signs, we've been delivering custom stickers and decals to customers for 30+ years. We're dedicated to providing professional-quality products at everyday low prices with quick turnaround times.

Get Started With Our Customizable Sticker and Decal Templates

Our decal and sticker templates are 100% customizable! Change text, images, colors, and fonts, or upload your own custom design.

Start From Scratch
Start From Scratch
Cheap bumper stickers - you design them and we print them
Bumper Stickers
Clothing Stickers
Clothing Stickers

What are your vinyl stickers made out of?

Design your original stickers or decals in any shape, size, and color scheme you want. We'll print them on high-quality glossy PVC vinyl with eco-solvent inks. You won't ever have to worry about quality or durability because our stickers are made to last. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, they'll stand up to inclement weather and even look great after years of being shoved into a crowded backpack.  

Affordable Custom Window Decals

Window decals are very flexible and a great way to get your messages in front of the right people. Whether you're promoting something special on your vehicle window or conveying important information on your storefront windows to those passing by, decals are an affordable and effective option. They're designed for smooth glass surfaces (indoors or outdoors) and they hold up under year-round weather conditions - rain, sleet, snow, or sun.

Vinyl Bumper Stickers for Cars and Trucks

Bumper stickers are more than just showing your political allegiances, and our creative customer orders are absolute proof of that! With endless options and vibrant designs, you’ve got hyper-personalized vinyl stickers at your fingertips. Whether you’re promoting your brand, a non-profit organization, or adding to your vehicle advertising efforts, there’s no reason not to consider choosing from our vinyl stickers for sale.

Where Did Bumper Stickers Come From? 

You don’t need a vehicle to appreciate a great lapel sticker or bumper sticker. Why not consider personalizing the following personal products? 

  • Water bottles
  • Notebooks
  • Bike helmets
  • Laptops
  • Musical instrument cases
  • Refrigerators
  • Hardshell suitcases
  • Backpacks

Humans want to express their uniqueness and beliefs in all kinds of ways, and cheap bumper stickers are just one way to make that happen. They’re quick ways to express political beliefs, showcase a favorite hobby, and even brag about family and pets.

For over a hundred years, it’s been fashionable to advertise on vehicles. Initially, pieces of fabric and banners were suspended by ropes on the exteriors and roofs. 

In the early 1900s, bumpers were seen as an unnecessary purchase (since they were literally steel strips on the front and back of cars). Eventually, engineering improvements made bumpers an important part of impact absorption and damage control. By the 1940s, sticky bits of paper began popping up on the backs of cars. 

While these advertising methods have largely remained the same, new technologies and materials have improved the lifespan of low-cost decals.

What Is Eco-Solvent Ink?

While solvent inks are generally more weather-resistant, they tend to contain higher amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can be hazardous to work with – especially in an indoor setting. Eco-solvent inks are biodegradable, don’t clog equipment, and aren’t dangerous to inhale. Not only do these materials offer an incredible depth of color, but they’re also a safer option for the SuperCheapSigns team.

How to Remove a Bumper Sticker

Because they’re made to withstand weather and dirt, bumper stickers are typically hard to remove. However, there are plenty of reasons to remove them, such as: 

  • A political campaign ending
  • Purchasing a used car with someone else’s stickers on it
  • Changing your mind about a band or statement

If you’re struggling to remove your vinyl stickers – and want to avoid damaging your car’s paint job – try the following method. 

The Hair Dryer Technique 

One of the most popular methods to remove a bumper sticker includes using a hairdryer. First, wipe the surface clean with a damp rag so the heat can more thoroughly penetrate the surface. Using the hottest setting, hold the hair dryer at least 6 inches away from the sticker and move it back and forth to avoid causing paint damage. When you see the vinyl sticker edges curling, gently pull (or use a credit card) to lift the sticker away from the surface. Repeat as often as necessary. 

Note: Always test a small area to make sure that the removal method doesn’t damage or discolor your vehicle’s paint. 

How to Purchase the Cheapest Vinyl Stickers

Our site allows you to either upload a custom design or use one of our templates. Consider how you can make your design stand out (remember: less is more!). As always, our design team is available to assist you with any and all of your questions. 

With fast printing times and unbelievably quick shipping, we’re proud to provide the most economic option for cheap vinyl stickers. And we’re even prouder that these high-quality products will showcase your message for years to come!