Yes! Vinyl stickers are still a cost-effective way to advertise important messages related to your company and/or it’s products.  Additionally, this more traditional method of ‘hand-out” advertising is small enough to be easily cut to custom shapes that could better represent the main idea.  Vinyl can also be used for indoor and outdoor advertising.  

Where is a Good Place for a Sticky Message

Vinyl stickers are great for advertising at special events, such as parades, conference meetings, trade shows and/or political rallies.  Large events can be tackled by multiple staff members handing out roll label lapel stickers to potential customers or political supporters. Stickers can also be used on letterheads, envelopes, and other literature that is connected with your event. 

What is a Good Sticker Size?

Regardless of the size of your design, one of the first things to consider is where you plan on applying your stickers. Will they need to be a specific size to match your destination? Also, keep in mind, a single branded sticker can be used for multiple purposes and destinations, so it’s good to think about the smallest sized surface you plan on applying your stickers on. Getting the right sized vinyl stickers for your message will help you present them in a professional way whether they are on a vehicle or on your customer’s lapel.

When it comes to ordering custom stickers, one of the most important decisions you can make is figuring out the best size to get your message across. Choose a size that is too small, and your message may get lost in the shuffle. Get a size that is too large, and it may fail to impress your fans or potential customers. Vinyl stickers can also have a customized shape, and incorrectly shaped stickers may actually send out the wrong message for your brand. 

Make Your Message Affordable

Stickers are far more cost-effective than any other advertising approach. You can print 1000 custom stickers at an unbelievable low price point. Compared to television and radio advertisements, that is pocket change! Remember, one vinyl sticker has the potential to advertise to thousands of people a day! And that sticker can continue advertising your business, every day, for years to come, with no renewal fees!

Make Your Message Mobile

Bumper Sticker advertising is an effective stand-alone marketing approach, but it’s even more useful as one of many marketing implementations in a larger campaign. Designed correctly, bumper stickers reinforce the message you are transmitting through direct mail, broadcast and/or print media, for a minuscule cost. If you’re already planning a huge marketing blitz, add a lot of extra impact for a little extra investment and behold the power of synergy!

Stick to it!

Put it all together for a secure fit: your budget stretches further when you spread your message with Bumper Stickers, the glue that holds your marketing campaign together.