How to Keep Your Yard Sign from Being Stolen?

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During the 2020 election season, tensions were high – and record numbers of political yard signs were stolen and vandalized. And while the act of stealing lawn signs has been around since the yard sign was invented, it’s important that you can keep them displayed proudly on your front lawn. 

If you’re here to search for advice on electrifying your yard sign, unfortunately, we can’t provide those tips. What we can tell you, however, is that there are simple, straightforward ways to ensure that these items stay put. Even though yard signs are cheap, people spend considerable time and effort installing them, so campaign yard sign thieves shouldn’t just get a free pass.

Is Stealing Lawn Signs Illegal?

Absolutely, yes. Theft and vandalism of political signs is a crimes, and so is trespassing on private property. Most states consider these misdemeanors, but if multiple signs have been vandalized, these charges can quickly add up. 

Is It Illegal to Electrify a Yard Sign?”

We understand that you don’t want to lose the products you’ve paid for with your hard-earned money. But let’s talk about what you shouldn’t do. 

In Washington, Ray Gilbride used copper wire to hook his campaign sign up to a non-lethal electric fence. As he explained, “Situational ethics is wrong. Stealing is stealing. You’ve got to go back to the basics: If it’s not yours, don’t touch it.” 

While Gilbridge consulted with police to ensure its legality, this situation likely depends on the local jurisdiction (and Super Cheap Signs obviously can’t provide you with legal advice).

How to Booby Trap a Yard Sign

If you want to avoid potential lawsuits but need to prevent yard sign theft, there are plenty of colorful methods that people have employed. Your booby trap needs to be effective but also has to ensure that no one gets hurt. 

Rub Some Vaseline on It

The internet is filled with references to covering the backs of political signs with vaseline and it works well because it’s a substance with a disturbing texture. Some people have gone as far as to suggest using fecal matter as a deterrent, but this is ill-advised. 

It Needs More Cowbell

After losing four of their lawn signs to thieves, a Pennsylvania couple created their own sign out of 4’x8’ sheets of plywood. Two alarms were connected to a tripwire with another silent alarm triggered inside the house when someone walked onto the property. Not to be outdone, a surveillance camera was also installed to catch perpetrators red-handed. 

Fishing Line

One Indiana resident connected a fishing line between his lawn signs and his front porch to keep them from being taken away. He went one step further by adding another thin green string along the ground to trip up thieves. The Indianapolis citizen claimed to be “2-and-0” with his effective and (mostly) harmless method. 

It Doesn’t Always Work the Way You Think…

In Massachusetts, Arthur Gonsalves placed a black box reading “Danger” on one of his political signs and some colorful wires dangling from it. It seemed harmless enough…until local police treated the “booby trap” seriously, calling the state bomb squad in to investigate. 

While Mr. Gonsalves told the authorities that it was fashioned from his old stereo system’s equalizer, it probably wasn’t the best way to protect his yard sign

Simpler Ways to Prevent Yard Signs from Being Stolen

If you’re handy and clever, we’re sure you can create inventive ways to keep political signs from being stolen. However, most of us could follow these straightforward rules: 

  • Bring your signs in at night time. 
  • Keep signs in your front windows or porch windows. 
  • Install a motion-sensing light directed at your yard signs.
  • Use “Arrow Spinner Signs” to grab attention and keep it in your possession. 

If someone keeps stealing your yard signs – or you simply want to purchase something to place outside your home or business – our team offers incredibly low prices for our high-quality signs. And if you’re considering purchasing larger quantities, you’ll save substantially more. That’s the Super Cheap Signs promise!

The Little Things a Viewer Sees in Sign Riders

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Have you ever thought about the amount of advertisement that your eye sees, but that you can’t immediately recall until something just triggers the message to come to remembrance?  A large portion of advertising today relies on subconscious suggestions? Sign riders can be a great way to subtly enhance your signage and provide increased space for additional messaging.  

What is a Sign Rider

If you are in the real estate business, you might have some idea of what a sign rider is all about.  Most real estate signage will include a sign rider to go along with the main signage. Simply put, a sign rider is a small sign that is placed underneath, on top of or next to a sign bearing the main message.  It’s like a thought bubble next to the main idea. You want the passerby to catch the main message, but almost subconsciously, they also collect and keep the sign rider message.

When to Use a Sign Rider

Sign riders have become almost commonplace in combination with yard signs and roadway signs.  Many sign riders are used to provide updated information that goes along with the main sign that could have been in place for days.  Once a person passes a sign over a period of time, they begin to pass by without really seeing the information on the sign. Updating the sign can be costly.  However, adding a different sign rider can change the visual presentation such that it catches the eye of the passerby although they have seen the main sign repeatedly.  Use sign riders to update the main message, such as “for sale” to “sale pending”, or “lower price”. Use sign riders to encapsulate the main message into a catchphrase. Your main message may be how and where to purchase flowers, with company name, location and time of business hours.  Add a sign rider that simply says “Your Flowers Here!”.

Highlight Your Thought with a Sign Rider

You have a great yard sign, or real estate sign, or a campaign sign, but there is a lot of information on your sign for a passerby to see and remember.  You can use a sign rider to make the most important part of your message to stand out to the viewer. Maybe you really want them to call, put your phone number in large print on the sign rider.  They will get the point. Or, you just need to be sure they remember your name. In large print, the sign rider can pull your name out in front of a more detailed message below.

Don’t be caught with signage that is there, but is no longer seen.  Use sign riders to update, highlight and enhance the viewer’s opportunity to see new, but connected information.

How to Leverage Yard Signs to Capture the Attention of Your Audience

In this present age of electronic data that flows without ceasing, digital marketers have made extraordinary advances in audience targeting with online advertising. The advertising industry’s ability to reach target audiences on a microscale is nothing short of astonishing. For example, Android smartphones come out of the box configured to operate as keyword-driven wiretaps that attempt to sell their owners’ products and services that they haven’t even shopped for yet. 

While the ability of smartphones to capture the public with ever greater precision using personalized advertising is impressive, there is another, much lower-tech but often a far more effective way for businesses and other advertising clients to reach large groups of people who comprise similar clientele: yard signs

City organization encourages similar types of people to cluster in far greater density than in rural areas. Unlike phone ads that often create unintentional resentment for the product, people often find their attention drawn to lawn signs of purpose, especially if they are well-placed. There are five things that everyone should know about highly effective yard sign leveraging.

Use Distinguishing Colors

Set your sign apart from those of the competition. This is important for anyone that is a political candidate in an election. Yes, red, white, and blue may be the most patriotic colors, but when everyone is using those colors, it’s hard to stand out. Choose a color that pops. This is especially important when candidates share similar or the same name.

Locate Signs Where The Targeted Audience Is

Place yard signs in places that attract the targeted demographic. Every city has something special about it. The places, landmarks, and attractions within a given area have much to do with the people who come through that area. Imagine a sign that advertises a home-delivery service for a pharmacy or a mobility scooter for the disabled. Where is the best place to put it to draw the attention of the people who stand to benefit most from the info? Try locating signs near a bingo hall, WMCA, VFW, or American Legion Post. A sign that advertises a daycare, little league, dentist office, or tax preparation service will perform well near community parks, greenways, grocery stores, and recreation centers. Always seek to place signs where they’ll be most effective. 

Include A Visual Representation Of The Product Or Service The Sign Offers

This isn’t possible with every single sign, but even taking one sign to the next level is apt to increase sales. For example, a landscaping company would be smart to put their sign right next to an outstanding sample of their work, such as a freshly manicured lawn. If that isn’t possible, put it near a related object. When potential customers can visualize your service, they will be more inclined to work with you.  

Outperform Your Competition With Precision Placement Instead Of Unproductive Excess

One of the greatest challenges of advertising with yard signs is that there will be times when your competitors will have thoroughly, and sometimes excessively, covered the same areas where you plan to place your signs. In cases such as this, it is best not to respond the same way. Signs that perform well in over-saturated areas have distinctive features, are larger than their peers, or have an advantage because of their placement. In a sea of small ground signs, a larger sign at the back on a pole will always shine brightly. A single, well-placed sign has the potential to be the one that a passersby remembers because it stands out from the others so well. 

Create Associations With Yard Signs 

Associate yard signs with anything that naturally draws onlooker’s attention. Something with enough visual appeal that it naturally draws the attention of a passing motorist is an ideal place for a yard sign. Therefore, if you are placing yard signs on a winding neighborhood road, take care to place them in front of the nicest homes. Keep an eye out for attention-grabbing landscape features and pop a sign there. Statues, murals, and landmarks are all optimal places for yard signs. 

It’s easy to assume that adequate communication requires technology, but sometimes, just the opposite is true. Yard signs are a tried-and-true method of effective advertising. Don’t wait to see if someone will open your email advertisement—place an order for your custom made yard signs today.


Are Election Posters Effective?

Political advertising has a long, storied history. However, its power wasn’t really recognized until the 50s, when the modern version came into play. In today’s digitally-driven environment, it’s easy to dismiss print ads as an irrelevant medium. However, people are up to 70% more likely to remember candidates who advertise in print rather than online. 

There’s a growing demand for print media, and political posters are still one of the best ways for candidates to spread their messages. Here are a few reasons why election posters are still useful in today’s world.

They’re Affordable

One of the biggest advantages of politically-focused custom posters is that they’re relatively inexpensive to produce. It doesn’t cost much to create, print, and put up an effective poster, and when they’re made of the right materials, they’re very durable. Spreading a candidate’s message in this manner is more cost-efficient than a radio, digital, or TV ad may be.

Political Ads Are Highly Visible

No matter a candidate’s political affiliation, a well-placed election poster will make potential voters stop and think for a second. Because of their visual impact and size, there’s no disputing that a well-crafted poster with an effective campaign message can help a candidate spread the word.

Helping Candidates Build Credibility

Traditional media such as magazines, newspapers, and posters are trusted sources of information, and they’re perceived as being more credible than social media and online ads. Campaign posters have long appeared out in public, which does much to make candidates seem more trustworthy and believable than their competitors are.

Assisting With Recall

Compared to ads viewed on a computer, tablet, or phone, printed ads are more comfortable to the viewer’s eye. There’s something about a printed poster that the human brain finds easier to understand. People are more likely to remember printed campaign ads, especially if the candidate’s message gives them food for thought.

A Flexible Way to Spread the Word

A political poster can help a candidate convey their message in numerous ways. From a visually appealing font to a cleverly written message, these custom-printed posters make it easy for candidates to market themselves. 

Eliciting an Emotional Response

Election posters are powerful in the ways they affect viewers’ subconscious responses. A well-planned poster can arouse empathy, which helps a candidate connect directly with voters’ minds and hearts.

Getting the Message In Front of a Captive Audience

A campaign poster that’s properly placed on a busy street or in a shopping center can do much for captive audiences. When posters are placed in high-traffic areas, candidates find it easier to get their message in front of more people.

Political posters have an enduring history, but thankfully, they will be useful well into the future. When candidates use their advertising spaces to create direct calls to action, they’re more likely to achieve the desired result. To find out how Super Cheap Signs can help you increase your chances of election, contact us today.

Why Business Owners Should Invest in Car Magnets

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Why Business Owners Should Invest in Car Magnets

Business owners are constantly thinking about how to better advertise their business and increase their revenue stream. They will often try a variety of advertising methods without seeing much of a return, which is a waste of marketing dollars. Relying on ostentatious roadside signs may seem like a good investment, but there are a fixed number of people who will pass them each day, limiting the amount of exposure a business can get from them.

Benefits of Car Magnets

Car magnets are a way to use a vehicle’s available real estate to advertise a business. The average person spends 40-90 minutes in their car each day. During that time, a vehicle can pass over 1,000 cars. Car magnets put a business’s name in front of thousands of eyes, making them a valuable advertising resource. Below is a list of reasons business owners should invest in car magnets. 


A car magnet could reach up to 30,000 people every month just by being displayed on the side of a vehicle that is driven every day. To get that many impressions through Google or social media advertising, businesses would need to spend a lot of money. Car magnets cost less, making them a bargain compared to digital marketing costs. 

Mobile Advertisements

Billboards are stationary, so only people in the same location will see the advertisement. The average cost of a billboard is over $6,000, making it a costly way to advertise to a limited number of people. Car magnets bring the advertisement to several areas, increasing the number of people who see it and increasing awareness of the business in a larger geographical area. 


Car magnets have some maintenance requirements, such as cleaning underneath them to prevent scratches on the vehicle or washing them if they become dirty with road salt. However, aside from gentle cleaning, car magnets are easy to use. Removing them is just a matter of peeling it off the side of the vehicle. 

Cross-Channel Marketing

When people think of car magnet design, they often assume it will be a business’s logo and phone number. However, car magnets can be used with other advertising platforms to increase the effectiveness of a larger campaign. For example, car magnets can display a 5-digit shortcode that individuals can send a text message, allowing them to opt-in to a larger marketing initiative. 

When business owners use car magnets in this manner, they can easily track the magnets’ effectiveness. By using a unique code or URL on the car magnet, business owners can see how many of their customers found out about them through the car magnet, allowing them to calculate their marketing return on investment. 

Gets People Talking

Car magnets get people’s attention. Business owners who display them proudly on their car notice that others will approach them with questions about their business. Once the conversation is started, business owners can use the opportunity to give a short sales pitch or invite the person to visit the business’s location. 

Designing a Car Magnet

Not all car magnets are created equal. There are specific design elements that, when used correctly, can maximize the magnet’s draw. Below are some tips on designing a high-impact car magnet.

Make the Business Name Prominent

While many people see car magnets every day, most have little time to look at them. It is important that the business’s name is the most prominent feature on the magnet, ensuring that the public remembers them.

Use High-Contrast Colors

Bland colors or colors that match the vehicle are likely to go unnoticed. Using high contrast colors that stand out from the vehicle ensures people notice the magnet and pay attention to the information that is on it. 

Keep it Easy to Read

Most people have driven behind a car with a bumper sticker that made them squint to read it. Not only is this ineffective, but it is also dangerous, too. Car magnets should be easy to read, with bold text and a prominent call-to-action that only takes a glance to understand. 

Car magnets are a versatile, low-cost way for business owners to increase awareness around their brand. They are more effective than traditional advertising methods, such as billboards and print ads, and have a better return on investment. 

Why Businesses Should Include Magnetic Car Signs in Their Marketing Strategy

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Businesses today have begun to find it necessary to use more and more creative ways to market their businesses and gain new customers. Although online advertisement is useful, physical methods of advertising are still extremely effective because they reach a large audience. More and more businesses are turning to magnetic car signs as a great way to get their name out and garner more business. Here are a few reasons why magnetic car signs are an essential part of a business marketing strategy. 

Mobile Marketing

One of the greatest things about a car magnet is that the advertisement goes everywhere that the car goes. It is the equivalent of advertising on a bus or a taxi but without the cost of renting sign space. The customer base of most businesses comes from clients who live within a five-mile radius of the business. Therefore, having a sign on a car that drives within the nearby neighborhood on a daily basis will reach the desired clientele. 

Always Advertising

A magnetic car sign is always working for the business. Whether it is a weekend, or in the middle of the night, it will be there for anyone who passes by. It is 24/7 advertisement without the expensive cost. 


Magnetic signs are a very affordable option. For a one time purchase of less than $40, a business can have an attractive sign that will last for years. Most continuous advertisements cost this much or more every month which can create a pretty big dent in the marketing budget. 

Easily Customizable

Most companies will allow a business to customize their own signs. This gives the company complete freedom when it comes to color, text size, layout, and artwork. Once the sign has been designed, it is quick and easy to order as many as needed. Customers can even pay a little more to have the sign designed by a professional if they are not confident in their artistic abilities or simply wish to outsource the task.

Easy to Add and Remove

One great feature of a magnetic car sign is that they are easy, both to put on and remove. They simply stick to a clean and dry steel surface and can be peeled off whenever desired. This is great for companies that need to change the advertisement often or even for those who wish to advertise only occasionally. They also do not harm the vehicle, or permanently alter it in any way. 

Unique and Memorable

These signs provide a unique and memorable experience for potential customers, according to Redesign. They can be designed using striking colors, memorable phrases, and eye-catching pictures. They can be especially effective when placed on the back of the car where they can be easily read at stoplights when drivers of other cars are happy to be distracted by something interesting to read. 

Can be Used for Any Type of Business

These signs can be used for any type of business. They are great for advertising small businesses such as music lessons or computer repair and are also great for real estate, restaurants, and political campaigns


Car magnets are one of the most versatile forms of advertisement. They can be placed on any steel surface and can be moved to a different car or other location whenever necessary. Businesses can even think beyond cars. These can be placed on a steel surface and used for a wide variety of purposes. Some businesses even use them as gifts to loyal customers, or handouts to potential clients, to help get the word out even further. 

Easy to Maintain

Car magnets are easy to maintain. They should always be placed on a surface that has been thoroughly cleaned with soap and water and dried to a shine. The signs can be taken off and cleaned whenever necessary so that they can continue to look bright. They are weather resistant and will not fade in the sun. 


Perhaps the most important benefit of having a car sign is that they are proven to be effective. Many individuals spend a lot of time sitting at stoplights, and these memorable signs will keep the company on the customer’s mind until they need the service. They reach a very large audience and help to target individuals in the desired neighborhood. At such a cheap price, there is no reason to not invest in this type of marketing. 

Car magnets are growing in popularity. Because of their immense versatility as a form of advertisement, not to mention their affordability and ease of installation, many are choosing to put a magnetic sign on their vehicles or other areas. These bright and colorful signs are a wonderful way to supplement a marketing strategy. 

Using Car Magnets to Advertise Your Business

If you operate a company with a fleet of vans motoring all over town or simply use your personal vehicle to make deliveries or visit clients, displaying your logo on vehicle magnets is low cost, highly visible, and a great way to get your company name out there. Every day, you or your crew move around in front of different potential customers and company vehicles are like mobile business cards.

The world of car magnets is divided into two distinct categories—Magnets and Sign Magnets. The former refers to magnets of smaller size typically purchased in bulk and offered as customer promotion at live events, included in purchases, or sent in the mail. You’ll often see smaller magnets like these on the trunk or rear bumper area of cars, like the old bumper stickers of past years. In fact, this style of magnet is commonly called a bumper magnet and they are popular with local companies, non-profits, and home-based businesses.

Sign magnets are the larger versions commonly seen on vehicle door panels. They are market-driven tools typically promoting a regional company and its services and often include the company’s name, phone number, brief description of service, and a license number in the case of contractors or similar.

Magnetic Mobility

Creating a custom car magnet for your business is easier than ever, with intuitive online tools and high end-product materials that will add company pizzazz to your company’s four-wheeled billboards. Here’s what’s great about vehicle magnets:

  • Low cost—Designing and making vehicle magnets is one of the most affordable marketing strategies and with the final product in hand, there’s no monthly advertising cost or other additional expense. You get high visibility every time the vehicles hit the road.
  • Mobility—Traditional signage is rooted in one place. It’s great for delivering a message to that particular piece of geography but what about customers across town? A real estate car magnet, for example, is an excellent way to generate leads where you need them most.
  • Flexible—If you run Sarah’s Beach Bonanza three days a week, you can display the magnetic signs in the heat of the action and simply remove them whenever you want.
  • Business branding—One of marketing’s fundamentals is a great logo is the face of your brand. Short of meeting every potential customer for coffee every day, your logo becomes your calling card. As a bonus, your high quality work, or that of your crew, is directly reflected back to the company. For example, contractor truck magnets are roving endorsements of your crew’s incomparable talents.     

Magnet Application and Size

When it comes to applying vehicle magnets, common concerns are will they stick and will they ruin the paint? Regarding the former, business magnets for cars will stick to any flat metal surface. They will not stick to fiberglass panels.

As far as damage to a vehicle, car magnets will not damage paint or leave scratches or scuffs and in fact, help shield the paint from fading. However, it is wise to remove car magnets intermittently to allow some natural sun exposure.

As a general rule, the most popular vehicle magnet sizes are 12×18 inches for passenger cars and 12×24 inches for SUVs and pickups. Larger trucks or trailers have best visibility with 18×24-inch magnets. Square and rectangular sign magnets are the most popular but round and various other shapes are used as well.

What to Include

Designing a car magnet of any size involves many of the same elements as other marketing efforts. Contact information should be the easiest text to read on your sign and displayed in attention-grabbing font style. Someone driving by only has a few seconds to read your magnet so stick with short, clear phrasing and/or a catchy tagline.

Color combinations of course are a major design component and can make a big impact in attracting potential customers. Dark backgrounds with lighter text are catchy and easy to read, as well as company-specific graphics in complementing colors that really set off your business vibe.

Naturally, keeping your magnets and magnet signs clean and in good condition is very important. Vehicle magnets are strong and durable and will generally last a very long time, but a little TLC goes a long way in ensuring that happens. Wipe off that dirt! A bright and shiny sign is your first step to new customers. Make your first mobile impression the best it can be.

How Big a Yard Sign Should My Contracting Business Have?

It’s like planting a flag to stake your claim on a new land. A sign for your contracting business might seem insignificant in the grand marketing scheme, or even an afterthought to some, but the power of a professional contracting sign cannot be underestimated.

Many contractors including plumbers, painters, home remodelers, and landscapers rely heavily on word of mouth advertising and while this is very effective it is not foolproof and only applies if your business generates a consistent buzz.  High profile contractors or those fortunate enough might have their name amply displayed on a job site building to show off to the world, and many contractors have vehicles advertising their services. But a roving vehicle can’t direct a potential customer’s attention to a specific job. How can you shout out your company’s talents and reputation while making the most of your marketing dollars?


The Understated Power of a Yard Sign

It’s amazing what sticking a business sign in the ground can do. On that sign you can display most anything related to the work you do, such as contact phone, license number, website, business logo, and color photos of a project. The sign can be in a traditional square or rectangle shape.

When the neighbors stroll by or other people drive, bike, or run past; they will see your business name in bold font and bright, catchy colors. If you or a crew is on site, a custom yard sign can also serve as a welcome for what you do and an invitation to potentially talk with you on the spot. Curious neighbors might be in need of the same type of work and this is your chance to share details of your talents with a new audience.

We live in a digital world, for sure, but print marketing remains a highly effective option for everything from sales and real estate to home improvement and political office. More than likely, you have walked through the door of a business or at least called or perused their website after seeing a yard sign or advertising poster. Best of all from a marketing budget point of view, with a little creativity and strategy you can score affordable signs and generate a significant return on a modest investment.


How Big Should I Go?

After you’ve decided on a customer-captivating font, colors, and graphics for your business sign; now it’s time to choose a size. Just how big is best? A little 8×10 postage stamp blurb probably won’t attract the crowds to your door and a humongous mural draped from the eaves is a bit much.

First thing’s first—know the rules. Check local regulations regarding temporary signage. You certainly don’t want to break a law or raise the hackles of important people in city offices. Not only that, signs planted where they don’t belong stand a good chance of being unceremoniously removed and discarded, and there goes your marketing investment.

Choose a sign large enough for people to see when they drive past. You only have a few seconds to capture their attention so combine adequate size with bold colors, easy to read fonts, and a contrasting background. If your “under construction” sign at a high-profile job site is small and hard to read, it doesn’t do much good to have it out there in the first place.


Make it Sturdy and Unique

A larger, robust sign also garners attention and will not be bothered by gusty winds or a storm. Use wooden posts or similar whenever possible to keep your sign in place, and incorporate an attractive design that reflects your company’s personality.

People remember things that aren’t the same ol’. Don’t be afraid to push the limits a bit and use unique materials and shapes to catch the eye of potential customers. That one little detail could mean the biggest job of the year.


Information is Power

Make use of your sign space and include strategic, customer-focused information that is easy to access. Consider including a mobile-friendly QR code about your company or the specific project where the sign is placed. The traditional “mailbox” attached to the sign filled with brochures is always a good bet as well.

Within the sign space, focus on advertising just one or two services. People won’t have time to read your company’s entire repertoire so use the space wisely. Include a specialty and highlight accordingly. And don’t print on both sides; people aren’t traveling behind the sign. Save on print costs and make larger signs for the best results. 

What Information Should You Include on a Real Estate Yard Sign?

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Today’s world is packed full of amazing technological tools for everything from learning ABCs to ordering groceries to stealthy satellite surveillance from space. Yet in spite of all those hi-tech gizmos, the humble yard sign remains one of real estate’s oldest and most effective ways to build a reputation and attract leads. A prospective client might never engage with your listings on Zillow or turn on your Twitter feed or bookmark your website, but they will drive by the house with your for sale sign on the way to work every day.  

They are simple in appearance and made of only a thin sheet of wood, metal, or plastic but a well-made sign very effectively plants your name in people’s minds. They see the same eye-catching sign on tidy front lawns all over town and pretty soon they are familiar with you and/or a particular real estate company. “Hey, there’s Lisa again on that sign over there. She must be selling another house.”

That’s great branding at work—the more recognition you have for your personal logo and colors, the more familiar they become with you, the agent; the business you do; and they naturally associate more and more with your specialty market and neighborhood areas.

Seven Seconds

In a job interview, first date, or your custom real estate yard sign; you have roughly seven seconds to make a first impression and you want it to be a good one. You need to be sure your sign does as good a job attracting buyers as the home itself. If you are a seasoned real estate professional or working on your first listing, connecting with buyers is the most critical element to success. Your sign in the yard must simultaneously invite them in the door while inspiring confidence in your skills as an agent.

And you have a space of about two feet wide and a foot and a half tall in which to do that. That is the size of an average real estate sign but of course, they can vary and be larger. Bigger doesn’t always mean better but when it comes to real estate signs, potential customers need to be able to clearly read from the road what you are presenting. Small, cramped text in decorative fonts might look good on paper but detracts from your intended goal in the field.

Keep it Simple, Make it Count

A real estate For Sale or For Lease sign is your first chance to make a memorable sales pitch. You want your information out there big and bold, in a way that reflects your personal and company branding. Include the most important information about the sale, telling potential customers who you are, what you have to offer, and how to reach you.

To catch the eye of a buyer, include the following on your sign:

  • Personal and/or brand or brokerage logo
  • Your name and contact phone number
  • A quality photo of you
  • Website address

The simpler the main body of the sign, the better. You can share details with buyers later. But your sign can be used for multiple purposes. Think of it as the Swiss Army knife of real estate, starting at the top of the sign.

Toppers and Riders

Aptly named, “toppers” are smaller signs communicating additional information about the sale such as:

  • For Sale
  • Sale Pending
  • New Listing
  • Open House
  • Price Reduced
  • Asking price

Sign Riders” are signs which often hang from hooks below the main sign panel. Some verbiage includes:

  • Your cell phone contact
  • Specific home features
  • Texting options
  • Co-agent contact

Sign Placement

Your real estate sign must be easily visible from the street, preferably in a place that stands out in a yard or complements the property’s existing look. Naturally, you want to avoid posting the sign in a place blocked by parked cars, giant telephone poles, or thick foliage.

It is typically more approachable to place signs closer to the street than right up next to the front door; signs can blend in with a home’s paint color and make them difficult to read. If selling a corner house, take advantage of the natural advertising space and post signs on each adjoining street. Homes in the country on secluded streets don’t see much traffic and in these cases, it is wise to post directional signs in appropriate locations.

Bonus tip

In addition to traditional real estate signage, some agents use cheap bandit signs to attract leads. Bandit signs are low-cost marketing signs placed in various locations to increase spontaneous client leads. Their effectiveness varies but always be sure to check local regulations for posting.  

Open House Signs that Attract More Buyer Attention

Preparing for an open house takes a lot of work. Often the homeowner must deep clean, de-personalize the home, bake cookies, landscape for curb-appeal, perform minor repairs, and list the open house online. After all of that, you would think that potential buyers would be busting down the door to take a peek. However, many homeowners forget or are unaware of the steps it takes to attract buyer attention for the event itself. 


Open house signs are easily recognizable and a cost-effective option for advertising the event the day of. There are a variety of open house signs available to choose from, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to effective open house sign marketing. So, how do you know which one is right for your home and neighborhood? Below are a few ideas on what types of signs attract more buyer attention and how you can use them for your open house.


Signs That Say “Open House”

This should be a no-brainer. However, if a sign just says “For Sale”, potential buyers won’t know there is an event happening the day of or at all. If you want them to come through the door, the sign has to be clear that you’re hosting an open house and when they should stop by.


Directional Signs

If a home is tucked away in a neighborhood or it’s not visible from any main roads, directional signs can be helpful for leading people to the open house. Placing a sign at the main entrance of a neighborhood or on the closest main road can help attract passersby who don’t live in the neighborhood. The more traffic a road gets, the more potential buyers will see the sign. Some neighborhoods and cities have specific rules involving temporary signs, so it’s important for homeowners to learn these rules before accidentally breaking one.


Repetitive Signs

Several signs before the entrance of the neighborhood not only catch the attention of passersby, but they can also serve as alerts and reminders of where to turn so they don’t miss it. Each sign can say something different or contain only one word each to form a whole sentence. Either way, multiple signs are hard to miss.


Informative Signs

Signs with the date, time, price, and basic information about the home can help buyers determine if the home fits their criteria in the first place. Open houses that waste everyone’s time aren’t profitable, so informative signs can help weed out the outliers. Informative signs are usually placed in front of the home with the most important information in the largest lettering so people don’t have to get out of their cars to read it. Too much information on a sign can overwhelm a potential looker, and small print is difficult to read from far away. Contrast and color can help signs stand out around the landscape and are easy to read for someone driving by.


Humorous Signs

Humor is an easy way to grab someone’s attention when marketing for anything, including homes. Phrases like “It’s what’s on the inside that counts” or “Say yes to the address” can peak the curiosity of a potential buyer at the very least. Creative and clever home promotion tactics will attract buyers’ attention at the very least. This strategy may be more successful in certain areas or neighborhoods, and a realtor may know best if it will work in yours.


Creative Placement

Open house signs aren’t restricted to neighborhoods and in front of homes. To widen the search radius, some realtors will create open house flyers and post them in coffee shops, grocery stores, or wherever local ads are displayed. To prevent random strangers from showing up to the house late at night, these may only want to be promoting the open house for a couple days or just the day of the event. The home address doesn’t even need to be shared if there are signs leading to the home from the entrance of the neighborhood. When thinking about open house signs, there are more ways to promote an open house than just the traditional signs and methods. Creativity and strategy can lead to a wildly successful open house, and even a contract at the end of the day.