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Choose from the selection of Contractor Car Magnets we have below. These are a great way to spread your word without having to pay for any extra promotions.

What better way to let your customers know that you’re services are available than a Contractor Car Magnet? Landscaping? We got it! Roofing? We got it! Throw one of these guys on the side of your vehicle and your wheels will do the rest of the work for you. Don’t worry about our magnets peeling off while you’re driving. We’ve tested them time and time again so you can have confidence in ordering Car Magnets from us. We also have yard signs, banners, and other promotional items to keep your services in the spotlight. Any other products you might need can be located on our accessories page

Magnetic Vehicle Contractor Signs

Contractors rely fully on advertising to get their name out into the community to gain business. There a range of options available for advertising a business, but none is more effective than vehicle signage. These signs allow contractors to identify their company vehicles to customers and attract new ones in the process. We create custom magnetic signs for vehicles for all types of businesses. 

Magnetic Signs Reach the Masses

While yard signs and other means of advertising are effective, vehicle signs are even more so because they can potentially reach more people. Everywhere you drive your vehicle, hundreds of people are seeing your sign. 

According to car advertising statistics, the average number of impressions per mile is around 101. If a contractor drives their company vehicle only ten miles a day, they have already reached over 1,000 potential customers. Most contractors and business owners drive much more than that so the potential is truly advantageous. 

Our Signs are Made of the Highest Quality Materials

Although our vehicle magnets are some of the most affordable in the industry, that does not mean they are lacking in durability. We use the highest quality materials to produce our signs and then we road test them for lasting durability so you can rest assured they will hold up for many miles. 

Unlike some types of vehicle signage, our magnetic signs are completely removable and will not cause any damage to your vehicle or its paint job. Keep in mind that magnets only work on steel and not materials like aluminum. Although most business owners always want to advertise, you have the option of easily removing the signs if needed. 

Our Ordering Process Puts You in Control

We have plenty of templates to choose from for all types of businesses. From roofers to landscape companies, there is something for every business. Choosing our pre-made templates allows you to easily input your company information, allowing us to quickly go to work on creating your sign order. 

If you prefer, you can start completely from scratch and design your own unique sign creation. You can upload a company logo or your own images. You also have the option of choosing from the many clipart selections in our library. 

Benefits of Using Magnetic Vehicle Signs 

There is a range of benefits in using magnetic vehicle signs to advertise your business. Being aware of the benefits will help you to determine if this type of advertising will be the most effective in meeting your company’s advertising needs. 

  • These signs have the potential to reach great amounts of people with very little effort. They can be placed on all types of vehicles and they stay put. These signs typically last around three years before needing to be replaced. 
  • This type of sign represents the most cost-effective means of advertising for all types of businesses. The signs last for years and do not require a large investment. The signs also do not require any added costs of installation. 
  • These signs are simple to install and can easily be removed in seconds. Unlike some types of vehicle signage, they are not permanent so they can be readjusted if you are unhappy with the placement. 
  • Magnetic signs are durable and they last a long time. Our signs are specially manufactured to hold up to all types of weather and even high winds. They stay in place and will not peel off. 
  • The bright and vivid colors and designs attract attention to your company everywhere you go. We can help you create an eye-catching sign that will grab attention from potential customers and increase your business exposure. 
  • Get Started Today

    If you are looking for a way to advertise your business, magnetic signs are one of the most effective. We offer signs for every budget and you will not find a better price. View our pre-made templates and choose the one that best fits your business or start from scratch. 

    With our signs, your company will receive the attention it deserves. If you have any questions about the ordering process or simply need direction, we will be happy to help. Contact us today and allow us to help you order the signs you need.