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We have a great selection of Contractor Yard Sign templates to choose from. Pick one, customize it to your liking, and get your name out there the way you want it to be seen!

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Created with Fabric.js 2.3.6 Landscaping Maintenance Installation Design Fully Insured Licensed Free Estimates 888-654-3210 Commercial & Residential
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Created with Fabric.js 2.3.6 DETOUR
Created with Fabric.js 2.3.6 alfred's roofing & PAINTING FREE ESTIMATES 555.555.5555
Created with Fabric.js 2.3.6 555.555.5555 WE HANG HOLIDAY LIGHTS
Created with Fabric.js 2.3.6 Cheap Construction - Framing - Sheet Rock - Roofing - Insulation - Wood Fence (555) 555-5555 Residential - Commercial Remodeling
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Created with Fabric.js 2.3.6 WE CLEAN IT Commercial and Residential Post Construction 555-555-5555 Fully Insured
Created with Fabric.js 2.3.6 555-555-5555 CHANCE r o o f i n g FREE ESTIMATES
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Created with Fabric.js 2.3.6 We'll Clean Your Pipes! LIC XXXXXXXX JOE'S PLUMBING

We have so many choices in this category, we know you’re going to love one and run with it. From cleaning services to construction, we’ve got your contractor sign needs taken care of. Some are very simple, easy readers and others are a little more aesthetically pleasing. If your signs are going to be placed at a construction site, you’re going to need something with a little more strength than the standard H-wires we currently offer. Thankfully, we have Heavy Duty H-wires that are available for purchase. We also have steel stakes and steel sign frames that are more solid and rigid for your tougher jobs. If you need any else for your Yard Sign, check out the other accessories we have for you.

How to Start a Successful Contractor Yard Sign Advertising Campaign

Starting a contractor business of any type can be a big undertaking. The goal of any contractor is to gain as many customers as possible, whether it be a landscaping, roofing, or pool cleaning business. Advertising campaigns are essential for results, but not all types are effective. Knowing how to start a successful contractor yard sign campaign is essential.

What Are the Benefits of Yard Sign Advertising Campaigns?

Visibility is the biggest benefit of yard signs. Yard signs that are double-sided and feature eye-catching colors and fonts are going to attract the eyes. Even if a person is not looking for services right now, they may remember the name and pass it on to others. 

Another benefit of this type of campaign is the low cost. Yard signs are extremely affordable and can fit in with just about any budget. They are also durable so they will not need replacing but every few months. 

How to Get Started with a Yard Sign Campaign

First, contractors need to order their signs from a reputable signage company like Super Cheap Signs with a solid reputation in the community. Most contractor signs feature the name of the business, the type of business, contact information, and a logo or some type of graphic image. Choosing the right design, size, and colors are important for gaining the most attention. 

Next, the contractor needs to get a contract with a customer. Scouring the neighborhood and going door to door offering free estimates is a good way to get started. If the individual agrees to the services, they will likely be willing to place a sign in their yard, especially if given incentives like a lower cost in services. One single sign can allow a contractor to start getting more customers, and each of those customers can have a sign placed in their yard. 

The goal of this type of campaign and approach is to make a contractor well-known in the area. When people see many homes with these signs, they are naturally going to consider the contractor to be an industry expert and one who is reliable and provides the highest level of service. 

Maintaining the Signs Is the Contractor’s Responsibility

Though yard signs are extremely durable and can last a long time, damage can occur over time, leading to the need for replacement. It is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure their yard signs remain properly installed and visible. 

Checking the signs on a weekly basis will allow the contractor to spot signs that have fallen over or become damaged. Replacing signs that have faded or become damaged will keep the advertising campaign fresh. When a contractor does not care enough to maintain their signs, this reflects poorly on their business. 

Start a Yard Sign Order Today

The number of signs that will need to be ordered with the first campaign depends on the number of customers the contractor already has onboard. Asking customers for permission to install signs is important. Starting with a modest order of fifty signs will allow contractors to get started on their campaign without putting too much money into it until they see how effective the signage is in the beginning. 

Color and font are both important. The goal of these signs is to attract attention, so bright colors and bold fonts are essential. Plain white signs with black lettering may be less expensive, but they are certainly not going to grab the attention of passersby. 

In addition to yard signage, contractors can also order magnetic vehicle signs to be placed on all company and employee vehicles. When magnetic signs are coupled with a solid yard signage campaign, the results will lead to greater exposure and more customers. 

Super Cheap Signs can help contractors with all types of advertising campaigns from yard signs to banners. Using Super Cheap Signs for all advertising tools will ensure a uniform presentation that helps increase the contractor’s branding.