Magnetic Signs for Cars

Our vehicle magnets are a perfect solution for your advertising needs when you're on the go! Our 3 mm matte magnetic material is made to last and is applied with a special coating to prevent damage to your vehicle's paint job. Each Custom Car Magnet is digitally printed in full color and can incorporate custom images and graphics. *Keep in mind... magnetic material will only attract to steel and not aluminum or materials like bondo.

Car magnet signs can be used to promote just the business as an entity, a specific service, or just to make a company's presence felt by using a logo or an image that represents it. Magnetic Car Signs can also be used to stand in solidarity with local causes, to promote a specific event or simply as merchandise Any business should use every available medium to reach out to its audience, to convey their message, to market its products and services or to remain visible as much as possible. Small to medium businesses don't have the financial luxury to produce commercials, to hire large billboards at strategic locations or on large scale digital marketing campaigns. One has to use organic means and affordable mediums. Car signs or vehicle magnets are an affordable, effective and portable way to create a certain degree of omnipresence.