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Looking for ways to easily advertise your business? Our Car Magnets are a sure fire way to go! Select from the templates we have below and customize it to make it your own!

Car Magnets are a great, cost-effective way to get the word out for your business. Once your magnet gets on that car, you now have a moving advertisement that goes where ever a vehicle can. The magnets we use are car safe so your car’s finish will not be phased. Our Yard Signs can also lend a helping hand with advertising your business, especially with the assistance of H-wires. We also have great deals on our accessories page for anything else you might need to help promote your business.

Car Magnets for Businesses


Business owners are always exploring new ways to economically advertise their goods and services. If your business relies on using a vehicle, one of the best ways to inexpensively spread the word about your business is by using business car magnets.


What Are Car Magnets?


Car magnets are thin, magnetic signs that are commonly affixed to a vehicle’s doors. However, the signs may also be attached to the front or rear of a vehicle if sufficient space is available. 


Magnetic signs can also be used on trailers or equipment a company uses. That means a business owner can turn any vehicle into an advertising venue.


The signs typically include a minimal amount of information. Company names, phone numbers, and website addresses are commonly used. Of course, it’s important to carefully select colors, fonts, and graphics to make sure other drivers or anyone nearby can quickly notice the sign and scan the information.


Four Reasons to Use Car Magnets to Promote Your Business


While there are certainly other effective forms of advertising available, car magnets for businesses are a worthwhile and powerful way to promote your business. Here are only a few of the most important benefits of using car magnets to generate awareness of your business.


  • The signs work even when your business is closed. When any vehicle with a magnetic sign is parked in a public place, that sign is bound to be seen by anyone passing by. That advertising frequently attracts customers that might not be aware of the business.


  • Magnetic signs won’t damage a vehicle. Modern business car magnets are designed to avoid damaging a vehicle’s finish. The only precaution vehicle owners need to take is to make sure the vehicle is clean to avoid trapping dirt beneath the sign.


  • Modern business magnets for cars are inexpensive. Business owners generally don’t want to spend more than necessary to advertise their company. Magnetic signs are inexpensive to purchase, which means business owners won’t be using a large chunk of the company’s advertising budget when purchasing the signs.


  • Of course, a business could invest in other forms of advertising, but car magnets will be seen by countless people as a vehicle moves around town. That’s exposure most businesses can’t obtain any other way.


Since every business is somewhat unique, car magnetic signs may offer other benefits as well. But, the most important thing to remember is that these signs provide a solid, effective, and affordable way to build your company’s brand every day.


Choosing Colors and Fonts


Before ordering new car magnetic signs for your business, it pays to carefully consider the colors and fonts that will be used when creating the signs. In some cases, those features will need to match other signs and promotional materials. Maintaining a similar brand across all advertising is important, so choose colors and fonts to coordinate with your current logos, stationery, and any other signage.


Selecting Appropriate Graphics


Most businesses will already have some type of graphics they’ve incorporated as part of their branding. In that case, it’s a good idea to continue using those graphics, as maintaining continuity between all advertising will enhance your company’s brand awareness.  


However, if you don’t currently have appropriate graphics available to use for your magnetic car sign, coming up with a design that will attract business is important. Sign companies will generally help clients determine what types of graphics will generate the most interest.


Now is the Time to Order Your New Car Magnets


Since car magnets are so inexpensive, why wait to order yours? Within days, your new signs will be spreading the word about your business.