Why So Cheap?

Why So Cheap?

You're a little suspicious and you should be! Our everyday prices are significantly lower than other sign companies, so you might be thinking that we cut corners on materials and labor, or maybe it's the old online shell game of jacking up shipping charges or other basic services. To be sure, there are some online sign companies that do all of those things.

Super Cheap Signs has been providing professional-looking and affordable signs for 30 years and we've invested a significant amount of money, time and ingenuity into keeping quality high and prices low, including:


We manufacture our signs, banners, magnets, and decals directly in our own shop. You don't pay any middleman markup and can be sure that we personally inspect signs for quality. Why pay more?


Our customers include many other sign shops that resell our signs. By coming directly to us, you get the same sign for a better price.


We buy in volume - huge volume. Our vendors love us and give us gift baskets around the holidays. And then we sell in volume - huge volume. And the more you order, the cheaper it gets.


Not only are we located in a 'cheap' neighborhood, we are also centrally located in the United States which means you won't have to pay too much for shipping or wait too long for your signs.


Our website is our best salesman! Our website works 24/7 to take your order. You create the sign you want online. Then, we make it, pack it, ship it and send you an email saying 'Thanks'. Our automated approach keeps error rates low and communication high.


Sales processes are lean. Online ordering is easy. Your order is tracked from sale to delivery. We are always looking for ways to reduce errors and increase accuracy and communication.


We put a lot of thought into our processes we practice lean manufacturing principals to make everything we do cost-effective and fast (we routinely consult the expertise of process and manufacturing engineers - recommended reading: All I Need to Know About Manufacturing I Learned in Joe's Garage by William B. Miller).


Our customer service representatives are the graphic designers, who will lay out your sign quickly and professionally. By combining these jobs into one, we remove any possible communication confusion and get your signs produced correctly the first time.


Since our Web site and customer service representatives handle all requests, we don't have to pay any sales commissions. Additionally, you are not pushed into wasting money on things you don't need.


Curious about what we make your signs out of? Of course you are! From Aluminum to Vinyl and everything in-between, our Materials page is the first step in the fascinating journey of learning about how our products are made.

Shaped Signs

Are you looking to purchase shaped signs? We have a great selection of shaped signs that you can customize to your liking. They are the best way to make your signs stand out from the rest.