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Have a look at our Real Estate Yard Sign templates and choose the one that’s right for you. You can customize it to make it you own. Real estate always has an active market, so get a leg up on the competition with a great new design for your signs. We also have many colors to choose from to help your sign stand out and be one of a kind.

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Created with Fabric.js 2.3.6 Elegant Homes FOR SALE Thomas Mark BROKER / REALTOR® 512-555-5555 YOUR PHOTO HERE
Created with Fabric.js 2.3.6 OPEN HOUSE Lighthouse Realty 555-123-4567 DON KEIGH
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Created with Fabric.js 2.3.6 FOR SALE REAL REALTY ONE FROM FOR SALE TO SOLD 512-555-5555 www.RealOneRealty-CRE.co.scs
Created with Fabric.js 2.3.6 555-555-5555 3bd / 2ba 2 car Gar RENT TO OWN No Banks Needed!
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Created with Fabric.js 2.3.6 O P E N AGENT NAME 800.555.5555 YOUR NAME REALTORS®
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Our Real Estate yard signs are one of our most sought after products today. Real Estate is a hot market and we know that you want your signs made right and in a timely manner. That’s what we do best because at the end of the day we know that time is money and neither deserves to be wasted. Here are some Info Paks and Flyer boxes that you could possibly use to help spread the word on an up and coming open house. Or perhaps some sign riders to let people know if the property is for sale, sold or in escrow. Anything else you can think of, to give you the fullest potential of getting your signs seen, is going to be on our accessories page. From H-wires to steel frames; we’ve got you covered.

Sell Your Home With the Help of Creative Yard Signs

Although the thought of a new residence thrill many individuals, selling the current home does not bring on the same excitement. Finding the right buyer and one willing to pay the asking price can be a challenge. More people now turn to the internet today when they wish to find a new house and it’s hard to stand out in the crowd. Fortunately, a man or woman looking to sell their home can generate more interest with the help of cheap yard signs. However, these signs need to catch the eye. How can a seller work with his or her agent achieve this goal? 

Easy-to-Read Text


First and foremost, don’t make a potential buyer go out of their way to obtain information about the home. All text needs to be clearly legible from the interior of a vehicle passing by on the street. Bold colors are of great help at this time, especially when the outdoor lighting is less than ideal, such as at dusk. While it may seem wise to use a fancy font for the lettering, this is not the time to do so. The font may interfere with the person’s ability to read the information being presented and result in them driving by without stopping. 

Include Social Media Information

As the internet is often the first place a person turns when they want information on a product for sale, use this for your benefit. Share pictures of the home on social media, and be sure to direct a person to these sites on the for sale sign. Doing so allows them to see more of the home without leaving the comfort of their home or car. Many people fail to do this and have people coming to view the home with no real interest in purchasing it. Once they come to visit, they quickly determine it will not meet their needs. In this situation, both the buyer and seller’s time has been wasted. Avoid this by providing as much information as possible on these sites, and make it easy for the person shopping for the home to locate this material. For those who do love the pictures shared on social media, the time saved will be appreciated. They know they are going to look at a home they are likely to love. 

Realtor Information

If a realtor is being used for the sale, don’t hesitate to put his or her picture on the sign. This is especially helpful when the realtor is well known in the area, as people recognize the picture, know of this person, and trust their judgment. They know they will be getting a quality home if this person is involved. Home sellers often don’t realize the importance of this, but it does make a difference in the sale. However, don’t simply put their face on the sign. Why not do a full-body image of the realtor standing in the home? This provides the potential buyer with more information of benefit to them. Furthermore, most real estate signs only show the face. By doing the full-body image, the seller has already found a way to ensure the home listing stands out in the crowd. 

Unique Features

Another way to use a real estate sign to generate more interest in a property is to highlight a unique feature of the residence. For example, if the home is the only one in the neighborhood with vaulted ceilings, be sure to put this on the sign. Whatever makes the home one-of-a-kind should be noted to draw potential buyers in for a better look. 

Unusual Shapes

Consider having a sign custom made for the home. Choose clipart that draws the eye and adds the desired message. An image may also be added to the sign if you feel this will help to attract more interest. When the sign is unique and contains elements that aren’t typically found on a for sale advertisement, more people will take notice. This makes it easier to find the right buyer for the property without putting a lot of time and effort into doing so. For example, a real estate sign in the shape of a stop sign is more likely to catch the eye than the traditional rectangular version. 

Be creative when it comes to creating signs for the home that is up for sale. The larger the pool of potential buyers, the easier it becomes to sell the home and move into a new residence that better meets your needs.