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Our Large Campaign Signs command attention and give you a huge advantage at a cost-effective price! They are composed of weatherproof 4mm corrugated plastic and are digitally printed in full color and can incorporate custom images and  graphics. Add our U-Channel  Sign Posts for mounting purposes (sold separately). Select any of our large political campaign signs to get started!

*Shipped products will be scored and folded to accommodate Ground Shipping. Please call our staff to quote freight prices for uncut shipping signs.

How Big Campaign Signs Can Turn Your Campaign Around

The technique of using signs to advertise a campaign has been around for a very long time. In fact, since the 1980s, the use of signs has nearly quadrupled. The use of signs can make a lot of difference in a campaign. One of the biggest misconceptions is that signs are only used to generate more direct votes. In fact, their usage is much broader and they can actually help to turn a campaign around. Here are a few more ways that they can be useful for a candidate. 


Inexpensive Way to Advertise

Compared to mailers, television advertisements, and radio advertisements, signs are a relatively inexpensive way to advertise the campaign. They can be bright, colorful, and memorable statements that do not cost a fortune to make. For a reasonable price, anyone running for office can enhance their campaign using big campaign signs. 


Increase Voter Turnout

Not everyone stays on top of politics. In fact, those who are not connected to social media may only know that there is an election because of the signs that line the streets of their neighborhood. For this reason alone, signs should still be utilized. The presence of the signs increases voter turnout which is not only good for the community but also increases the likelihood that the votes will be in your favor. 


Essential for Small-Town Races

The above principle is especially true in small, rural towns. Small town elections may not be heavily advertised in other available mediums. Many members of the community may not be connected through social media and need the physical reminder of big campaign signs to prompt interest in the local race. 


Effective When Used With Other Forms of Advertisement

These signs are especially effective when used with other forms of advertisement as well. When individuals see the candidate's name on flyers, stickers, and larger campaign signs, the name will start to be familiar. Familiarity is the first step to gaining their support and eventually their vote. 


Combining Yard Signs with Social Media

One of the most effective ways to advertise your campaign is to combine the mediums of signs and social media. More and more people who are running for positions are discovering that when supporters take pictures of the signs in their yard and post these pictures to social media, this sparks discussions and promotes awareness on one of the most effective platforms available. This is one of the newest forms of using big campaign signs, and it is proving to be highly powerful for drawing attention to a certain candidate. 


They Can Tip the Scales in a Tight Race

Some races can be incredibly tight. A margin of 1.7% or even less can separate a winning candidate from a losing one. That is why it can be so important to use every tool possible to gain more and more votes. Even if having more signs in supporters’ yards improves the numbers by less then 2%, this is still crucial in a close race. 


The Foot in the Door Principle

The foot in the door principle works especially well when it comes to political campaigns. Giving permission to have big campaign signs advertising your name and positions is a very small commitment compared to donating money or attending rallies, but this small step will make it more likely that they will vote for you. It also makes it more likely that they will take bigger steps to promote you and to share their support of you with others. 


It Promotes Name Recognition

Name recognition is no small thing when it comes to a political campaign. Because not everyone is passionate about issues or politics, simply having your name out there can cause more people to vote for you. Nine times out of ten, someone who has not done excessive research will vote for the person they have heard of, especially if they are a member of their preferred political party. Although in a perfect world everyone would do plenty of research, gaining these votes is a great way to get ahead. 


Signs are a great way to encourage a camaraderie within the community of voters who support your campaign. There is nothing more morale-boosting than seeing the sign of the person you support in another individual’s yard. There are so many other benefits to having signs as a part of your campaign. With a perfect balance of print and digital advertisement, you can push the balance of the election in your favor.