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Cheap Posters - Custom-Printed and Full Color

Cheap poster printing - quality large format posters

Full-co lor posters are an affordable and effective way to get your message out in an attention-grabbing fashion that people will remember. Custom-designed posters are perfect when you need a solution that is:

  • Affordable - we've optimized our high-volume printing processes to keep our prices low
  • Fast Turnaround - create your original poster design in minutes, and they could ship out the next day
  • Professional Quality - we've invested heavily in modern printing equipment to ensure amazing custom poster printing
  • Long-Lasting - we use 8.5 mil coated paper that's made specifically for quality poster prints, it's perfect for indoor or outdoor mounted posters

At Super Cheap Signs, we've been delivering high-quality custom poster prints to all kinds of customers for 30+ years. We're dedicated to providing professional-quality signs at everyday low prices with quick turnaround times.

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The below poster templates are 100% customizable! Change poster text, images, colors, and fonts, or upload your customized photo poster design.

Black Friday Poster
Black Friday Poster
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Temporary Hours

Use Cases for Custom Color Posters

Custom-printed poster signs are versatile and impactful tools for various purposes. Whether you're promoting an event, advertising a product or service, or enhancing the ambiance of a space, custom printed poster signs can help you achieve your goals. Here are some of the best uses for custom printed poster signs:

Posters to Promote Events

Custom-printed posters are perfect for promoting concerts, festivals, conferences, or fundraisers. They can be displayed in high-traffic areas, community centers, or local businesses to catch the attention of potential attendees. With eye-catching graphics, event details, and compelling visuals, posters can generate excitement and draw people to your event.

Advertising Your Products or Services on a Poster

Attention-grabbing posters are an effective way to showcase your products or services. Whether launching a new product, running a special promotion, or advertising a seasonal offer, posters can attract customers and increase brand awareness. Place them strategically in retail stores, community bulletin boards, or public spaces to reach your target audience.

Cheap Custom Decorations for Your Store or Office

Enhance the ambiance of your storefront or office with custom-design poster signs that match your mission or corporate brand. These posters can feature your branding messages and core values, or showcase your products and services. Colorful poster signs create a welcoming and professional environment for customers, clients, or visitors by adding visual appeal and personality to your space.

Informative Displays that Educate 

Customized posters are useful for educational purposes, such as displaying information about historical events, scientific concepts, or community initiatives. Schools, museums, libraries, and public spaces can benefit from visually engaging posters that convey important information in an attractive and accessible manner.

Traffic Control with Directional Posters

Large, clear, custom-printed poster signs can serve as directional guides, helping people navigate large venues, campuses, or events. Whether it's guiding attendees to different rooms, stages, or facilities, well-designed posters with bold arrows and clear instructions can minimize confusion and ensure a smooth traffic flow.

Artistic Posters That Motivate and Inspire

Artistic posters can be used to inspire and motivate individuals. They can feature motivational quotes, stunning nature photography, or uplifting messages. These posters are ideal for schools, offices, gyms, or personal spaces, creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere.

Posters for a Cause

High-Impact posters are excellent tools for fundraising events or raising awareness about important causes. They can communicate your campaign's mission, impact, and goals, encouraging support and donations. You can effectively spread your message and inspire action by strategically placing these posters in public spaces, community centers, or social gatherings.

How to Design Your Own Custom Posters

In our culture today, so many things are vying for our attention. Advertisements on the side of the road, phones in our pockets, and our busy family schedules often leave little time for enjoying moments of silence. In this busy world, capturing the attention of our family, friends, and even strangers can be difficult. This is why, if you are trying to make posters to advertise a special event, let customers know of an upcoming sale, or even catch the eye of your students in the classroom, it is important to know how to design an attractive sign that causes someone to look twice. Here are a few considerations to consider when designing a beautiful and effective poster.

Keep Your Poster Design Simple

The most effective advertisements use simplicity as a tool to express a thought. Posters with too much information crammed into a small space will overwhelm viewers and cause them to pass over it without reading. When planning the design, think about the message you want to convey and then find the simplest way possible to make your point.

Choose Colors Wisely

The colors that you use on your poster can make a big difference. Extensive research has been done to determine which colors work best to draw in a consumer. Although color associations are not foolproof, there are some general rules you can follow when choosing which colors to use. For example, bright colors such as yellow and red work well when advertising a sale. White, blue, and black colors work well when advertising technology. Green is especially effective for environmentally friendly products or natural beauty products. 

Proven Poster Layouts for Success

How information is placed on the page can force the eye to read certain information first. For example, the most important information is usually placed at the top. Contact information or other small print is placed at the bottom, while other relevant information is generally placed in the middle.

Text Size Matters

The size of the text naturally draws the reader’s eyes around the poster. The most obvious rule is to use a larger text for the information you want to jump right out at the reader. Think about signs advertising discounted products that you have seen in the store. The words most often printed in large text are words that immediately capture a consumer's attention, such as “Free” or “75% Off.” 

Call to Action

A call to action is one of the most important things to include on posters. This statement on the poster encourages the reader to act on what they have just read. These are usually imperative statements such as “Come to our sale” or “Call us today” prompt the individual to take the desired action. 

Artwork, Illustrations or Photos

The artwork or illustrations placed on a poster are arguably even more important than the text. Pictures can immediately evoke emotion and, when used with a few effective words, can make a powerful impression on the reader. You should choose your artwork carefully and ensure it always adds to rather than detracts from the overall message. 

Mixing Print with Digital

It is crucial in our age of technology to connect all of your print mediums to the digital world. Whether this is by including a QR code on your yard signs or by mentioning a social media page that the reader can visit, viewers of a poster will always want some way to be connected to the internet. This is a step that the designer of the sign should rarely skip. 

Choosing Mood

You should always choose a mood you want the poster to portray before you begin. If the sign is going to be humorous, be sure that everything on the page is aiding that goal. Other posters are informative; others are meant to create a serious emotional response. Your words, colors, and pictures will all contribute to your overall mood. 

Whatever the goal, it is important to consider text size, color, mood, pictures, and all of these other points before creating a sign that will work for you and your purpose. 

What our customers say about Super Cheap Signs: 

"I appreciate the time frame and quality of the signs. They are exactly what I was expecting and am satisfied with the results. Thank you to everyone who had a part in the development of them."

 -Joan G. - TN

“The prices are great! I called into customer service and talked to a very helpful human, I was sold after that.”

 - Jeffrey G. - LA

“Great customer service all the way through! Even though my design was already created, the team at Super Cheap Signs was super helpful in getting my design the correct size so the logos would fit the right size. They were also a big help with the banner recommendations for my particular project. Would highly recommend them for your signage and will use them in the future!”

 - Barbie B.


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