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Are you gearing up for a political campaign? Look no further than Super Cheap Signs, your go-to destination for over 30 years in assisting candidates at local, state, and national levels. Our collection boasts the finest Political Yard Signs and Election Yard Signs, designed to cater to every campaign size and budget. From large, impactful campaign signs to affordable corrugated plastic options, we offer the best quality at unbeatable prices. Plus, we can provide all essential accessories, including wire stakes and stands, ensuring your signs remain firmly in place. Choose Super Cheap Signs to make a winning impression in your next election.

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Affordable Political Campaign Signage Without Surprises

Super Cheap Signs specializes in producing high-quality, custom-printed items with fast turnaround times so you can spend more time raising money for your campaign or getting out the vote for election day. We know that political campaigns hate surprises, so we do our part by providing you with a pricing calculator that lets you determine the cost of your custom-printed political signs, with all the options, before you design anything. 

How To Make Your Own Political Signs in No Time

We know that most political campaigns don't have professional designers on staff, so we try to make it easy for everyone to get great-looking signs. We provide the following options for designing your own sign, and none of them will add any extra cost to your order:

  • Political sign templates - we have many proven election campaign sign templates for our custom political signage products.
  • Start from scratch with our sign editor - our easy-to-use sign editor provides a blank canvas that lets you add your own text and images. Plus, you'll have full control over colors and fonts. You can be confident that our high-quality UV inks withstand direct sunlight and other harsh weather conditions.
  • Upload your custom design - upload an already completed design through our site. Our design team will ensure the colors and dimensions are correct and provide you with a design proof to approve before we start production.
  • Work with our professional designers - we have professional designers on staff who are happy to help you get the sign you want. Simply provide a sketch of what you want with some instruction, and they'll get to work. (Note: We're happy to provide this service to our customers, but excessive change requests may result in design service fees.)

What Types of Political Signs Should My Campaign Consider?  

When it comes to running a successful political campaign, choosing the right signs can make a significant impact on your visibility and message delivery. Here are some types of signs that you should consider incorporating into your campaign:

  • Political Yard Signs: Corrugated plastic yard signs are a classic and effective way to display your campaign's message. They are typically placed in front yards, along roadways, or at local events. Campaign yard signs are affordable and customizable; plus, they help raise awareness for your candidate among voters in the community. Choose from single-sided or double-sided signs, and don't forget to take advantage of our quantity discounts.
  • Campaign Banner Signs: Political banners provide a larger and more prominent display of your campaign message. They are great for events, rallies, or high-traffic areas where you want to grab attention. Banners can be hung on buildings and fences or displayed on stands, making them versatile and eye-catching.
  • Big Campaign or Roadside Signs: Campaign roadside signs are larger signs placed along busy roads or highways to target passing motorists. These signs often feature bold, concise messages and large fonts for quick readability. Large custom roadside signs are a long-lasting and effective way to reach a wide audience and increase name recognition.
  • Political Car Magnets: Mobile signs, such as magnetic signs for vehicles or trailer signs, allow you to turn any vehicle into a moving advertisement for your campaign. These signs are especially useful for candidates who need to travel frequently within their district or attend various events.
  • Campaign Posters or Window Signs: Political window signs are designed to be placed on storefronts, office windows, or car windows to show support for your campaign. They are easily removable and can be distributed to supporters or local businesses that endorse your candidacy. Window signs help create a sense of community support and encourage others to join your cause.
  • Election Event Signs: For the special events you host on the campaign trail to reach potential voters, like town hall meetings, rallies, or fundraisers, having signs specific to the occasion can enhance the atmosphere and reinforce your campaign's branding. Event signs can include banners, podium signs, directional signs, or promotional posters to engage attendees and convey your message effectively.

What Our Political Sign Customers Say About Us

Check out what a handful of our political campaign signage customers have to say about our customer service, products, ordering process and prices below:

Easy to Use + Great Discounts
"I always go to Super Cheap Signs first as the site is easy to use. They offer discounts often which is nice when you are raising money to run campaigns and need to watch every penny." 
- Deborah C.

Great Customer Service 
"Great products. Great customer service. I use them for all campaign signs, big and small. As well as banners." 
- Nina R.

Beat the Competition's Price "by far"
"The same produce by A.G.E. Graphics was $825. Even without the shipping promo, you guys beat them by far. Your website is easy, and the process was easy. Way to go!" 
- Matthew C.

Amazing Customer Service 
"Carlos, thank you for all your help! Amazing customer service, very cheerful, knowledgeable, and outgoing! We love Super Cheap Signs." 
- Jessica P.

Check out Super Cheap Signs' 21,000+ verified customer ratings and reviews on the eCommerce customer rating website. 

FAQs About Cheap Political Campaign Signs:

What is the size of a political yard sign?

The most popular and effective size for a political yard sign at Super Cheap Signs is 18 inches by 24 inches. This size offers optimal visibility and readability, while being conveniently adaptable for various locations, from residential yards to community events.

Are there any rules for advertising associated with a political campaign? 

Yes, there are a lot of rules and different rules at the national, state, and local levels. There are rules for disclaimers, the content you can include on a candidate's digitally printed materials, and where you can place your campaign yard signs. There are too many rules to list here, but the Federal Election Committee website is a good place to start.

What are political yard signs called?

Political yard signs are commonly referred to as "lawn signs," "campaign signs," "election signs," or "bandit signs." These terms are often used interchangeably to describe the small, usually rectangular signs placed in yards or along roadsides to promote political candidates, parties, or specific political causes. They are a staple in political campaigning, particularly in local, state, and national elections, known for their effectiveness in building name recognition and showing grassroots support.

How many yard signs do my political campaign need?

Many factors can affect this decision - the size of the district, number of candidates, name recognition, advertising strategy, and your campaign budget. Super Cheap Signs recommends starting with an order large enough to get a quantity discount but small enough that it doesn’t break your budget. Your design automatically gets saved to your account, so you can easily reorder more signs with the same design whenever necessary. With our fast shipping, you can usually get them in a day or two.

What’s the best way to save money on my signs?

Buying from a high-volume, high-efficiency sign manufacturer, like Super Cheap Signs, is a good start. Ordering larger quantities will decrease your cost per sign and limit the number of colors you use. Also, you can buy different sign sizes for different situations -- big campaign signs for high-speed intersections and 18” x 24” yard signs for most residential installations. Getting the most possible use out of the products you’ve already purchased is an often overlooked budget tip - don’t place signs in places where they’ll get confiscated by authorities, and try to keep people from stealing your yard signs.

Why choose Super Cheap Signs?

Our long history in the political campaign custom printing industry enables us to accommodate almost any request or material size, and our digital print method ensures consistency across any custom-printed signage product you create for your candidate. 

Do yard signs work for business advertising?

Yes, yard signs can be highly effective for business advertising. They offer several advantages:

  1. Visibility and Reach: Yard signs placed in strategic locations can attract the attention of passersby, increasing local awareness of your business.
  2. Cost-Effective: Compared to other forms of advertising, yard signs are relatively inexpensive, making them a cost-effective option, especially for small or local businesses.
  3. Targeted Marketing: Yard signs can be placed in specific areas where your potential customers are likely to see them, allowing for targeted marketing.
  4. Flexibility and Convenience: They are easy to install, move, and remove, which provides flexibility in your marketing campaigns.
  5. Durability: Made to withstand outdoor conditions, yard signs can provide long-lasting advertising.
  6. Community Presence: Yard signs can create a sense of local presence and community involvement, which can be particularly beneficial for businesses seeking to establish a local footprint.

What size is a standard yard sign?

The standard size for a yard sign is typically 18 inches by 24 inches. This size is commonly used because it offers a good balance between visibility and convenience. It's large enough to be easily readable from a distance, which is crucial for conveying messages effectively, yet compact enough to be easily handled and placed in various locations such as lawns, alongside roads, or at event venues. The 18" x 24" size is also suitable for most printing and material handling processes, making it a widely accepted standard in the industry