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Campaign Banners are a great way to make a big statement for any candidate! Choose from the templates we have below and customize your own!

Quality Campaign Banners For Sale


Super Cheap Signs is the premier supplier of custom campaign banners. In fact, you could say they’re our specialty. Their eye-catching layout and durable, lightweight design are sure to amplify your message and give your cause a leg up on the competition.


Campaign Banners Are The Best Way To Spread Your Message


We understand there are many ways to spread a political message, but nothing gets the point across quite like a banner. Can you think of a better way to grab a passerby’s attention on their daily commute, or at a large rally or fundraiser for that matter? Campaign banners immediately convey who or what your political movement is about, which gives you greater odds of reaching people outside your target demographic and transforming sentiment into action.


Compared to other types of signage, banners have a high degree of visibility. They can be positioned much more prominently than yard signs, and usually capture much more attention than pins and stickers. To this point, a banner is typically where most people garner their first impression about a candidate or policy proposal. No matter which one you are advertising, our campaign banners are the perfect way to attract attention and rally voters to your cause.


We Convert Intrigue Into Engagement


What better way to convert intrigue into engagement than covering local neighborhoods with engaging, affordable campaign banners? Ours are digitally-printed on mesh or vinyl using professional inks that are perfect for placement inside or outside. Of course, both banner types can be customized to suit the specific needs of your campaign. We will even provide tailored reinforcement so you can have peace of mind knowing you will be able to display your banners virtually anywhere.


Custom Text, Personalized Templates, Quick Turnarounds


Purchasing from us means you get much more than just a banner.


Our convenient online ordering process allows you to create the perfect campaign message in minutes at no additional charge. Our Banner Builder provides instant access to custom templates, lets you upload images and clip art, select colors, and upload custom text. You can even leave specific design notes and instructions for our team to adhere to. After you design or upload your graphics and text, you will be able to request a proof. Once you add your design notes continue to next page to choose your desired size and material and continue to add to cart to complete your order.


Our Banners Last Longer Because We Use The Best Materials


At Super Cheap Signs, we pride ourselves on quality, which means we only use the best materials available. Our campaign banners are available in vinyl or mesh, with plain finishing or grommet and reinforcement. Our vinyl is constructed from 13 oz. material that’s coated with PVC, rendering it a little thicker than its mesh counterpart. It is also about 3-5 oz. thicker than what our competition offers, which means they’ll hold up twice as long.


If you decide to include grommets on the edges, we recommend checking out our suction cups, bungee cords, and banner zip ties for optimal support. Once you decide what materials are best for your campaign, you can choose from 22 sizes.


Convenient Turnaround Times


All of our products are manufactured in the United States, which enables us to ship your order at a cost-effective rate with a convenient turnaround time, even when you select our most economic shipping option. We are confident you won’t find better banners online, or anywhere offline for that matter.


Have questions? Contact Super Cheap Signs today at 866-270-7446 or online to learn more. Or you can visit our Builder to start your custom order immediately!