The epidemic of people stealing lawn signs has spread across the nation as of late. This, no doubt, is attributed to the craziest election the American people have ever seen. However, the act of someone thieving a yard sign has been around since the yard sign itself. In consideration of that fact, supporters have decided to take matters into their own hands.

What would you do if someone stole the political signs you paid for with your hard earned money? You would probably be enraged and then shorty after be struck by the clarity of what to do next. Booby traps! Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme because most are illegal and we don’t want to hurt anyone. On the other hand, we do want to send a message. So what do we do? Maybe covering the signs with some Vicks Vaporub or Vaseline will do the trick? Both are invisible and effective when it comes to thwarting sign crooks. Some people have even gone as far as suggesting fecal matter as a deterrent. We believe that option to be both ill-advised and dangerous. Don’t do it!

A Different approach

Here are some supporters that came up with some pretty creative ways to get these criminals to cease. One man from Indiana went ahead and attached one end of fishing line to his lawn signs and the other end to his front porch. With that, he also added a thin green string on the lower end of the signs to trip up his assailants in the act. The Indy man who goes by the name Philip told The Indy Channel that he’s, “2 and 0” with his setup. Effective and harmless. Way to go Phil!

A fed up Massachusetts native, Arthur Gonsalves, taped a black box that read “Danger” onto one of his Trump signs in hopes of keeping the thieves at bay. The box also read “booby trap” and had some colorful wires hanging out of it. It was working and seemed harmless enough until the cops got involved. The local police opened an investigation, believing the “booby trap” in question to be a bomb. Though police called the state bomb squad, Mr. Gonsalves told the authorities and The Eagle Tribune that it was just an equalizer from and old stereo system he had lying around. Not the best way to go about it but not the worst either. Better luck next time Arthur!

You Don’t Want to Steal These Lawn Signs

The Evening Sun reported on a couple from Pennsylvania who decided to do the Trump-like thing and built a wall to protect their Donald Trump campaign sign. Karen Kocher and Donald Peters of Paradise Township came up with the ultimate design after four of their lawn signs had been stolen. Made of two 4’ x 8’ sheets of plywood and rigged with two alarms, this is sign defending at its finest. One of the alarms is a trip wire linked to a cowbell and the other is a highly audible tone that sounds when the wall is touched. As if that wasn’t enough, a silent alarm is also triggered inside the house when anyone walks on the property towards the sign. This spunky bunch even installed a surveillance camera to catch perpetrators red-handed. On the wall it reads, “You can steal our signs but… you can’t steal our votes!”

Finally, Ray Gilbride from Bellingham, Washington decided to electrify his lawn sign. That’s right; electrify, like Benjamin Franklin’s kite. The innovative citizen hooked up a 1.5 joule electric fence to his sign via copper wire. “It’ll light you up a little bit,” he boasted to KIRO Radio, “Especially if you’re standing in wet grass.” Gilbride consulted police before implementing his initiative to make sure it was not only safe, but also legal. Ray’s view and motive for this seemed to be ethical. “The fact is, stealing is stealing. I’m getting a lot of that criticism, too, people saying it’s just a sign. Why do we prosecute kids for stealing just a candy bar,” he asks? “Situational ethics is wrong. Stealing is stealing. You’ve got to go back to the basics. If it’s not yours, don’t touch it.” Point taken. It probably could have been done without the shock but to-each-his-own.

The choice is yours

These are the lengths people are going to nowadays to prevent future sign theft. Whereas, you have other samaritans simply bringing their signs in at night time. Some are even keeping them inside altogether, only showing them in their front windows. These are easier, less hazardous, methods of keeping your lawn signs safe. While we don’t lean toward one candidate or the other, we do think that stealing signage is wrong. It shouldn’t be done and these are just a few ways people are dealing with the petty crime infestation. We hope this gives some insight on the topic and new ways to help protect your signs. Good luck out there!