Yard Sign Stakes: A Comprehensive Guide to Wire Stakes

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What are Those?

Ever wonder what those little metal looking wires are that hold up the yard signs? You know, the yard signs you see on the side of the road? They are called H-wire stakes, more commonly called wire stakes or H-wires and they are made of galvanized steel. There seems to be a variety of different types of H-wires but after just learning what they are, how do you know which to get? Here at Super Cheap Signs, we carry 4 options of wire stakes. We’ll go over the different kinds and what they’re best suited for when it comes to displaying your signs.

The Standard

Standard H-wire

First, we have the Standard H-wire. They consist of 4, 9-gauge steel wires that are welded together to form an “H” shape, just with two lines in the middle instead of one. These are 30 inches tall and 10 inches wide and best suited for signs no bigger than 24”x 24”. These are the most common type of H-wire to see in the wild and are going to be our base of comparison for the other wire stakes we’re about to go over.

Half the size, all the hype!

Half-Size H-wire

Second, we have Half-size H-wires, which are just as they sound. Imagine taking a standard H-wire and cutting it in half. What you’re left with is 2 half size h wires. Nifty, right? These are only 15 inches tall but still 10 inches wide. Great for keeping your signs low to the ground and create the illusion that the signs are just standing upright on their own. These are also great for areas with higher winds than average. Best for smaller signs but can still hold the traditional 18×24 signs as well.

Economy’s booming

Economy H-wire

Third up on our list are Economy H-wires. These are slightly shorter than the standard wire stakes, but still stand tall at 24 inches. These also maintain the same width of 10 inches, as well as 9-gauge steel wire. Being a bit cheaper than the standards, but still offering similar results, economy H-Wires are definitely the more budget friendly option. Plus, if you need something to be displayed lower than the standard but higher than the half size, these are the perfect middle ground.

Don’t worry, these are Heavy-Duty!

Heavy-Duty wire stake

Finally, we have our Heavy-Duty H-wires. These are as the name implies, heavy-duty and meant for places where the ground is tougher than your grandpa. But seriously, the base of these are made from 3-gauge steel wire which is considerably thicker than the 9-gauge the rest are solely made of.  They still have the 9-gauge wires too, just on the top of them so that the signs can still fit. They’re the common choice for displaying signs with sizes like 24×32, 24×36, and 24×48. They can be used for signs as big as 4’x4’, as long as you use two at a time. We recommend using U-channel posts for signs 4’ or taller but this article is about wire stakes, so we’ll come back to that later. Either way, having some heavy duty H-Wires will definitely help your signs stand up to the elements, no pun intended.

The Choice is Yours!

The Choice is Yours With all these options, now you have a better idea on what would work best for your specific needs. When in doubt the standard size is going to be the safe bet. They’re the standard for a reason, right? If you have any further questions, check out our accessories page. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 512-833-9900 and as always, we look forward to keeping on providing you with more sign knowledge in the future.

TLDR: So… What kind of H-wires are there?

Constraints and Solutions: Screen Printed Yard Signs

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A Sign of Limitations

A lot of new people I meet or get introduced to will eventually ask me what I do for a living. When I explain that I work at a sign company, the topic of what kind of signs always comes up. 8 times out of 10, they get surprised when I throw ‘Silk Screen Printing’ in the mix. Saying things like, “Is that still effective?” or “People still do that?” Heck yea they do and believe it or not, there are a lot of pros and few cons to getting screen printed signage. You know that “WE BUY HOUSES” yard sign you always see every day, while in traffic on your way to work? That was most likely screen printed. I usually elaborate further and detail the fact that besides what type of equipment you have, you can screen print almost any design. From a 4-color process print to a simple one-color sign that’s all text, it can be screen printed. Of course, there are some downsides to screen printing too, but that’s why you’re here, to find out about the benefits and more so the limitations of these types of signs.

Screen Printed VS Digital Printed

To know the limitations of screen-printed signs, we would have to get familiar with the opposition as well. You might be thinking, “Screen-printed signs as opposed to what?” Digitally printed signs of course. In the more modern world of advertising, screen printing sort of became a thing of the past as newer and more technologically advanced printers became available. Specifically, inkjet and laser printing started to allow shop owners to offer full color designs in a much more efficient way than what was previously capable. Full color printing is still very possible to do in screen printing, however, it’s incredibly more tedious and the margin for error is extremely small with what’s called a 4 color Process print.

It is more commonly known as CMYK printing, where we take specific values of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black) and print each color one at a time as a series of what appears to be random dots that fall on top of each other to make a full color print. Confused? Just look at a comic book from the 70’s very closely. If you use a magnifying glass and look at any solid color, you’ll start to notice that what appears to be specific colors are just a bunch of tiny different colored dots that somehow form this uniform color that you are seeing. Neat, right? As cool as it may be, explaining that was tough, now imagine actually doing it. The takeaway here is that just because it’s possible, it does not make it the best solution. It would take all day to print an order of 100 signs this way. When you have a machine available that could do it in a fraction of the time, it’s a no-brainer.

More Borders, Less Problems?

Another constraint for screen printing is the fact that a ⅝ – ¾ inch of the entire border must be blank. Meaning the image or design you have will never go edge to edge on your yard sign. Heart breaking, isn’t it? Well, unfortunately that border is necessary for a few reasons. The main one is the actual print process. Once the image gets printed on whatever substrate are using, that blank space around the edge is meant to handle the sign from printing to drying so that the wet ink does not get smudged going from one step to another.

Something else to consider is that if the blank border wasn’t there, then the ink that is getting pushed through the screen would fall past the edge of the actual sign and get wet ink all over the printing press. To better visualize this, let’s compare the edge of the sign to the rim of a cup. Obviously, you wouldn’t pour anything into a cup past the rim, or else it will overflow past the edge. Similarly, we wouldn’t print past the needed border on a sign, or else the ink will flow over the edge as well which would make the same kind of mess as over pouring a cup. So no edge to edge print for screen printing.

These are the main limitations that both printers and customers must consider when making and purchasing yard signs. Something else to keep in mind is that screen printing now-a-days is for bigger or bulk quantities of signs on average. I wouldn’t say this is a full-blown limitation, however, as different companies will still print smaller quantities too. I hope we were able to give you some insight and we look forward to keep on providing you with more sign knowledge in the future.

What are these yard sign limitations you speak of?

  • In Screen Printing, 1 – 3 colors are ideal, No full color designs (that’s for digital printing).
  • The more the merrier… screen printing is better for bulk orders, not just a few signs.
  • Screen printed signs must have a blank 5/8 – ¾ inch border around the edge as necessary for the printing process, No edge-to-edge printing.

If you happen to be curious on where to acquire these kinds of signs, stop on by and check us out or reach out to customer service.

How to Keep Your Yard Sign from Being Stolen?

yard signs not stolen

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During the 2020 election season, tensions were high – and record numbers of political yard signs were stolen and vandalized. And while the act of stealing lawn signs has been around since the yard sign was invented, it’s important that you can keep them displayed proudly on your front lawn. 

If you’re here to search for advice on electrifying your yard sign, unfortunately, we can’t provide those tips. What we can tell you, however, is that there are simple, straightforward ways to ensure that these items stay put. Even though yard signs are cheap, people spend considerable time and effort installing them, so campaign yard sign thieves shouldn’t just get a free pass.

Is Stealing Lawn Signs Illegal?

Absolutely, yes. Theft and vandalism of political signs is a crimes, and so is trespassing on private property. Most states consider these misdemeanors, but if multiple signs have been vandalized, these charges can quickly add up. 

Is It Illegal to Electrify a Yard Sign?”

We understand that you don’t want to lose the products you’ve paid for with your hard-earned money. But let’s talk about what you shouldn’t do. 

In Washington, Ray Gilbride used copper wire to hook his campaign sign up to a non-lethal electric fence. As he explained, “Situational ethics is wrong. Stealing is stealing. You’ve got to go back to the basics: If it’s not yours, don’t touch it.” 

While Gilbridge consulted with police to ensure its legality, this situation likely depends on the local jurisdiction (and Super Cheap Signs obviously can’t provide you with legal advice).

How to Booby Trap a Yard Sign

If you want to avoid potential lawsuits but need to prevent yard sign theft, there are plenty of colorful methods that people have employed. Your booby trap needs to be effective but also has to ensure that no one gets hurt. 

Rub Some Vaseline on It

The internet is filled with references to covering the backs of political signs with vaseline and it works well because it’s a substance with a disturbing texture. Some people have gone as far as to suggest using fecal matter as a deterrent, but this is ill-advised. 

It Needs More Cowbell

After losing four of their lawn signs to thieves, a Pennsylvania couple created their own sign out of 4’x8’ sheets of plywood. Two alarms were connected to a tripwire with another silent alarm triggered inside the house when someone walked onto the property. Not to be outdone, a surveillance camera was also installed to catch perpetrators red-handed. 

Fishing Line

One Indiana resident connected a fishing line between his lawn signs and his front porch to keep them from being taken away. He went one step further by adding another thin green string along the ground to trip up thieves. The Indianapolis citizen claimed to be “2-and-0” with his effective and (mostly) harmless method. 

It Doesn’t Always Work the Way You Think…

In Massachusetts, Arthur Gonsalves placed a black box reading “Danger” on one of his political signs and some colorful wires dangling from it. It seemed harmless enough…until local police treated the “booby trap” seriously, calling the state bomb squad in to investigate. 

While Mr. Gonsalves told the authorities that it was fashioned from his old stereo system’s equalizer, it probably wasn’t the best way to protect his yard sign

Simpler Ways to Prevent Yard Signs from Being Stolen

If you’re handy and clever, we’re sure you can create inventive ways to keep political signs from being stolen. However, most of us could follow these straightforward rules: 

  • Bring your signs in at night time. 
  • Keep signs in your front windows or porch windows. 
  • Install a motion-sensing light directed at your yard signs.
  • Use “Arrow Spinner Signs” to grab attention and keep it in your possession. 

If someone keeps stealing your yard signs – or you simply want to purchase something to place outside your home or business – our team offers incredibly low prices for our high-quality signs. And if you’re considering purchasing larger quantities, you’ll save substantially more. That’s the Super Cheap Signs promise!

Boost Your Brand on a Budget: The Enduring Power of Custom Vinyl Stickers

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In the dynamic world of marketing, vinyl stickers emerge as an enduring and cost-effective strategy to amplify your brand’s presence. Despite the digital marketing surge, these tactile tools retain their charm and effectiveness, offering a blend of tradition and versatility to communicate your company’s message and showcase your products innovatively.

Why Choose Vinyl Stickers for Advertising?

Versatile Application for Maximum Exposure: Vinyl stickers are uniquely adaptable for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring your message stands out in any setting. Their durability and customizability make them perfect for a wide array of surfaces and environments, from corporate offices to bustling outdoor events.

Tailored to Your Brand: Custom shapes and sizes are not just possible but recommended, allowing your stickers to perfectly embody your brand’s essence. This personal touch enhances brand recognition and ensures your message resonates with the intended audience.

Ideal Spots for Sticker Placement

Capture Attention at Events: Leverage the power of vinyl stickers at trade shows, conferences, and other large gatherings. They are an excellent tool for guerrilla marketing, offering a tangible reminder of your brand that attendees can take with them, extending your reach beyond the event itself.

Integrate with Your Marketing Materials: Enhancing your business correspondence and literature with branded stickers can significantly boost your visibility and reinforce your marketing message in a cohesive and professional manner.

Choosing the Perfect Sticker Size

Adaptability Is Key: The size and shape of your stickers should reflect the diversity of their potential applications. From the smallest piece of merchandise to large-scale outdoor placements, selecting a versatile size ensures your message is always clear and impactful.

Customization for Impact: A well-chosen sticker size and shape can make or break your advertising efforts. It’s crucial to match these elements with your brand identity and the message you wish to convey, ensuring your stickers enhance rather than detract from your brand image.

Cost-Effectiveness of Sticker Marketing

Unbeatable ROI: With their low cost and high potential for visibility, custom vinyl stickers offer an exceptional return on investment. A modest budget can yield thousands of stickers, each serving as a mobile billboard for your brand.

Enhancing Your Marketing Mix with Mobile Messaging

Bumper Stickers: The Moving Billboard: Incorporating bumper stickers into your marketing strategy can significantly amplify your message. As part of a comprehensive marketing campaign, they reinforce your presence across various media at a fraction of the cost, demonstrating the power of integrated marketing strategies.

Conclusion: The Sticky Advantage

Vinyl stickers are not just an advertising medium; they are a strategic tool that weaves together affordability, mobility, and customization. In today’s market, where differentiation and brand presence are paramount, they offer a tangible and impactful way to share your message, stick in the minds of your audience, and drive your marketing objectives forward.

‘On the Road’ Advertising with Car and Truck Magnets

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With the price of gas today, you probably start calculating how much every car or truck trip will cost you before even stepping out of the door. We’re here to help you turn that around so you can start estimating how much money each vehicle ride is going to make your local business.

Car and truck door magnet signs are an easy way to advertise your business while you’re out and about, just doing what you do. Go to the grocery store…get some new customers. Take the kids to school…get some new customers.

We’ve all seen them; on the pizza delivery man’s car, the local contractor’s van door, and maybe even the neighborhood real estate agent. Vehicle magnet signs are everywhere, spreading the name and messages of local businesses as they travel to and from. One of the most affordable types of advertising, car magnets allow you to advertise your local business across larger distances without paying the high and recurring fees of running television, radio, or newspaper ads. Consider the ways car signs and magnets effectively advertise your business.

Establish a Company Presence

As a small or medium business, branding a company’s name in your local area is important for driving sales. Branding professionals have proven that consumers are more likely to use and recommend a brand if they know and trust that name when the time comes to make a purchase. In combination with that fact, we also know that building brand authority and credibility can be accomplished through the use of car magnet signage. Because car magnet signs allow your business name, logo, and phone number to become a common sight within your community, your business name becomes more credible simply because it is seen and known by more people.

Economical Advertising

Having an advertising plan is important for any business, regardless of what kind of marketing tactics are decided upon. In most cases, the more affordable the plan is, the higher the return that can be expected. While some businesses opt to purchase their employee’s company vehicles equipped with vinyl decals, this advertising route is unrealistic for several businesses. Because car magnets are budget-friendly advertising mediums that require no monthly upkeep, they make an excellent choice for small and medium businesses with a limited budget. Furthermore, their ability to be easily transferred from one vehicle to another makes them a preferred choice with businesses that rely on their employees to use personal vehicles during their shift.

Cover More Ground

While some people believe that only small and medium businesses use car magnets, let us assure you that even the largest corporations rely on them to promote their name over large distances. Limo services, large pizza chain operations, and many service-based companies alike rely on this effective advertising medium to move their business name effectively around town. While stationary signage (such as sidewalk signs, banners, and window decals) is usually limited to one specific location, car magnets are exposed to the public during traffic, while making a delivery, or simply commuting back to the office. Is your vehicle parked? Make sure to park so that people passing by can see your company’s information on the side of your vehicle.  You are constantly advertising!

Spinning New Messages with Spinner Signs

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It gives “twisting” a message a whole new meaning when the message is plastered on a brilliantly created spinner sign.  At a time when local companies are struggling to keep their message in front of customers, some have turned to actually “juggling” their message.  Literally! 

Street Advertising with Spinner Signs

Wearing costumes and using labor to hold signage isn’t exactly new and groundbreaking advertising, but if you think about outdoor advertising, holding signs on the street corner isn’t far off from being a great idea.  Especially if the sign spins.

The use of spinner signs has once again made street advertising a strong area to market from because of the ability to reach people at a busy intersection without having to pay the traditional cost of advertising. The skill and creativity of some involved in sign spinning have even sparked a World Championship for this talent.

Benefits of Street Advertising with Spinner Signs

Many benefits can be realized by your company employing street sign spinners:

  • Out-of-the-box advertising idea
  • Cheaper than large billboards
  • Affordable labor cost
  • Ability to have different signs advertised
  • Can change the location/placement of advertisement instantaneously without spending extra

Considerations with Spinner Sign Advertising

There are a few things that should be considered when your company decides to implement spinner sign advertising:

  • Color and Text Size: With all of the spinning and turning, the message needs to be easily seen and eye-catching.
  • Keep it Simple:  The message should be short and sweet.  Get to the point.
  • Double Sided: Utilize both sides of the spinner, offsetting colors to catch the attention of travelers.
  • Safety: Ensure the spinner sign is not too heavy or cumbersome for the handler.   You don’t wish to incur any injuries.

Even in the digital age, the thought and expense of deploying sign spinners can be a productive venture for your company.  Potential customers can pass by and experience an emotional response to the talents of the spinner, while combining that with a message about your business, resulting in a stronger bond to the message itself.  Are you ready for new customers? Advertise with a spin!

The Little Things a Viewer Sees in Sign Riders

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Have you ever thought about the amount of advertisement that your eye sees, but that you can’t immediately recall until something just triggers the message to come to remembrance?  A large portion of advertising today relies on subconscious suggestions? Sign riders can be a great way to subtly enhance your signage and provide increased space for additional messaging.  

What is a Sign Rider

If you are in the real estate business, you might have some idea of what a sign rider is all about.  Most real estate signage will include a sign rider to go along with the main signage. Simply put, a sign rider is a small sign that is placed underneath, on top of or next to a sign bearing the main message.  It’s like a thought bubble next to the main idea. You want the passerby to catch the main message, but almost subconsciously, they also collect and keep the sign rider message.

When to Use a Sign Rider

Sign riders have become almost commonplace in combination with yard signs and roadway signs.  Many sign riders are used to provide updated information that goes along with the main sign that could have been in place for days.  Once a person passes a sign over a period of time, they begin to pass by without really seeing the information on the sign. Updating the sign can be costly.  However, adding a different sign rider can change the visual presentation such that it catches the eye of the passerby although they have seen the main sign repeatedly.  Use sign riders to update the main message, such as “for sale” to “sale pending”, or “lower price”. Use sign riders to encapsulate the main message into a catchphrase. Your main message may be how and where to purchase flowers, with company name, location and time of business hours.  Add a sign rider that simply says “Your Flowers Here!”.

Highlight Your Thought with a Sign Rider

You have a great yard sign, or real estate sign, or a campaign sign, but there is a lot of information on your sign for a passerby to see and remember.  You can use a sign rider to make the most important part of your message to stand out to the viewer. Maybe you really want them to call, put your phone number in large print on the sign rider.  They will get the point. Or, you just need to be sure they remember your name. In large print, the sign rider can pull your name out in front of a more detailed message below.

Don’t be caught with signage that is there, but is no longer seen.  Use sign riders to update, highlight and enhance the viewer’s opportunity to see new, but connected information.

How to Leverage Yard Signs to Capture the Attention of Your Audience

In this present age of electronic data that flows without ceasing, digital marketers have made extraordinary advances in audience targeting with online advertising. The advertising industry’s ability to reach target audiences on a microscale is nothing short of astonishing. For example, Android smartphones come out of the box configured to operate as keyword-driven wiretaps that attempt to sell their owners’ products and services that they haven’t even shopped for yet. 

While the ability of smartphones to capture the public with ever greater precision using personalized advertising is impressive, there is another, much lower-tech but often a far more effective way for businesses and other advertising clients to reach large groups of people who comprise similar clientele: yard signs

City organization encourages similar types of people to cluster in far greater density than in rural areas. Unlike phone ads that often create unintentional resentment for the product, people often find their attention drawn to lawn signs of purpose, especially if they are well-placed. There are five things that everyone should know about highly effective yard sign leveraging.

Use Distinguishing Colors

Set your sign apart from those of the competition. This is important for anyone that is a political candidate in an election. Yes, red, white, and blue may be the most patriotic colors, but when everyone is using those colors, it’s hard to stand out. Choose a color that pops. This is especially important when candidates share similar or the same name.

Locate Signs Where The Targeted Audience Is

Place yard signs in places that attract the targeted demographic. Every city has something special about it. The places, landmarks, and attractions within a given area have much to do with the people who come through that area. Imagine a sign that advertises a home-delivery service for a pharmacy or a mobility scooter for the disabled. Where is the best place to put it to draw the attention of the people who stand to benefit most from the info? Try locating signs near a bingo hall, WMCA, VFW, or American Legion Post. A sign that advertises a daycare, little league, dentist office, or tax preparation service will perform well near community parks, greenways, grocery stores, and recreation centers. Always seek to place signs where they’ll be most effective. 

Include A Visual Representation Of The Product Or Service The Sign Offers

This isn’t possible with every single sign, but even taking one sign to the next level is apt to increase sales. For example, a landscaping company would be smart to put their sign right next to an outstanding sample of their work, such as a freshly manicured lawn. If that isn’t possible, put it near a related object. When potential customers can visualize your service, they will be more inclined to work with you.  

Outperform Your Competition With Precision Placement Instead Of Unproductive Excess

One of the greatest challenges of advertising with yard signs is that there will be times when your competitors will have thoroughly, and sometimes excessively, covered the same areas where you plan to place your signs. In cases such as this, it is best not to respond the same way. Signs that perform well in over-saturated areas have distinctive features, are larger than their peers, or have an advantage because of their placement. In a sea of small ground signs, a larger sign at the back on a pole will always shine brightly. A single, well-placed sign has the potential to be the one that a passersby remembers because it stands out from the others so well. 

Create Associations With Yard Signs 

Associate yard signs with anything that naturally draws onlooker’s attention. Something with enough visual appeal that it naturally draws the attention of a passing motorist is an ideal place for a yard sign. Therefore, if you are placing yard signs on a winding neighborhood road, take care to place them in front of the nicest homes. Keep an eye out for attention-grabbing landscape features and pop a sign there. Statues, murals, and landmarks are all optimal places for yard signs. 

It’s easy to assume that adequate communication requires technology, but sometimes, just the opposite is true. Yard signs are a tried-and-true method of effective advertising. Don’t wait to see if someone will open your email advertisement—place an order for your custom made yard signs today.


Are Election Posters Effective?

Political advertising has a long, storied history. However, its power wasn’t really recognized until the 50s, when the modern version came into play. In today’s digitally-driven environment, it’s easy to dismiss print ads as an irrelevant medium. However, people are up to 70% more likely to remember candidates who advertise in print rather than online. 

There’s a growing demand for print media, and political posters are still one of the best ways for candidates to spread their messages. Here are a few reasons why election posters are still useful in today’s world.

They’re Affordable

One of the biggest advantages of politically-focused custom posters is that they’re relatively inexpensive to produce. It doesn’t cost much to create, print, and put up an effective poster, and when they’re made of the right materials, they’re very durable. Spreading a candidate’s message in this manner is more cost-efficient than a radio, digital, or TV ad may be.

Political Ads Are Highly Visible

No matter a candidate’s political affiliation, a well-placed election poster will make potential voters stop and think for a second. Because of their visual impact and size, there’s no disputing that a well-crafted poster with an effective campaign message can help a candidate spread the word.

Helping Candidates Build Credibility

Traditional media such as magazines, newspapers, and posters are trusted sources of information, and they’re perceived as being more credible than social media and online ads. Campaign posters have long appeared out in public, which does much to make candidates seem more trustworthy and believable than their competitors are.

Assisting With Recall

Compared to ads viewed on a computer, tablet, or phone, printed ads are more comfortable to the viewer’s eye. There’s something about a printed poster that the human brain finds easier to understand. People are more likely to remember printed campaign ads, especially if the candidate’s message gives them food for thought.

A Flexible Way to Spread the Word

A political poster can help a candidate convey their message in numerous ways. From a visually appealing font to a cleverly written message, these custom-printed posters make it easy for candidates to market themselves. 

Eliciting an Emotional Response

Election posters are powerful in the ways they affect viewers’ subconscious responses. A well-planned poster can arouse empathy, which helps a candidate connect directly with voters’ minds and hearts.

Getting the Message In Front of a Captive Audience

A campaign poster that’s properly placed on a busy street or in a shopping center can do much for captive audiences. When posters are placed in high-traffic areas, candidates find it easier to get their message in front of more people.

Political posters have an enduring history, but thankfully, they will be useful well into the future. When candidates use their advertising spaces to create direct calls to action, they’re more likely to achieve the desired result. To find out how Super Cheap Signs can help you increase your chances of election, contact us today.

Why Business Owners Should Invest in Car Magnets

Table of Contents

Why Business Owners Should Invest in Car Magnets

Business owners are constantly thinking about how to better advertise their business and increase their revenue stream. They will often try a variety of advertising methods without seeing much of a return, which is a waste of marketing dollars. Relying on ostentatious roadside signs may seem like a good investment, but there are a fixed number of people who will pass them each day, limiting the amount of exposure a business can get from them.

Benefits of Car Magnets

Car magnets are a way to use a vehicle’s available real estate to advertise a business. The average person spends 40-90 minutes in their car each day. During that time, a vehicle can pass over 1,000 cars. Car magnets put a business’s name in front of thousands of eyes, making them a valuable advertising resource. Below is a list of reasons business owners should invest in car magnets. 


A car magnet could reach up to 30,000 people every month just by being displayed on the side of a vehicle that is driven every day. To get that many impressions through Google or social media advertising, businesses would need to spend a lot of money. Car magnets cost less, making them a bargain compared to digital marketing costs. 

Mobile Advertisements

Billboards are stationary, so only people in the same location will see the advertisement. The average cost of a billboard is over $6,000, making it a costly way to advertise to a limited number of people. Car magnets bring the advertisement to several areas, increasing the number of people who see it and increasing awareness of the business in a larger geographical area. 


Car magnets have some maintenance requirements, such as cleaning underneath them to prevent scratches on the vehicle or washing them if they become dirty with road salt. However, aside from gentle cleaning, car magnets are easy to use. Removing them is just a matter of peeling it off the side of the vehicle. 

Cross-Channel Marketing

When people think of car magnet design, they often assume it will be a business’s logo and phone number. However, car magnets can be used with other advertising platforms to increase the effectiveness of a larger campaign. For example, car magnets can display a 5-digit shortcode that individuals can send a text message, allowing them to opt-in to a larger marketing initiative. 

When business owners use car magnets in this manner, they can easily track the magnets’ effectiveness. By using a unique code or URL on the car magnet, business owners can see how many of their customers found out about them through the car magnet, allowing them to calculate their marketing return on investment. 

Gets People Talking

Car magnets get people’s attention. Business owners who display them proudly on their car notice that others will approach them with questions about their business. Once the conversation is started, business owners can use the opportunity to give a short sales pitch or invite the person to visit the business’s location. 

Designing a Car Magnet

Not all car magnets are created equal. There are specific design elements that, when used correctly, can maximize the magnet’s draw. Below are some tips on designing a high-impact car magnet.

Make the Business Name Prominent

While many people see car magnets every day, most have little time to look at them. It is important that the business’s name is the most prominent feature on the magnet, ensuring that the public remembers them.

Use High-Contrast Colors

Bland colors or colors that match the vehicle are likely to go unnoticed. Using high contrast colors that stand out from the vehicle ensures people notice the magnet and pay attention to the information that is on it. 

Keep it Easy to Read

Most people have driven behind a car with a bumper sticker that made them squint to read it. Not only is this ineffective, but it is also dangerous, too. Car magnets should be easy to read, with bold text and a prominent call-to-action that only takes a glance to understand. 

Car magnets are a versatile, low-cost way for business owners to increase awareness around their brand. They are more effective than traditional advertising methods, such as billboards and print ads, and have a better return on investment.