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Expressing beliefs and individuality has been a unique human quality since the very beginning. Especially in individualistic societies, it is common to express uniqueness in any way we can. Bumper stickers are just one way that people put their personality and beliefs on display.

A Long History

Bumper stickers have been around since bumpers were invented. In fact, it was actually fashionable to advertise businesses or ideas on moving vehicles even before the automobile was invented. The trend of putting words on a vehicle started with carriages when individuals would print messages on the canvas of the roof. Later, when cars were invented, people would put messages on their car using small pieces of fabric and rope.

By the time bumpers were invented to keep vehicles from being damaged, inventors began thinking of ways to adhere them to the car. It wasn’t until the 1940s that stickers made from paper with a sticky substance on the back were invented. These began to be used almost immediately, and their usage expanded to what we are familiar with today.

Although they have remained largely the same, new processes have been invented to help the stickers to last longer even when exposed to the elements. Most are now made from vinyl which is less susceptible to water damage, and many are made using Eco-solvent ink. They are a concise and sometimes humorous way to express political beliefs, display a favorite hobby, or brag about family and pets.

Removal Processes

Because they were made to withstand weather and dirt, a bumper sticker can be hard to remove. However, there are many reasons that someone might want to remove them. For example, when an election is over and that candidate sticker is no longer relevant, or someone has purchased a used car that features someone else’s thoughts and beliefs on the back, the urge to remove them quickly can be equally strong.

There are different methods for removing a bumper sticker. One of the most popular is to use heat. This can be done using a hairdryer or even a towel dipped in boiling water. Other people use white vinegar to break down the vinyl and the adhesive. Still, others use products that are specifically designed to remove sticky residue. With any method, it is important to test an area of paint that is not in plain sight to make sure that the method will not damage or discolor the vehicle’s paint.

What is Eco Solvent Ink?

There are two basic types of ink: solvent, and Eco-solvent. While solvent inks are generally more resistant to weather, solvents contain high amounts of VOCs and can be hazardous to work with, especially in an indoor setting. Eco-solvent inks, on the other hand, contain lower levels of VOCs and are much easier to work with. They do not clog equipment, and they are not as dangerous to inhale. Eco-solvent is a great option for a bumper sticker because customers can feel good about the printing process.

Other Uses for a Bumper Sticker

A bumper sticker is not just useful on the bumper of a car. There are many other places to display a sticker. Some individuals like to put a sticker on a favorite water bottle. They can also be collected in a scrapbook as a way to preserve them. They can be placed on journals or notebooks, and many people like to collect them on their musical instrument cases or even on their laptops. They can be used as decoration on windows or refrigerators at home. A sticker can also be used to distinguish an item from other similar items. They are great to place on suitcases at the airport or backpacks and coats at school to make sure the item does not get lost. These can all be great ways to display them without putting them on the bumper of a car.

A Way to Display Any Message

The days of seeing only political advertisements on the bumper are over. People are finding more and more creative ways to use a sticker. In fact, most companies provide the option of designing your own. This makes the possibilities endless. You only need to drive on the road to see every type of message imaginable displayed on other vehicles. Because they are vibrant and long-lasting, they are a great way to personalize items. As long as there are vehicles with bumpers, people will likely be expressing themselves using a bumper sticker.