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Design your own, made-to-order bumper stickers in minutes. Ideal for cars, trucks and vans - our durable vinyl protects your bumper sticker from scratches and harsh weather conditions. Convey your personal or business message to everyone you drive by with a custom bumper sticker.

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Product Description: Vinyl Bumper Stickers

Looking for an affordable and easy way to get your message out in the local area? Bumper stickers maker, Super Cheap Signs offers the perfect solution! Here's what you need to know about our custom-printed sticker and decal products:

  • Material: our bumper stickers are printed on heavy-duty white vinyl to stand up to scratches and adverse weather conditions and still look great.
  • Sizes: the standard bumper sticker size is 3 x 10 inches, but if you're looking for something different, we also have many other custom sticker sizes or decal shapes available on the same high-quality material.
  • Color Options: all of our stickers and decals are digitally printed in full color, so there are no limits on your color, text, or image selections.
  • Quantities: varies - you can buy a single bumper sticker or order in bulk for quantity discounts.
  • Price: varies based on quantity (our free calculator lets you figure out the price before you start).
  • Installation: just peel and stick; our scored backing makes installation a breeze.
  • Shipping Options: varies by weight, distance, and turnaround time - we have options to fit every budget and timeframe.

How to Design and Order Bumper Stickers

Super Cheap Signs strives to make the process as easy and fast as possible for bumper sticker makers. There are three main steps to our process:

  • Price it: do you want pricing before you get started? Our online calculator lets you test different quantities, sizes, etc. upfront. If you prefer to jump right into the design process, you can make pricing selections after you've created your original bumper sticker design.
  • Design it: we offer several methods for designing stickers and decals; you can: 1.) customize one of our proven stickers templates with our online design tool; 2.) start from scratch on our editor, adding your text and images; 3.) upload an existing design file on our website; or 4.) work with our professional design staff (it's free) to get exactly what you've envisioned. We provide free proofs, so there are no surprises before printing.
  • Buy It: we provide a number of shipping and turnaround options during checkout to meet almost any budget and timeline. Once those selections are made, you can pay online, and we start the production process.

Common Uses for Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers have been around for as long as cars have been around, and they've been used in a number of creative ways to spread all kinds of messages. Some of the most common scenarios we see are: 

  • Businesses Bumper Stickers: Whether you're promoting a local business or want to provide the public with a way to rate your delivery drivers' capabilities, custom vinyl stickers are one of the most affordable and flexible advertising investments a business can make.
  • Political Campaigns: For elections at every level of government, building name recognition and getting endorsements are the two most important factors for success. Political stickers help you accomplish both and are not limited to a single location like standard yard signs.
  • Organizations/Non-Profits: Is your kid an honor student? Maybe they play soccer with a certain club, or your family adopted a dog from the local animal shelter. Help supporters promote your organization's good work every time they drive to the grocery store.
  • Funny Bumper Stickers: If your other car is a broomstick, or your child and your money go to the state college, you know what I'm talking about here. Do you have an idea for the next great bumper sticker? Get them from us for cheap and sell them at a profit.
  • Cause-Based: Most of us have seen the "Coexist" bumper stickers or others supporting a cause or philosophy. You can let people know what issues are important to you and maybe get your neighbors thinking.

Other Custom-Printed Products and Accessories

Want to amplify your message with other custom-printed items to compliment your vinyl bumper stickers? Super Cheap Signs is more than just a sticker maker; we also have a wide variety of sign products and accessories at great prices, including: 

  • Yard Signs: Repetition is the key to message retention, and yard signs work great at reinforcing the messages printed on your bumper stickers. Make sure all your signs use similar fonts, logos, and colors, so people will remember they've seen them somewhere before.
  • Banner Signs: Big colorful banners are great for any number of uses - special events, tradeshow backdrops, sales announcements, grand openings, and more. These are perfect for indoor or outdoor use; you can reuse them repeatedly.
  • Vehicle Magnets: If you're not sure about the permanency of bumper stickers, maybe car magnets are for you. You can get the same colorful designs in a variety of sizes, but you can easily remove them whenever you want.
  • Custom-Printed Posters: The ultimate complementary sales tool, posters are affordable and can convey a lot of information when placed in an area with steady foot traffic. Yard signs and bumper stickers limit your real estate for text, but matching posters allow you to cover a topic in more detail.
  • Accessories: People love signs because they're flexible. They can be installed in lots of places using several different stakes, frames, holders, or connectors. Whatever the situation, we've got the accessories you need at great prices.

What Our Past Bumper Sticker Customers Think

five stars

"Your live assistant who helped me with my first (and only other order) was just awesome. Smart, professional, and knew the answers to my questions. Give her a raise, please. :-)"

 - Patrick S. - WA

five stars

"Y'all are great. I've been involved in customer service professionally for years, and there has never been a negative with you guys."

 - Robert H. - TN


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