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Custom Bumper & Lapel Stickers > Bumper Stickers > Non-Profit

Choose from any of our Non-Profit Bumper Stickers we have to offer. If you would like to add your own image or design; feel free to do so and get started!  We score and ship volume bumper sticker orders on the roll to help keep it cheap!

How about some bumper stickers to raise awareness for your non-profit organization or foundation. Maybe you want everyone to know that your son, daughter, spouse or sibling is in the armed forces and you’re one proud relative. Bumper Stickers are a good way to get that notoriety quickly, and economically. Plus, the clear adhesive on the back of our stickers is water based but definitely lasts as long as you need it to. As long as people have cars, we’ll have bumper stickers so get yours today! As always, thank you for your business!