Affordable H-Wire Stakes for Yard Signs - 10" x 24"

Affordable metal sign stakes for yard signs

Q: What are the benefits of using economy H-wire metal stakes for yard signs?

A: Economy H-wire metal stakes are an affordable and easy-to-use solution for displaying your yard signs. They are designed to be inserted into the ground and slide your corrugated plastic yard sign on top, without requiring any tools. These stakes are 6 inches shorter than standard wire stakes (24" x 10") and are perfect for small to medium-sized signs.

Q: What are economy stakes made of?

A: Our economy stakes are made from durable 9-gauge steel, which ensures that they plant securely into the ground so your signs stay where you put them and won’t bow down to the wind. They’re also galvanized to make sure that they won’t rust or corrode when exposed to the outdoors.

Q: Are economy stakes easy to set up and take down?

A: Yes! Our economy stakes are designed to make your yard sign set up and take down a breeze. Simply insert them into the ground and slide your corrugated plastic yard sign on top, no tools required.

Q: Are yard signs sold separately?

A: Yes, please remember that yard signs are sold separately.

Q: Are economy stakes in stock?

A: Yes, these economy stakes are in stock. Order them today and you can start getting your message out almost immediately.

Economy Wire Stakes - 10x24 inch
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Economy Wire Stakes - 10x24 inch

On a tight budget? These h-wire sign stakes look and perform great for less. Our economy wire stakes are durable and affordable, which makes them perfect for high-volume installations, like political campaigns or generating awareness for new businesses.

  • Intended Use: Perfect for smaller (12" x 18") or standard (18" x2 4") 4mm corrugated plastic yard signs
  • Material: Made of 9-gauge, galvanized steel
  • Size: 10" x 24"  (6 inches shorter than standard h-wires)
  • Shipping: Depends on volume 
  • Availability: In stock & ready to ship
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