Affordable 'We Buy Houses' Signs for Real Estate Investors

Custom signs for real estate investors.

We've all seen them on high-traffic intersections or around specific neighborhoods - we're talking about the “We Buy Houses” yard signs (sometimes called bandit signs). They're a common and effective tool for real estate investors who specialize in buying and selling residential properties. 

Things to Consider with ‘We Buy Houses’ Bandit Signs

These signs seem pretty straightforward, so what should I consider when creating and buying these types of signs? 

  • Sign Durability - real estate investor bandit signs are based on volume, so they're often placed at very high-traffic intersections that experience lots of wind and other adverse conditions. Make sure your signs will stay upright, and the phone number is still visible after months of taking a beating.  
  • Affordable Bandit Signs - another way to ensure more people see your signs is to place them at dozens of locations. More locations = more signs, so the cost will always be a consideration for this marketing strategy. 
  • Design Options - even though the message is simple, some designs just work better than others. You should try a few different designs that vary in messages and color choices to see what performs best. 
  • Quantity Discounts - since it is a volume business, you should understand quantity discounts. Super Cheap Signs has an easy-to-use pricing calculator on almost all of the pages of our site to help you decide. 
  • Installation  - the longer your bandit sign stays in place, the more people will see it. Make sure you use sturdy H-wire stakes for easy installation and long-lasting performance.  
  • Shipping Cost & Speed - custom sign companies are famous for playing shipping games where “free shipping” means higher-cost signs, bogus handling fees or receiving your signs a few months down the road. Check your shipping timelines and prices before you complete your purchase. 
  • Reordering - make sure it's easy to reorder your bandit signs. Once you've got the perfect design, make sure you can quickly and cheaply replicate it. 
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Tips for Creating 'We Buy Houses' for Real Estate Investors

Now that you know what to consider when ordering custom bandit signs, here are some design tips for creating signs that get noticed:

  • Keep it simple - Your plastic yard sign should be easy to understand at a glance. Limit your words, use simple fonts, and avoid clutter.
  • Use high-quality materials - thin plastic and cheap ink may cost less upfront, but after a few days at a busy intersection, your sign will be unreadable. 
  • Highlight contact information - if you keep your message simple, there should be plenty of room to include a large and legible phone number. 
  • Be consistent: Use consistent messaging and colors across your signs.

Real Estate Investor Sign FAQs

Q: How much should I expect to spend on custom bandit signs? 
A: The cost of custom signs can vary depending on the size, materials, quantity and design options. We include a sign calculator on each page to help you determine the actual cost of your signs before you start.

Q: Can I design my own custom signs? 
A: Our online sign editor and proven starter templates make it super easy to design effective signs online in minutes with nothing more than a browser.

Q: What should I include on my custom signs? 
A: For bandit signs, less is typically more. The most proven sign in this industry is no more than “We Buy Houses - (xxx) xxx-xxxx!.”

What Our Bandit Sign Customers Say About Super Cheap Signs: 


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