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Lapel Stickers are a great way to show support for a cause or candidate. Whether it’s political in nature or simply used as a nametag, lapel stickers are the way to go! Choose from our templates and get started right away!

Lapel stickers seem to be the leading alternative when comes to wearable signage, opposed to campaign buttons. They are easier to mass produce and are cheaper to make than campaign buttons, making them a more cost-effective product for you. They may not have the nostalgic aspect of a campaign button that can be saved and collected but you’re more than welcome to collect our stickers too. They will get the job done just as well and won't rust, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use. You are also more than welcome to upload your own image or design and have a custom sticker made specifically for you. Anything else you may need can be found on our accessories page.