Yard Sale Kit - 3 Plastic Yard Signs with Wire Stakes

plastic yard sale signs with wire stakes

Looking to hold the most successful yard sale ever? Our Yard Sale Sign Kit is exactly what  you need for success! 

Made in the USA, our kit includes three signs - one "Yard Sale" block yard sign that's 18" tall x 24" wide, along with two "Yard Sale" directional arrow signs that are each 18" tall x 24" wide, and comes with three metal H-stakes that are 24" tall. 

All of the signs are made from durable plastic materials and are double-sided so they can be easily seen by passersby. They're also waterproof and windproof, so you don't have to worry about them getting damaged in bad weather. Plus, the stakes are made from galvanized steel so they're extra sturdy

3 Pack Yard Sale Signs Kit
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3 Pack Yard Sale Signs Kit


- 1 YARD SALE Block Yard Sign 18" Tall x 24" Wide (Double-Sided Print)

- 2 YARD SALE Directional Arrow Signs 18-inches Tall x 24-inches Wide (Double-Sided Print)

- Three Metal, 24-inch Tall H-Stakes Made From Durable Galvanized Steel

Made in the USA | Waterproof/Windproof | Reusable | Sturdy

Attract Buyers | Sell Your Goods Faster and More Professionally

Total Price: $25.99