Dual-Sided Spinner Handles

Handles for Spinning Signs

Q: Why should I consider Extra Spinner Sign Handles for my sign?

A: Extra Spinner Sign Handles are a convenient choice if you prefer handles on both sides of your sign. They are made of white plastic and include mounting hardware, making them easy to install. With a simple installation process requiring a Phillips-head screwdriver, you can effortlessly attach these handles to your sign. Each set includes 2 handles and the necessary mounting hardware.

Handles for Spinner Signs
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Handles for Spinner Signs

Extra Spinner Sign Handles Come in Handy if You Like Handles on Both Sides of Your Sign. Handles are Made of White Plastic and Include Mounting Hardware.

Handles Require Simple Installation with a Phillips-head Screw Driver.

Includes 2 Handles & Mounting Hardware

Total Price: $10.00