SOLD! How real estate signs have last the test of time among other marketing tactics.

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There are numerous places where you can acquire real estate signs, be it online or at your local print shop. There are also many different styles of real estate signs that you could purchase, but how do you know which one to choose? As we further discuss what makes these signs affordable and captivating, we will discover price ranges, do’s and don’ts, and how to use them to your advantage.

What is a real estate sign?

The most standard form of a real estate sign is a 4mm corrugated plastic sign that commonly comes in the size of 18” x 24” and needs wire stakes or wood stakes to display them. These signs are also known as bandit signs, placards, or real estate lawn signs. More durable signs are made from aluminum and are printed digitally. These signs come accompanied by a steel sign frame that the sign slides into through the top or side. There are also real estate post signs or colonial post signs that are much more expensive but last quite a while. These usually have an upside-down “L” shape and have the sign hanging from the top. Metal or plastic signs can be displayed with the post. Also, the post and sign are usually sold separately, so keep that in mind when making your decision. Vinyl banners can also be used as signage for real estate. It really just depends on the 5 w’s: who, what, where, when and why the purpose of your message to determine the best signage to go with.

Eye-Catching Signs

Now that we know what real estate signs are, we can discuss how to make your signs attract some attention. The simpler the better. Too much clutter from too many words can have your audience shy away from reading your sign. You don’t want that, so simple fonts and bold colors are what you are looking for when trying to make your signs stand out. Also, consider how the words on your signs are arranged. Making your sign as aesthetically pleasing as possible is the goal here, too many words are a no-no. You can try using some of the local lingoes to help spread the word on a new property. Having a good understanding of your community can help tremendously with your future clientele. Where you choose to display your yard signs is going to play a big factor in helping you get more business as well. High traffic areas are ideal for signage. The more people you have passing by, the higher of a chance you have at turning one into a buyer. Another thing to try is making your signs funny. A witty slogan or phrase can go a long way with potential buyers/sellers. Make sure to keep it tasteful, non-offensive, and in-line with what you are trying to promote.


Corrugated plastic signs are usually going to be the most affordable option. An order of 100, 1 color, one-sided signs are only going to run you around $99 to $250 bucks. That includes the wire stakes or wood stakes. There are local shops or multiple online stores where you can order signs like these. Ordering higher volumes can help get some serious traction buying or selling houses.

Another option realtors go with is the aluminum signs with steel frames. These are a great choice when you need small quantities but also want something more durable. They won’t rust so withstanding the elements is no issue here, but because of the higher quality of material, they will be more expensive. If you ordered 5, 2-sided aluminum signs, with steel frames, you’d be looking at around 180 to 400 dollars.

Lastly, a more high-end choice we’d like to mention is real estate post signs. The post themselves can vary in material-type, such as wood, metal or vinyl PVC. The more common choice is vinyl PVC, since its plastic and less expensive than the other two. If you’re lucky enough to find both the signs and the posts in the same place, capitalize on it. Let’s say you ordered 5 of the post signs. On average, these are going to run you around 550 to 750 dollars. It could be more if you have to buy the signs and posts separately.


After checking into the different styles of real estate signs, it’s a fair assumption to say that the corrugated plastic signs are the most affordable choice. Next would be the aluminum signs with steel frames and lastly, the real estate sign posts. All of these have a similar purpose, but where and how you are displaying your signs will help determine which ones to get. If you have just 2 houses to sell, post signs or aluminum signs with steel frames would be ideal. You can fully customize your design with the tips provided to make them as appealing to your buyers\sellers as possible. Keep in mind that some brokers and realtors may have a franchise manufacturer they would rather you get your signs from. Talk to your company and see what you can do for your promotions. Making the best sign you can for the best price you can get is the goal and hopefully, these suggestions help you achieve just that!

Big Campaign Signs: A Big Winner Post-Election

Political Big Campaign Signs for 2018 Primaries
A row of political campaign signs greeting voters at a residential corner street for the 2018 primary elections.

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As the political campaigning season has come to an end, it seems the use for large campaign signs has dwindled down. Or has it? There are still other opportunities out there that we can grab by the horns and take full advantage of. We’re going to elaborate on those options and explain how big campaign signs can also make a big impression on your potential customers.


Let’s say you have a new restaurant or business that you want to get more attention for. With a sign the size of a big campaign sign, you’re surely going to grab some attention, but using them closer to the actual location has proven to be more effective than just in the neighborhood. On the other hand, these are also effective from great distances. A sign for your establishment, saying that its 10 miles away and which way to head, will make it a lot easier for future patrons to find their way to you. Plus, it sure beats getting a billboard! Not that there’s anything wrong with billboards, but corrugated plastic is more budget-friendly, costing hundreds to thousands less depending on your area.

Real Estate

Another use you can find for these signs is for real estate. Now there are other options that may have worked for you in the past, such as yard signs, but why not add to your arsenal by having a big real estate sign for you to show future clients where to buy on a plot of land? Maybe a new subdivision is in the works and you need to bring some attention to it. One of these can certainly do the trick but keep in mind that MDO plywood signs are usually used for this kind of thing. A big corrugated plastic sign is still very worthy when displayed correctly and is significantly cheaper.


You could be having an event special or a seasonal sale that you would like to advertise. Something like a firework stand or a Christmas tree farm. You can display some of these bad boys in likeness to the big business/restaurant signs but since you’re only going to have these signs up for a short period of time, your signs should last longer than your non-seasonal competitors.

Large Campaign Signs are made from a 4’ x 8’ or a 4’ x 4’ sheet of 4mm corrugated plastic and are digitally printed. That means that a large format, Inkjet or Laser printer will be used to print your signs. Think of how your desktop printer works, just on a much larger scale. They are printed with UV ink and are rated for 3 years of prolonged outdoor exposure. You can always display them indoors but because of their large stature, outside may be more fitting. Don’t forget that you’ll need posts that are sturdy to keep these big boys up, U-Channel Sign Posts are a great reliable solution.

Whatever the purpose of your promotional efforts, it’s a good idea to consider big campaign signs as a new, more creative approach to help with your promotional needs. We hope you find this information useful and that you can capitalize on some of these ideas. Who knows, you may even come up with your own use for these signs; the possibilities are endless.