When business is slow, some business owners can go into a tizzy. But instead of spinning your wheels, simply start spinning; this will help a lot.

How’s that again?

Spinner Signs

Advertising is all about spin. Now you can literalize it, with spinner signs. Durable, double-sided 16×48″ signs made of 10mm Coroplast construction that announce your business in full color vinyl glory. And because spinner signs are mobile, they’re an ideal form of advertising in cities that have strict ordinances regulating signage.

Spinner signs are a superb way to maximize employee productivity during a downturn. Select a gregarious employee to become your human directional advertisement, create an eye-catching spinner sign, and send your employee outside to drive more traffic to your business.

How can a spinner sign help your business thrive? Let your creativity run wild! An accounting office dresses one spinner sign holder as the Statue of Liberty during tax season; another spinner dons an Uncle Sam costume. Real estate professionals might want to dress their spinner sign employee as a house key.

Encourage your spinner to be as imaginative as possible. One spinner sign holder was doing such an amazing dance routine at a busy intersection, drivers stopped at the light were mesmerized — and of course they noticed where his sign was pointing. Talk about human directional advertising!

Let your employee spin to the beat, and bring in the biz! Rain or shine, with this low an investment, spinner signs are the perfect high impact advertising with a human touch for any size business.