Have your ever walked by yard signs and completely ignored them because you couldn’t read what it said? All of us have done it, and you think to yourself, “Why even have the sign up?” Unfortunately the reason you are unable to read the signs is simply because the color combination is just not a match made in heaven. Even though the rainbow is beautiful and has all the colors under the sun, one should not think their sign should appear as a rainbow.  We always get asked by customers what are the best color combinations for yard signs. We have compiled a list of the good, the bad and the ugly. The main thing to ask yourself when picking colors is what would look good together at a distance of ten feet or more? If you know at that distance light green and yellow will blur together, it’s best to go in a different direction.

Below we have color combinations that will make your customers stop and read and others that will have them just walking on past.

Good:good color sign

  • Blue and yellow on white material
  • Red and blue ink together
  • One single ink color on white material
  • Good Primary Ink colors: Navy Blue, Blue, Forest Green, Green, Burn Orange, Orange, Red, Maroon, Purple, Brown, Black
  • Good Contrast Ink colors: light blue, teal, light green, yellow, pink, grey, white(only an ink color on yellow material. Doesn’t cost extra on white material)

Bad: bad colors on sign

  • Pink on yellow material
  • Light green on yellow material
  • Purple on yellow material
  • Navy Blue on Black inks on any material
  • Purple on Black inks on any material
  • Forest green on black inks
  • Light blue as primary ink color (supposed to be a contrast color)

On your next purchase of yard signs keep these color combinations in mind and see if you get different results. You may just see a perk in sales just from your selection of colors.