You know the drill: you’ve looked everywhere for that scrap of paper where you jotted down an all-important phone number. If only you’d programmed it into your phone. Oh, how frustrating…

Not if you have a business card magnet

Business car magnets are perfect for home or office. Your customers will probably stick the magnet on their refrigerator door, which means when it’s time to call the vet, the hair stylist, the personal chef service, or any business that delivers to the home, your contact information is right there.

Business card magnets also serve as a reminder to use your service. Your potential customer might be stuck on the exact name of your company, yet be thinking, “Gee, it would be great to see if that family catering place could come up with a creative spread for our family picnic.” On the other hand, if there’s a business card magnet on the fridge or filing cabinet, they’ll be on the phone with you, pronto.

And Business car magnets go hand-in-glove with printed business cards. These days, when websites are becoming as de rigeur as cell phones, it’s easy to overlook a paper promotional product. Yet the best way to help someone you meet at a networking event remember your website is to give them a business card.

While some companies offer standard business card templates, our business card are custom designed, so your card will be as unique as your company. Why blend in when it’s much more beneficial to stand out?

So get your customized business cards and business card magnets- and get more business!

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