When Dorothy set off down the Yellow Brick Road, she wasn’t trying to sell a home, but return to one. Yet the principle is the same: to sell your home, stay on track with a clear focus, and you’ll get where you’re headed.

Real Estate Sign Basics

Whether you’re selling your home yourself or through a real estate agent or broker, one of the first steps is placing a sign in your yard to show that the home is for sale. If you’re selling your home on your own, your real estate sign will say, “For Sale by Owner.” More commonly, however, are real estate signs that state the house is being sold through a broker or agent. In this case, the sign depicts the real estate company’s logo and the agent’s name and contact information.Aluminum Real Estate Yard Signs

The Right Direction

Like Dorothy and her Oz-bound companions, you want to point prospective buyers in the right direction. Directional signs are popular on weekends, when the bulk of home shoppers turn out in search of their new abode. Directional signs are placed at intersections to indicate a house that’s for sale up the block.

By the same token, if you live on a remote country property, a directional sign can signal a lovely home for sale a few miles up ahead.

Also, consider where your home is situated in relation to the strategic placement of your real estate yard signs. If you’re in the middle of a block, a single front lawn sign will be visible from either direction. If you have a corner lot, it makes sense to place signage on both streets to reach all prospective buyers as they drive past.

Quality and Content

Durable aluminum signs make the best real estate signs, because they hold up in all kinds of weather. And if your home doesn’t sell right away — or if you have a change of heart and decide not to sell for the time being — an aluminum sign will last for years.

If you’re creating your own real estate sign, make it attractive yet simple: use no more than two colors, such as red on white, which is easy to read and professional in appearance. And be sure to include a contact phone number in boldface.

Yard Signs, Online Tours and Ads, Oh My!

Finally, remember that today real estate agents can usually create a virtual tour of your home, so potential buyers can view your house online. Combining a traditional newspaper ad and virtual tour with real estate yard signs can lead prospects rapidly down the road to your successful home sale.