Vinyl lettering can be the perfect way to add a professional look to your business while driving traffic. However, the only way it’ll look professional and bring in new customers is if it is installed correctly. You’re probably reading this article because you have already ordered some vinyl lettering and are just now trying to figure it out how you get it from the box it was How to Apply Cut Vinyldelivered in to your storefront window. This guide is here to help you with the installation of the vinyl lettering so that you can quickly get that lettering working for you.

Step 1) Be sure to clean the surface you wish to apply the lettering to. If this surface is a window outside, let it warm up a bit in the sunlight. It’s preferable to have a warm surface for the decals to mount on.

Step 2) Position the lettering on the surface and tape the sides down so you have an idea of what it will look like. Measure and make sure the lettering is straight and in the right place. Check twice! Or even three times!

Step 3) Place masking tape only on the top half of the lettering so you have a way to lift the letters off the wall without losing their position.

Step 4) Cut every letter apart so they each have their own hinge. This way you can install one letter at a time and check your progress along the way

Step 5) Apply fluid and spray the adhesive on the decal.

Step 6) Let a squeegee be the only contact that applies pressure to the lettering adhesive

Step 7) Slowly pull back the application material and check for air bubbles.

Now you can sit back, relax and admire your handy work! Try to maintain your lettering by keeping the window clean on both sides. Preventing dust particles from getting under the lettering will extend the life of it. But do try not to scrub at the lettering. This will only lift the edges off the window and create curling.