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Big directional signs can't be missed! Get the attention your property or business deserves with a super-sized directional sign. Select a template below and get started without delay!

Are people having a hard time finding your place of business? Well look no further; our Big Directional signs are hard to miss! They are composed of weatherproof, 4 mm corrugated plastic and include 2 heavy-duty mounting stakes for easy display. Our big signs are also digitally printed on 2 sides, in full color and can incorporate custom images and graphics for true customization. Each sign is also 48” x 48”, or 4-by-4, as we like to say. Don’t forget some regular Yard Signs that could help guide your customers to your front entrance! Any other items you may need can be found on our accessories page!

Big Directional Signs

A well-placed sign can draw potential customers’ attention to a new business, but the power of signage goes much further. With wayfinding and directional signage, you’ll have yet another way to expand your brand. These signs are used to convey an informative message or to:

  • Provide directions

  • Draw traffic

  • Name buildings or rooms

  • Designate special areas

Directional signage relays pertinent information such as admission prices, parking rules, and much more. Contact us today to see how it can help you strengthen your brand!

Why You Need Directional Signage

With way-finding and direction signs, it’s easy to enhance the navigability, natural appeal, and professional appearance of any space. Your building won’t just look better; you’ll also help your customers know that they’re in the right place. Directional signage improves customer experience from beginning to end.

Directional Sign Options

There are two types of printed way-finders and directional signs: outdoor and indoor. An indoor directional sign may denote an entry or exit point, a department, a special room, or a wheelchair-accessible entrance. Use our signs to help your visitors find their way to the restroom, the lounge, or the cafeteria. The possibilities are endless! 

An outdoor directional sign serves much the same function but in an exterior setting. These signs are used to mark exits and entryways, parking lot locations, office and store hours, terminal areas, new store openings, and building designations. With big directional signs from Super Cheap Signs, your guests, vendors, and clients will always know where to go and how to get there.

Tips for the Successful Use of Our Directional Signs

Way-finding and directional signage are straightforward but very detail-oriented. From choosing the right placement to mounting signs compliantly and safely, we offer some best practices for the use of our indoor and outdoor direction arrow signs.

Consider placement carefully. The best place for a way-finder is one that’s uninhibited, clear, and reasonably high. Your visitors should be able to identify these signs in a few seconds. The best signs have a single message, which minimizes the potential for confusion. 

Choose a simple design. Directional signs are at their best when they’re clear and easy to understand. Use shades and colors that fit your brand and choose a font that’s bold and easy to read. If you’re using graphics, keep them subtle and in line with the message offered by the sign.

Select the right backdrop. What stands behind your directional signs? Will the background consist of grass, brick, paint, or glass? Like the signs’ design itself, a directional sign’s backdrop should be uncluttered and free of distractions.

By following these best practices, you’ll be able to get the most beneficial effects of our directional signage.

Directional Signs for Every Space

Rooms or spaces requiring designations often have picture-based, easy-to-understand signage. Traffic signs, restrooms, hospitals, and parking lots all use these sorts of signs, displaying easily recognizable symbols like lines, stick figures, and arrows. Universal signage is crucial at public venues and events, as it allows guests from all over the world to get the message. In some instances, signs denoting emergency exits, bathroom access, and wheelchair accessibility are required by law. Keep your business compliant with printed directional signage.

Signs for Offices

No matter their size, office buildings need wayfinding signage for easier navigation. With printed arrow signs, employees can effortlessly find conference rooms, clients can locate your office and guests can find the lobby. With directional signs for the office, you’ll have natural, easy guidance for visitors and workers alike.

Trade Show Signs

With high-quality directional signs, your company will stand out amidst countless others. Call us today to find out about our eye-catching, customized way-finding signs with branded messages and imagery. Directional signs for trade shows are available in a range of styles and sizes, and we invite you to get in touch to learn more.

Use Our Directional Signs to Make the Most of Your Commercial Space

Boost your brand with directional signs that welcome, inform, and connect with customers. With our help, you can turn a simple message into an impactful branding point. The visual communication pros at Super Cheap Signs offer a range of services and products to help you create the perfect direction signage for your office or business.