What Are "Standard Screen Printing Colors" for Signs?

Standard screen printing colors
Screen Printing - It's Our Thing

Our In-House Standard Colors pass the savings on to you!

Below is a chart of the in-house screen printing ink colors we keep in stock, ready and available for your screen printing needs. The below collection of long-lasting UV ink colors is varied enough to provide you with a lot of different design options and it can help to keep your overall signage costs down when you choose from the inks we carry in-house. 

Super Cheap Signs' In-house Screen Printing Ink Selection with PMS Color Values: 

  • Black - PMS Process Black
  • Red - PMS 186 C
  • Maroon - PMS 208 C
  • Brown - PMS 154 C
  • Burnt Orange - PMS 159 C
  • Orange - PMS 172 C
  • Grey - PMS Warm Grey 5 C
  • Yellow - PMS Yellow C
  • Light Green - PMS 375 C
  • Green - PMS 355 C
  • Forest Green - PMS 554 C
  • Teal - PMS 3265 C
  • White - PMS White
  • Light Blue - PMS 543 C
  • Blue - PMS 300 C
  • Navy Blue - PMS Reflex Blue C
  • Purple - PMS 2612 C
  • Pink - PMS 232 C


Screen printing with multiple colors

Any time you select a 1- to 3-color option for your sign design, your color selection options in our online sign design editor will automatically default to the above colors. This can give you a lot of design freedom, but it can also present you with several different considerations. 

The key to choosing the right colors when designing a screen-printed sign is to understand how the different colors will print on your chosen background. There are several factors that influence what colors can be used for screen printing projects:

  • The color of the sign material you will be using, for example, our corrugated plastic yard signs come in either white or yellow so pick your colors accordingly.
  • Consider the "ten-foot rule" in sign design, which is based on the understanding that most signs are viewed from a distance of ten feet or more, so contrast and clarity are most important.

With our wide range of standard screen printing colors to choose from, you can be sure to find the perfect colors for your sign. Contact Super Cheap Signs today to learn more about our screen printing services.