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Custom-Printed Vinyl Banners That Last - Indoors or Outdoors 

Custom-printed vinyl banner signs are the perfect advertising solution for almost any situation -- outdoors or indoors. You can design your custom banner signs using our online sign editor, and we'll print them on heavy-weight vinyl banner material in full color. And, when it comes to buying signs from Super Cheap Signs you can count on: 

  • No Surprises - use our free "Pricing Tool" to get an upfront price
  • Durability - we print with high-quality inks on premium vinyl material
  • Free Design Help - upload your own design or let our pros help you, it's free
  • Options - from shipping to turnaround time, you're in control

At Super Cheap Signs, we've been delivering custom vinyl banner signs to customers for 30+ years. We're dedicated to providing professional-quality signs at everyday low prices with unmatched customer service.

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How to Design Custom Vinyl Banners

Our Vinyl Banners are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. They're made to last using premium 13 oz. vinyl and high-quality UV inks. Super Cheap Signs banner signs are the perfect way to promote your business, candidate, event, or organization. 

At Super Cheap Signs, we've been in business long enough to know that most organizations do not have professional designers on staff to create eye-catching and effective banner signs for your business or campaign. That's why we provide you with multiple ways to easily design and produce your vinyl banner signs while keeping them cheap yet professional-looking.

Start with our easy-to-use online banner sign editor

Start From Scratch for a 100% Unique Design!

Our easy-to-use banner sign editor gives you a blank canvas to let your creativity run wild (don't worry, it's free). You can experiment to your heart's content -- adding your own text, uploading images and trying different color combinations. When you're happy with your vinyl banner creation, proceed with ordering your signs. You can be confident that our high-quality UV inks will withstand direct sunlight and other harsh weather conditions to keep your creation looking good for a long time.

Use Our Professionally-Designed and Proven Banner Sign Templates

Our designers have already done half of the work for you, by designing ready-to-use banner templates that have been proven successful over time. It will only take you a few minutes to design an effective vinyl banner that you can profit from for years. We have a variety of banner sign templates available for different situations and use cases:

Upload Your Custom Vinyl Banner Sign Design

For those organizations who already have their banner sign design, we've made it super easy to upload your already completed design through our on-site editor. Our design team will ensure the colors and dimensions are correct and even provide you with a design proof for you to approve before we start production. Once approved, you can expect your professional-quality vinyl banner signs delivered exactly how your ordered them in a few days.

Work with Our Experienced Sign Design Pros (It's Free!)

At Super Cheap Signs, we have professional designers on staff who are happy to help you get the sign you want. Simply provide a sketch of what you want with some instruction, and they'll get to work. (Note: We're happy to provide this service for free to our customers, but excessive change requests may result in design service fees.)

What Our Vinyl Banner Customers Have to Say About Us: 


"The signs are great, the signs also arrived on the date promised."

     - Maxwell C. from UT



"Can't get signs cheaper than here. I have ordered many signs from here and nothing but good things to say."

     - Anthony S. from NY


"Excellent.....I believe this is 5th or 6th year ordering from you. Have referred several others to you."

     - Kimberly P. from CA

You don't have to take our word for it. Check out Super Cheap Signs' 20,000+ verified customer ratings and reviews on the eCommerce customer rating website. 

Super Cheap Vinyl Banner Signs FAQs

Q. How much does it cost to print a vinyl banner?
A. The cost for banner signs can vary a lot depending on size, material, finish, and quantity. There are so many sizes available, that many of our customers like to use our free pricing calculator to test out what impact different options may have on the price. Unlike many other online sign manufacturers, we won't surprise you with added costs after you've perfected your design and are ready to order.  

Q. Are vinyl banners waterproof?
A. Our vinyl banners are made using premium 13 oz. vinyl, which is lightweight, extremely durable and long-lasting. And, they're printed with high-quality UV inks that will stand up to the elements without fading. Our vinyl banner signs are waterproof, weather-resistant, and fade-resistant, making them perfect for outdoor advertising. 

Q. What does the "Grommets and Reinforcement" finish mean? 
A. Grommets are small, metal-lined holes that we place in vinyl banner signs so you can more easily hang them with ropes, bungee cords, or zip ties. We also reinforce the edges of your banner signs by stitching or hemming around the outside edge of your sign to prevent rips or tears. Together, the grommets and reinforced finish add a professional look to your banner and can help your advertising investment last a lot longer.  

Q. What is the difference between mesh and vinyl banners? 
A. Super Cheap Signs provides both vinyl and mesh banner signs, and each material has its benefits. Vinyl is a more rigid material which makes it easier (and cheaper) to print on, but it is also more susceptible to wind damage than mesh. Mesh signs are made with a combination of vinyl and mesh that will typically handle outdoor conditions better and last longer.  

Q. How long does it take to print a vinyl banner?
A. We use the same printing process for our custom vinyl banners as we do for our full-color yard signs. We can often turn around the production of a vinyl banner in a day or two as long as our customers approve their sign proof in a timely manner. We also provide a variety of shipping options that put you in control of the timeline and costs.    

Q. What is the standard size for a custom vinyl banner?
A. Vinyl banners come in a wide variety of sizes, so there is not really a "standard" size. Our most popular size for banner signs is probably 3' x 5', which offers a good mix of size and affordability. 

Q. What other types of signs does Super Cheap Signs print?
A. We specialize in manufacturing high-volume, affordable signage on a variety of materials. So, you can come to us for yard signs, outdoor metal signs, car/truck magnets, bandit signs, and stickers. Order in bulk and save.