Yard Sign With Different Stands
Yard Signs With Different Stands

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As you know, yard signs in general don’t do very well without the help of something keeping them in place. Even poster’s need thumb tacks. We understand your ad is going to endure things like heavy wind, rain, ice, and snow. We don’t want these or any other elements washing away your potential revenue. Knowing that the yard sign for your business or campaign signage is going to be secure is a must, so we’re here to help. Here we have gathered some items to help bring you peace of mind.

What are H-wires?

We have four basic H-wire stands that we sell from our warehouse, all of which easily slide into the flutes of your sign. Each H-wire is made of slim metal posts that are fashioned together to form an “H”. First, we have our standard H-wires which is our top rated and best seller. It’s 30” x 10” and is $1.19. Next we have our economy H-wires and they’re 24” x 10” with a price of $1.09. Then we have our heavy duty H-wires which are the same dimensions as our standard except the actual thickness of the metal is greater and the top posts are slightly wider. These go for $3.40 each. Last but not least are the half sized H-wires which are 15” x 10” and they start at $0.92 . All of our H-wires have available price breaks so don’t be afraid to order more and save.

Yard Sign Accessories

Aside from our H-wire collection we also have other accessories like wood stakes, plastic sign frames, and steel sign frames. We also offer U-channel sign posts and plastic A-frame sign holders for your more particular needs. A-frame sign holders are good for indoor ads, like in a mall. The plastic sign frames, wood stakes, and all of our steel frames are perfect for outdoor signage and can be installed with a hammer and some elbow grease. These will not only keep your signs in place but will stay there for as long as you need, while taking on the surrounding environment.

Here’s where you can get your yard sign accessories and get started! A good tip to remember when placing yard signs is that six feet from the curb is considered public property so if you don’t want your yard sign up for grabs, push them back a smidge; closer to the house so it’s on private property. This ordinance varies from city to city so make sure and check with the proper local officials. Some people are even adding extra protection to their signs to keep thieves from taking them. You can read about it here! We here at Super Cheap Signs are glad to be able to assist you with all of your sign needs and as always, thank you for your business!