Foam on the Range: Foamboard signs

Everybody from kids to grandparents loves foam. Think Nerf balls, foam baseballs, paddleballs, mattress toppers, yoga mats…the list goes on. So if you’re foaming at the mouth trying to come up with creative ways to say the same thing differently with your advertising, think foam, foam on the range: foamboard signs, that is!

Foam is where the art is. Foamboard is a backing material widely used in framing art: a superior quality, versatile foam sheet sandwiched between PVC plastic to give you reliable results every time.

Foamboard is fabulous for advertising everything from your store’s holiday sale to a new product display. You can write on foamboard with Super Cheap Signs’ permanent markers, creating a personalized message for your special audience. You can even use foamboard for spinner signs, adding to its adaptability. While they’re ideal for indoor use, foamboard signs are relatively durable in outdoor weather, too, holding up for awhile even in the rain before beginning to dissolve. (This can also be a fun experience for employees with a quirky sense of humor.)

When you use our foamboard for indoor advertising, however, the main caveat is to prevent people from wanting to play with it the way they do with packing peanuts. Maybe you’ll want to keep some play foam around to distract your more artistic customers. A game of Nerf baseball, anyone? Super Cheap Signs got you covered.