Why settle for stationary advertising? Take your message with you wherever you go with our vehicle magnets!

Have you ever had an elite concert connection? Occasionally, if you were very lucky or knew someone who knew someone, you might score a backstage pass to meet the band after the show. But very few people outside the musicians’ entourage are granted “all-access”, which allows you to wander at will among the worshipped. For rock fans, such a pass is somewhat akin to an all-access badge to the White House.

However, with a little creativity you can create an “all access” environment for your business, so customers and potential customers can learn about you and what you offer anywhere, any time. No, we’re not talking about the Internet, but the outer net: connecting with the web of life all around you, akin to an all-purpose backstage pass, or Doctors Without Borders. Take a tip from Tim (name changed), who uses his motorized wheelchair to advertise his math and English tutoring services with a sign affixed to the back of his chair. Without driving a car, he’s a personal “rolling billboard” for his brand. As he rolls through town, kids and parents (many of whom he knows, since he’s been a community fixture for decades) can’t help but smile at this unusual use of signage. He may not be driving a car, but he’s certainly come up with a “magnetic” use of a sign!

Vehicle magnets are a fabulous way of turning your vehicle into a rolling

No need to restrict your advertising methods!

billboard — regardless of what type of vehicle you drive. Like Tim’s magnetic motorized wheelchair, you can devise ingenious ways to market your products or services. Our long lasting, attractive matte magnetic material is 3mm thick, with a special plastic coating on the side that adheres to your car (or truck, or wheelchair…) to prevent paint damage.

So turn magnetic marketing on its ear, and develop your own version of an “all access” vehicle. While we can’t promise it’ll admit you backstage to meet your favorite band, everyone who sees it will admit you’re a creative business owner — and that’s the kind of person others like to do business with. If you’re this imaginative in marketing your own business, who knows what you’ll be able to do for them?