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You might be wondering what the best material is for your next sign. Well, there are plenty of options available to you, and aluminum seems like a popular one – so why not take advantage? Super Cheap Signs has everything from high-quality signs made with this sturdy metal down to affordable kits that let anyone create their own custom message without breaking into a sweat or spending too much money!

How Long Do Aluminum Signs Last? 

The durability of aluminum is one reason it’s such an ideal material for signs. Signs constructed from this metal can withstand even the most extreme conditions with no problem!

For example, if your outdoor sign has to stand up to harsh weather — like extreme heat, snow, or rain — then nothing survives and thrives like aluminum.  Make sure your signs look great for years by using durable .040 gauge sheet aluminum.

How Expensive is an Aluminum Sign

Aluminum is the most cost-effective material for making signs and awnings. With proper care, it can easily outlive other materials like plastic or wood by being both lightweight and durable in nature! Signage made from this metal typically has an affordable price tag compared to its longevity which may surprise some people who expect them to be not only expensive but also disposable after just one use

Does Printing a Sign on Metal Affect the Way it Looks?

Just because aluminum is affordable does not mean it is cheap quality. In this regard, aluminum keeps costs down while conveying the utmost professionalism. That’s because people typically associate metal finishes with class and expertise. Metal lends an air of permanence to the sign and the company behind it.

Aluminum Is Versatile

It’s hard to find a material that can be used outdoors and inside the building. But aluminum is perfect for all sorts of applications, making it an excellent choice compared to other materials like wood or PVC!

These three options might seem like they have similar properties – but there are some major drawbacks associated with each when compared to aluminum. For example: PVC will bend in high winds, and wood will eventually rot if exposed to rain and snow, but Aluminium retains structural integrity even after being subjected to wet and windy weather, which makes it invaluable for permanent, outdoor signage applications.

Aluminum Can Be Customized

Another reason aluminum is amazing is its ability to be customized to your specific needs. For example, it can be printed in a full array of colors, allowing your message to stand out the way you designed it. You can even cut the aluminum into a custom size, giving you plenty of room to impart a little personality to your signage.

Why Create Your Own Custom Aluminum Signs?

When you work with Super Cheap Signs to create your signage online, you will achieve a thorough understanding of how your sign and associated print will withstand the external environment, including excessive exposure to rain and sunlight. You can also get an idea of how your signs will look in shaded conditions, under direct sunlight, and in the context of divergent color palettes.

When customizing your signage, it is important to remember that the result needs to be readable, so don’t get too carried away with the aesthetic side of things. The seasoned professionals at Super Cheap Signs are more than capable of helping you decide on a layout that will work better in terms of visibility and readability. Additionally, they will help you identify what size works best for your specific application and budgetary needs.

To review, aluminum is one of the most popular materials in the sign industry for the following reasons:

  • Durability
  • Affordability
  • Versatility
  • Elegance
  • Ability to be customized
  • Professional look and feel

Now that we have expounded on aluminum’s most desirable properties, let’s explore its appearance a little more in-depth.

Standard Aluminum Signage

Standard aluminum signs sport an iconic, professional look that renders them ideal for business solutions, construction sites, parking lots, and even homes. So if you are looking for something tried and true, this is the best path forward.  Regarding holding the print, standard aluminum supports high-quality UV inks, such as those offered by Super Cheap Signs.

Our standard aluminum signage is printed in matte, giving you plenty of options regarding the overall look and feel. When printed, they are much more vivid than standard signs.

It is a good idea to consider where your sign will be located. As noted, standard aluminum is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. So, if you need something that can function as a sign and decorum, a standard aluminum sign will suit you just fine.

Standard aluminum is durable and does not require any extra coatings. That said, you can certainly anodize them if you please. Doing so will help prevent staining and guard against fingerprints.  

Caring for Your Aluminum Signs

Your sign will be exposed to daily elements like rain, mud, dust, and bird droppings.  You want your aluminum signage to last as long as possible; after all, that’s why you pick aluminum over other available types.  So how should you clean and care for your sign? Simply use a mixture of water and light soap, and your sign will be as bright as when it was first purchased.  Be sure not to use anything stronger, as some abrasive materials might scratch the metal or damage the print. Always dry the sign with a soft cotton towel after a good wash. Care for your investment by cleaning it regularly.  Your aluminum sign is there to work for you.

Aluminum Signage Accessories

When you purchase your signage, you will need something to support it. Fortunately, Super Cheap Signs has a vast array of sign accessories sure to meet your needs. Whether your application requires metal frames, plastic frames, or sign riders, Super Cheap Signs has all that and more.

Plastic and steel sign frames are ideal for prolonged outdoor exposure since they are much more rigid and will protect your sign better, helping it to last longer. If you are needing a little extra sturdiness, 72” U-channel posts are perfect. Their tapered ends facilitate expedient installation without needing digging, and their hole-per-inch design means you will not have to struggle to make any adjustments. The black steel yard sign frames are perfect for use with aluminum signs, providing two pre-drilled holes for adding a bottom rider sign.  If you need something more lightweight, plastic frames made of high-grade engineered polyethylene provide durability without the fear of rusting. These plastic frames hold an 18” H x 24” W sign and 6” H x 24” W rider sign, making them perfect for Real Estate signs and other uses.

Our Promise to the Customer

Super Cheap Signs products are manufactured in the United States and are shipped directly to you at an economical rate and quick delivery time.  Do you still have questions? Please contact Super Cheap Signs today at 512-833-9900 or online. Ready to purchase?  Use our Builder to start your custom order today!

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