MDO is a hybrid material made for outdoor applications such as sign painting. It has a core of 5 or 7-ply plywood that is manufactured using moisture resistant resins and bonding agents between the ply’s.

MDO, or construction signs as they are more commonly referred to, are the most versatile of all the signage. MDO signs are very popular in situations where longevity is important. The most common application for an MDO sign is as a jobsite sign or an entrance sign where cost is of moderate concern. One of the most time-honored materials used for today’s signage, MDO (medium density overlay) signs are plywood laminates with a very smooth finish. One of the most versatile materials available, MDO signs can be seen at businesses, churches, schools, construction sites, billboards, and just about any other place one can think of. MDO signs carry a clear message and deliver the structural properties required of large signs.

MDO plywood is a treated wood that has special paper that is impregnated with resin on either one or two sides. This creates an ideal surface for paint and vinyl application, and makes for an incredibly strong sign that will last a long time. This material is ideal for the outdoors and is widely used for signs in 1/2″ or 3/4″ thickness.  Also called Crezon, it is covered with a bonded layer of a stiff paper product providing for a smooth, longer lasting surface.  It is then primed & painted and ready for vinyl application.

MDO surface overlay is generally opaque and smooth. The surface veneer is typically wood-toned color but other colors are also available. Manufacturers offer textured and factory-primed MDO plywood that is well-suited for siding applications (in homes) and painted signs. MDO plywood is chemical-resistant (it resists benzene, chloroform, methyl alcohol and acetone), weather-resistant and wear-resistant.

The MDO sign is a very common sign company product used for site signs, heavy duty exterior displays and main organization signs for long term exterior life. MDO Plywood signs are rigid and durable. They are primarily used for signs that need extra strength and are semi-permanent. They are great for real estate or construction applications.

Long lasting durability make construction signs one of the most cost effective solutions to your signage needs. Not only are you getting a product that will be a never ending salesman, but you are getting one that can, like the mail man, provide potential customers with your information through snow, rain, heat and gloom of night for years and years to come!