Company cars cost a business a lot of money over their lifetime. There’s the initial purchase, the registration and insurance, the gasoline, and the cost of repairs and maintenance. Naturally a company should try to get every bit of utility out of a big investment like a vehicle. The best way to start adding some value to a company vehicle is to start turning it into an advertising machine. If you have a company car and are looking to turn it into a moving billboard, here’s a guide to help you.

First of all, if you’re willing to make some permanent changes to the look of your vehicle, you might want to consider using vinyl decals and lettering on the body of your car. They’re professional looking and can be big and easy to read. The only downside is that they’re fairly permanent and can’t be taken off and put back on. If you do plan on going this route make sure your car’s color will work with the vinyl decals and lettering you choose. For a simple example, white lettering on a white or silver car is going to be very hard to read.
Custom Car Magnets
If you’re not willing to permanently change the appearance of your vehicle you can also look into car magnets. These custom magnets can feature your business logo, address, and phone number. To boot these magnets can be removed and replaced just as easy as well….a magnet! So if you ever decide to sell your company car or want to change the look later, the magnets won’t mar the appearance.

Depending on your situation, you might want to go with either of these options or even both. Maybe you permanently want the truck to have contact information for the business, but would like a magnet that has the driver’s contact information on it. That way each driver can switch out the information. Which route to take is up to you.