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When it comes to real estate, signs are everything! Well, nearly everything. A real estate sign like bandit signs can attract passersby to stop and check out the new listing or they can help potential buyers find the right property when arriving for a viewing. Real estate signs are often the first detail buyers notice when looking for homes. Because of this, real estate and open house signs need to convey a clear, clean, and informative message. A tattered or cheap looking sign may warn buyers to stay away, while an elegant and clean sign can be inviting to a potential buyer. 

Open house signs are different than traditional “For Sale” signs in how they market the home and attract potential buyers. However, they can also pair well with “For Sale” and other signs for maximum impact. If you need an open house sign that stands out in the neighborhood, take a look at the top six unique sign ideas below.

1.Use Separate Signs.

For the most part, the “For Sale” yard signs stays near the front door or in the front yard of a home for sale from the time it is listed to when the buyer takes ownership. An “Open House” sign may only go up the morning of the open house and taken down that afternoon. Since open house signs are not permanent fixtures, there is more flexibility in how and where they are displayed. It can be as small as a sign rider that is attached to the for sale sign, or as large as a big campaign sign visible from a block away. Whatever type of marketing is used for the open house, the sign should be separate or stand out from the permanent for sale sign.

2.Consider the Color Scheme

When using separate signs, it can be a good idea to create cohesion with the same color scheme. Usually, the color scheme on real estate signs matches the color of the real estate company. However, one color could be highlighted over another depending on the area or neighborhood. Understated signs may be best for high-end neighborhoods, while bold signs will help a sign stand out in more affordable neighborhoods, especially if the market is saturated in that area. A unique color scheme is also more easily spotted over traditional real estate color schemes.

3.One Size Does Not Fit All

Potential buyers are so accustomed to seeing real estate signs.  One sign begins to look like every other sign until they can’t tell the difference.  Make sure your sign stands out by altering the size of the signs that are placed on multiple properties.  Real Estate signs come in a variety of sizes, from 9×12, 18×24 (standard size), to 24×32. Catch a buyers attention by diversifying your sign size. 

4.Pair the Post with the Place

Signs would be relatively useless without a way to display them. However, not all sign posts are created equal. Standard wire stakes may work for most open house signs in most places. Although, a steel sign frame can add a touch of class, while a promotional a-frame sign is free to place on the sidewalk or the street. The layout of the street and the set-up of the entryway may dictate what type of sign display method is best. The type of sign post used can also influence what information and how much is used on an open house signs. The more room you have to work with, the more creative you can get!

5.When in Doubt, Add More Signs

A single open house sign may be missed, ignored, or completely hidden from a majority of the traffic in the area depending on the location of the home. To overcome this hurdle, a unique solution some real estate agents are using is simply adding more signs around the neighborhood. Directional signs at the main entrance of the neighborhood not only help potential buyers find the home they saw online, but it can attract extra traffic passing by on the main road. More signs in the front yard can also signal that an open house should not be missed. You can always add a bit of distinctive charm by including balloons or other eye-catching items so that the home buyers won’t quickly forget.

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