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Durable and attractive, our new A-frame sandwich board signs include the frame and two signs. They are composed of a tough Polyethylene construction and come in two styles to choose from:

Landscape - Sign Dimension: 18"(h) x 24"(w) - Frame Dimension: 30.5"(h) x 26"(w) - Weight: 6.8 lbs

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Almost everyone sees a promotional sandwich board at some point. These signs are a powerful marketing tool for any business that relies heavily on foot traffic. One of the oldest forms of advertising, customizable a-frame sandwich boards are both attractive and durable enough to withstand being used outdoors. They have a variety of applications with a long list of benefits to match.

Benefits of Promotional Sandwich Boards

Advertise Locally

A-frame sidewalk signs are often displayed outside of businesses. Promotional a-frame sidewalk signs can be used to entice potential customers who are walking by to come inside through advertising current promotions, new products, and sometimes with an attention-grabbing phrase or joke. It is common to see them outside of local pubs listing the day’s unique offerings or in front of a business that offers tax preparation services. 

Take It On The Go

One of the most significant features of promotional sandwich board signs is their portability. Business owners can place a sign in an area where they know their target audience is likely to gather. For example, signs can be placed in high-traffic areas during meal times to direct customers into a restaurant. Another example is having a sign placed on a busy street that leads drivers to a paid parking lot. 

Durable and Reusable

Sandwich board signs are not a one-and-done means of advertising. These signs are made of sturdy polyethylene plastic and can withstand heat, cold, rain, and snow. Their durability allows them to be used repeatedly for many years. 

Affordable Advertising

Sandwich board signs are inexpensive, and their sturdy structure means they are built to last. They cost a fraction of other signage choices, making them a much more cost-effective means of local visual advertising. For those who typically use printed flyers, while the cost may be less upfront, a promotional sandwich board has a longer lifespan and can be reused in the future. This longevity makes the value of a sandwich board much higher than that of hand-printed flyers. 

Custom Signage

The importance of effective branding in a successful marketing strategy is well established. A-frame signs can be customized to fit the existing style of a brand, giving it a highly visual and dynamic way to advertise. Additionally, sandwich boards do not have to contain a generic or prefabricated message. These signs can be customized to convey whatever message a business needs. 

What to Know Before Purchasing a Promotional Sandwich Board



Sidewalk signs may be different prices depending on the size, shape, and what is printed on it. It is vital to have a good idea of one’s budget when deciding on what sign to purchase.


When choosing a sidewalk sign, it is essential to know where the sign will be placed. Some communities are very strict about their aesthetic and would find a promotional sandwich board to be an eyesore.

Time of Day

Companies should consider the time of day their target audience will be most active and likely to view the sign. For example, a sidewalk sign outside of a bar late at night may not be seen in the dark, even if there are people nearby. It may be better to consider a brightly colored sign that is put out during happy hour to attract more customers.

Zoning Laws

It is critical to check zoning laws before placing a promotional sandwich board outside. Some municipalities have restrictions on the size of the board, the message it contains, and the time of day that a sandwich board is placed outside. Not adhering to these laws could result in some hefty fines. 


Though A-frame signs are durable in various temperatures and precipitation, they are not always well suited for areas with a lot of wind. For these areas, it’s recommended that the sign be tied down to prevent it from falling over.

Ready to Get a Sign?

In the digital age, marketing involves creating an online presence and can sometimes require the added expense of hiring a digital marketing professional. However, this isn’t the only reasonable strategy for businesses that rely heavily on foot traffic. Promotional sandwich boards are a high-impact marketing tool that generates leads and sales. These low-cost, durable signs are an eye-catching method of delivering a message to an audience.