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Made from High Quality .040 inch thick Aluminum. Aluminum Signs are light and extremely resistant to corrosion. Our .040 inch thick Aluminum products look great and last for years and years. Browse our aluminum templates below and select one to get started!

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Our standard Yard Signs last years on their own, but if you’re looking for something that will last longer, our aluminum yard signs are the hot ticket! The fact that they’re metal gives them high praise in the durability department. Our aluminum signs are laser printed with ultraviolet resistance materials so your signs will stand up to excessive sun exposure, high winds, and rain for years to come! You can used them for real estate, contractor or special event purposes. We also offer Aluminum Yard Signs in the size of 24” x 24” for more specific needs. Our aluminum Signs have the option of coming with holes to give you more ways to display your signs. Make sure to pick up a steel sign frame so the world can see what you have to say. We have more products to get you going on our accessories page!