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Made from High Quality .040 inch thick Aluminum. Aluminum Signs are light and extremely resistant to corrosion. Our .040 inch thick Aluminum products look great and last for years and years. Browse our aluminum templates below and select one to get started!

Our standard Yard Signs last years on their own, but if you’re looking for something that will last longer, our aluminum yard signs are the hot ticket! The fact that they’re metal gives them high praise in the durability department. Our aluminum signs are laser printed with ultraviolet resistance materials so your signs will stand up to excessive sun exposure, high winds, and rain for years to come! You can used them for real estate, contractor or special event purposes. We also offer Aluminum Yard Signs in the size of 24” x 24” for more specific needs. Our aluminum Signs have the option of coming with holes to give you more ways to display your signs. Make sure to pick up a steel sign frame so the world can see what you have to say. We have more products to get you going on our accessories page!


When in the market for durable and professional-looking signage, it’s hard to go wrong with a sleek metal sign. Whether for business or personal use, aluminum yard signs offer years of service and dramatic attention-grabbing appeal. It is easy to see why they create such a lasting impact. 

Aluminum signs catch the eye and focus the viewer’s first impression of a property or product. They stand out as more professional and more established than yard signs made from other materials. Their lightweight and versatile nature allow them to be displayed and utilized for countless applications.

Resilient Material, Elegant Designs

Creating the perfect effect for both commercial and residential ads, signage and other notices have many challenges. Weather, peeling, chipping, and general deterioration can all render signs unappealing and lower the attractiveness of the business or property being displayed. Custom made aluminum yard signs are proven to hold up to the elements for years and resist wear and corrosion better than wood or plastic.

Without the need to replace or repair your signage, custom metal yard signs retain their value for much longer than other materials. Brightly colored or monochromatic, these signs add value to a business and inform visitors of important information, such as: 

  • Hours of operation or availability
  • Property boundaries and trespassing notices
  • Sale opportunities and property information
  • Cautions, warnings, or potential hazards
  • Parking Restrictions, Enforcement Notices, and Tow Away Zones

The aluminum we use is highly resistant to corrosion and incredibly lightweight. Graphics and text can be displayed on one or both sides of our custom signs. Each one is laser printed using an ultraviolet resistant material that holds up extremely well against direct sunlight, high winds, and inclement weather.

Professional or Personal Use

Aluminum lends itself effortlessly to making quality metal lawn signs. Their versatility in both business and residential use is almost limitless. Professionally, aluminum yard signs can be used to advertise real estate properties, construction and contractor activities, and to bring attention to special events. 

Metal yard signs give a greater impact and a lasting impression for a business or event. Signs come with or without holes, allowing them to be displayed in countless ways. Their durability allows them to be used over and over, providing added value to a business and decreasing recurring costs in subsequent advertising campaigns. 

Novelty items, such as parking signs or road markers, make wonderful and memorable gifts. Creative use of family names or roles gives a personalized touch to a home or personal property, and custom license plates lend a distinct touch of class to a prized auto.

Versatile and Creative Displays

With so many designs to choose from, it should be little wonder that the methods for displaying aluminum yard signs are just as varied.  Metal signs can be made to hang from various frames or be attached to existing structures. 

Whether free-swinging or fixed, many options exist to display your sign to its best advantage. Enclosed steel sign frames work well in semi-permanent positions, while rigid U-channel sign posts offer a good way to present metal signs in a more enduring fashion. 

No matter what your signage needs are, personal or professional, it is always a good bet that aluminum signs are your best choice. Sturdy and attractive, they draw the eye and add significant value to both the subject and the area they are displayed. Never settle for less with metal signs - if it is worth doing, it is worth doing right. 

Durable, resilient and affordable, our custom metal signs are designed with your needs in mind. Check out our templates below to get an idea of what we offer. Select one to get started or create your own design from scratch. The process is easy, and the results will last beautifully for years.