Creative Ideas that Make Your Campaign Banners Standout

Running a campaign and expanding it to even broader horizons requires a comprehensive marketing strategy. This is precisely where campaign banners come into play. With the right banner, your campaign will be able to expand outreach and capture new voters. But how do you make sure your campaign banners are visible to your target audience?

Nowadays, a fair majority of campaign banners are sold at economic prices. Although they are sometimes designated as “cheap banners”, we can assure you that there is nothing cheap about them. In fact, with the right design layout and color scheme, your cheap banners won’t appear very cheap at all.

If cost-effectiveness is not enough to convince you about the effectiveness of cheap banners, please read on. Here is a trove of creative ideas that are sure to make your banners stand heads and shoulders above the rest.


What’s So Great About Cheap Banners Anyway?

Ever had the feeling that a sign is speaking directly to you? Think of all the times you’ve been driving by somewhere and have seen a banner that plants a message right in your head. This is all the proof you need to know that a solid signage strategy will help you capture more attention and form a comprehensive customer base. But that’s not all—with campaign banners, the possibilities are practically endless.



All About Visibility

The purpose of using a banner is to capture the attention of any passerby and rally them around your cause. Beyond that, you want to send a message that inspires people to take their politics to the streets, either by canvassing or supporting your campaign in some other way. In this regard, it is important to keep in mind that most voters will not spend more than 4 or 5 seconds reading your banner. Further, some may not even register it at all.

Fortunately, the above problems are easily solved with a little visibility. Developing a visual strategy will capture more attention and understanding from your target audience. When formulating your strategy, keep the following rule at the forefront of your mind: for every 10 feet of distance, your lettering should be at least 1 foot high. On that note, make sure the text and graphics on your banner provide a clear representation of what your campaign is all about.


All About Readability

Another core tenant of an effective visual strategy is readability. Remember what you learned in art class: the bigger the content, the easier it is to read from a distance. Don’t be afraid to mobilize the white space, using limited amounts of content is actually the most efficient design strategy in today’s advertising landscape. Additionally, using bold contrasts will ensure that your banners are even more prominent.

When placing your sign, it is always a good idea to keep the speed of passing traffic in mind. This will help you in determining where your content should be placed and how big it should be. Ideally, even speedy traffic should be able to read and absorb your message. As always, be sure to avoid adding any unnecessary clutter, and if ever in doubt remember that minimalism is the cream of the crop when it comes to effective design strategies.


On Obstruction

We’re not talking about politics here. Imagine spending considerable sums of money on an arsenal of cheap banners only to find that the places you have designated to place them are all obstructed by something, be it trees, power lines, excessively bright streetlights, or even buildings and billboards. Doesn’t this go against the core tenant of opting for a banner in the first place?

If your answer to that question was “yes”, then you are certainly on the right track. According to Bloomsburg Rentals, That’s because the primary purpose of making a campaign banner in the first place is to elicit a response from potential voters. As such, no matter where you place your banner, make sure that there is a clear line of sight from distinct vantage points. To this effect, make sure that all components of the banner itself are distinctly visible, otherwise, people will not know what to focus on and may not even register that it is a campaign banner.


brand creativity

Have A Way With Words

When it comes to your banner’s text, don’t be afraid to be picky. Ensuring your wording is as precise as possible will only help your message achieve greater reach over time. Here, the tried and true formula “keep it simple” is more valuable than ever. In today’s world, most people won’t even bother to look at a cluttered banner for very long, much less commit any of its messages to memory.



Designing Your Banner

When it comes to effective banner design, one of the biggest hurdles people face is determining the appropriate size and scaling for all graphics and text. When it comes to sizing your campaign banners, make sure you know where each will be placed, as doing so will provide all the information you need in order to determine size and scaling.

A good rule of thumb is that size and visibility have a direct correlation. The bigger the banner, the more visible it will be. However, some spaces will likely necessitate smaller banners. When viewing your campaign banner, double-check the spacing and styling to make sure text visibility is not obstructed.


color creativity


Attractive Colors

What’s better than cheap banners? How about cheap banners with attractive color schemes. Science has demonstrated that our brains typically perceive colors before anything else. Like scent, colors bypass most of our conscious faculties and hit us right in the brain. As such, colors are crucial to communicating your message to potential voters.

Some studies have concluded that as much as 80 percent of brand recognition is accomplished by way of effective color schemes. But don’t take our word for it—can you think of any campaign logos that have captured your attention recently?

When it comes to tactful color schemes, make sure to use lighter shades with darker backgrounds, as the reverse is difficult to spot from a distance or from a moving vehicle. Here, take care that the letters do not contrast the background, as this could also adversely impact visibility. Additionally, research current trends and select colors that adhere therein, as voters will likely be more receptive to them. Finally, keep it simple—using only a few colors makes a much larger impact than an oversaturated billboard with more than three colors.



From A Distance: On Legible Fonts

One aspect of an effective campaign banner that is often overlooked is the importance of fonts, which can be just as essential to a message as the text itself. Indeed, fonts convey meaning as much as the text they cradle. This is precisely why selecting the perfect font is a core tenant of effective marketing strategies. But what makes a good font?

Good fonts are not hard to read and should compliment your design and color scheme. If you are placing your banner outside, keep in mind that this will impact the readability of your banners, even from a long distance, so be prepared to adjust accordingly. You would also do well to keep the lessons of minimalism in mind. Detailed and cluttered fonts are not as memorable as simple ones.

When it comes to cheap banners, people often think the text that is entirely capitalized has greater visibility. Hopefully, these tips have already helped you realize that this could not be further from the truth. Rendering your font in all caps will make it too heavy and could completely disorient the visual appeal of your banner. Some of today’s most popular design fonts include Display, Helvetica, Sans Serif, and Serif fonts.



The Importance Of Contrast

Those of us with an advertising background are already likely aware of the fact that engaging signs drive more engagement. This is as true for business as it is for politics. Therefore, throwing up vast amounts of cheap banners with bright colors will make them less readable. For this reason, it is important to keep a few key aspects of color theory in mind.

For one, consider your campaign banner’s surroundings. Is it in a rural area or a massive city? What is the lighting like? How is the weather on a typical day?

If the surrounding colors are primarily primary, make sure you select colors with just the right amount of contrast, as doing so will render them more visible to those passing by.

If your banner is outdoors, try to refrain from using blue as a background color. Blue corresponds with the color of the sky and will make your message difficult to read. Finally, be aware that inefficient color contrasts can be enhanced using shadowing, so be sure to experiment if you find something you like that initially does not seem to work.


Go Bold Or Go Home

Remember that branding and identity have a direct relationship. In this regard, don’t be afraid to make your campaign banner stand apart from the pack. When designing your banner, consider aiming for something with balanced contrast and larger lettering. And remember—less is more: keep your messaging clear, concise, and relevant as opposed to bombarding viewers with a dizzying array of colors and text.


Concentrate On The Focal Point

Knowing the focal point of your banner will help you increase its effectiveness. This should be easy to ascertain provided you understand your products and have a strong vision for your brand. As always, keep it simple: nobody likes to sift through the clutter, especially when they’re out and about.


Location, Location, Location

It may sound cliche, but one of the most important factors in ensuring that your campaign banner stands out is where it is located. Before you place your banner, be sure to double-check zoning and leasing requirements, as poor verification could lead to a slew of unsavory problems down the line. When placing the banner, consider the amount of traffic that will pass by each day. Will most people be on foot or in vehicles? How fast will they be going and what other distractions will be present?


brand identity

Your Banner Should Promote Your Sense Of Identity

Let’s be honest, campaigning means you are up against other personalities. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your message is as singular as it can possibly be. Think of it this way: who are you and why should people care?

When evaluating your brand identity, pay close attention to what your opponents are doing. Conducting a little research will give you ample opportunity to consolidate your resources and discover what is truly unique about your message. It will also keep you from repeating the talking points of your competitors, as well as lay bare any issues they are ignoring. Remember, appearing more unique will increase the impact of your message.


Spruce Things Up A Bit Every Now And Then

Studies show that confronting people with the same stimuli over and over will eventually cause them to ignore it, which is bad news for you if you are still using last year’s campaign banner. On the other hand, having to rebrand every year will consume a lot of your time and resources. Fortunately, the solution is relatively simple: make small changes to your banner over time so it stays relevant and, consequently, captures the attention of your target audience.


On Clutter

As mentioned, when it comes to running an effective campaign, or effective marketing in general, it is always a good idea to keep things simple. This proclivity is even reflected in our architecture and technology: minimalism pervades our designs. While this may seem like an unnecessary restriction, it actually makes things easier for you.

Recent studies show that some of the most effective cheap banners do not contain more than seven words, as using more results in decreased rates of retention. To this extent, “less is more” could be reappropriated to mean “fewer words result in greater understanding.” In other words, only use the information that is most essential to the message you want to convey.

Text aside, make sure to leave ample amounts of negative space. This will make your banner much easier on the eyes and afford users more space to absorb your message. Some studies indicate that as much as 40 percent of your banner should be comprised of negative space.

Why Car Magnets are Great for Small Business Marketing

Are you a small business owner, marketer, or public relations professional looking for something to take your advertising game to the next level? If you already have several banners and signs placed in advantageous areas but know you could be capturing more attention in more compact spaces, why not consider cheap car magnets?

By equipping your business with the advantage of mobility, car magnets will ensure increased visibility in locations where it would otherwise be ignored. Additionally, if your business sells a variety of products, car magnets are a great way to advertise each of them on different days or in different areas.

If you’re still on the fence, here are some reasons why car magnets are the perfect tool for small business marketing.

custom car magnets

The Pros Of Magnetic Signs For Cars

Functionally, vehicle magnets are constructed from matter magnetic material for ample longevity. Where painted advertisements and semi-permanent vehicle graphics have their own advantages, neither achieves the same level of versatility as car magnets.

Functionally, most vehicle magnets are constructed from some kind of matte magnetic material for ample longevity. From their aesthetic flexibility and versatility to their compact size, car magnets inherently provide plenty of customization options that are sure to put your business at the forefront of viewers’ minds. Beyond that, they are one of the most effective and flexible means available for transforming your vehicle into a marketing powerhouse.

Vehicle Magnets Keep Your Costs Down

Vehicle magnets will ensure that your costs remain low while still affording the ability to maintain an effective advertising campaign. In particular, magnets are a cost-effective advertising solution that consumes less than half of the financial and material resources that television commercials or advertising billboards typically do. This enables you to maintain financial stability by allotting your funds to other promotional endeavors while simultaneously maintaining a meaningful approach to marketing and engaging prospective clients.

The Ability To Experiment Is An Advantage

Every professional marketer knows that maintaining the ability to experiment always assures an advantage. This is because experimentation allows you to test the effectiveness of certain approaches with different demographics. Vehicle magnets, which can be repurposed in a variety of locations, afford this degree of versatility. Additionally, if you opt to purchase several different designs you can use incoming phone calls to measure the effectiveness of each one.

effective advertising

Car Magnets Are The Epitome Of Effective Advertising

Recent studies indicate that a large percentage of people (as high as 90 percent according to some numbers) are able to remember marketing messages they have seen printed on vehicles in one form or another. From those pools, about 70 percent said the signs allowed them to form an impression of the business. Obviously, this is something that is crucial to any comprehensive marketing strategy.

When compared to other mobile advertising solutions such as permanent vehicle wraps and the like, car magnets get the job done even more efficiently and can be removed whenever you do not want them visible. This effectively puts all the power in your hands, meaning you control when your messaging is visible and when it is not.

promote effectively

When It Comes To Your Advertising Game, Promote Don’t Demote

No matter what type of business you are promoting—be it an instrument distributor, plumbing service, construction service, or even a small coffee shop—vehicle magnets are the perfect way to increase your visibility. Just think about it: how many times have you been driving around town only to come across a car magnet of some kind? Maybe you are even able to remember a few of the printed messages and logos. Quality car magnets will equip your small business with the same strategic marketing advantage.

Car Magnets Promote Customer Retention And Evoke An Immediate Response

As a business owner, you are likely already aware that the primary goal of any small business is to capture new leads while satisfying your existing customer base. Even if you are doing an exemplary job of both, there will always be circumstances outside of your control. For example, customers will move out of state, change cities, or even leave the country.

With all of this rapid fluctuation, it is up to you to do whatever it takes to make sure your small business is able to stay afloat. This is where an effective marketing strategy comes into play. Ideally, effective marketing should ensure that you bring in more customers than you lose on an annual basis. If you’ve been paying attention, you should know that car magnets are perfectly suited for this task.

For one, car magnets tend to evoke an immediate response. As people drive by, they will instantly notice your logo or advertisement, making them more likely to engage your services. To this end, take the time to ensure that your logo is cleverly positioned and colored for maximum visibility.

Maintaining Portability Is Paramount To Effective Marketing

When it comes to advertising, portability always seems to be an issue. Billboards are too static, making you completely dependent on material factors completely outside your control. However, decorating your vehicle with magnets that sport your business’s graphics and logo means you can literally put the pedal to the metal and take your business straight to your prospective clients. It doesn’t matter if you are driving all over town, to another state, or simply leaving your car parked in an extremely visible location, vehicle magnets will ensure that your advertisement reaches your intended audience.

brand trust

Car Magnets Promote A Sense Of Trustworthiness

One of the most essential and invaluable things vehicle magnets promote is trustworthiness. As prospective clients see you or your customers driving around with your logo all over the vehicle, they will automatically assume that your brand is trustworthy—after all, why would everyone be sporting your logo if you weren’t? Compared to billboards and yard signs, which seem like a more self-serving way to advertise, car magnets promote a sense of community and intimacy that a large sign, business banner or campaign sign could never match.

Beyond that, car magnets are usually manufactured with versatility and durability in mind. In addition to being constructed from a highly resilient magnetic material, quality magnets are extremely resistant to the elements and will look nice for years to come, even in dismal weather conditions. In terms of maintenance, most magnets can be removed and cleaned whenever you need, just be sure to follow whatever cleaning instructions are provided to make sure nothing happens to the magnet or your vehicle.

Once you place a few car magnets on your vehicle, you will be able to advertise your logo, slogan, and services wherever you go. Most magnets are designed for safe use with any steel surface and any paint job (again, provided you follow the proper cleaning instructions). Additionally, consider pairing car magnets with yard signs for a promotional double whammy. Together, these two products form an effective advertising combo that is sure to give your small business a necessary boost.

Vehicle Magnets Are The Perfect Way To Amplify Your Message

As prior studies indicate, car magnets are proof that there is no better way to amplify your message while creating the necessary space for handling business as usual. Once you have strategically placed your magnets on one or more vehicles, everything they are affixed to essentially becomes a mobile billboard, giving you a razor sharp advantage over the competition—especially when compared to businesses that have only invested in static methods of advertising, such as a billboard.

However, the advantages don’t stop at brand awareness or conveying particular messages. That’s because car magnets are the perfect way to save money on advertising while still making a meaningful impact on the market. They truly are one of the most economical ways to make your voice heard while saving considerable sums of money that would otherwise be spent on lavish billboards or expensive commercials.

You could use your car magnets in any or all of the following ways:

  • Highlighting important brand information
  • Promoting general brand awareness
  • Conveying a promotional message
  • Familiarizing people with your mascot, logo, or icon

Strong Returns on Branding

Car Magnets Provide The Biggest Return On Your Investment

Think about how much driving you do in a single day. How much of that consists of time spent on the freeway or crowded residential areas, where you may literally pass hundreds of vehicles? Think of all the difference a cleverly designed magnet or two could make in these situations. No matter where you go, you create the potential for generating more revenue for your business or attracting more attention to your message.

If you think one magnet will not be enough, consider placing an order for two or three. Affixing a magnet on each side of your vehicle as well as on the rear creates plenty of opportunities for people to see them. You should even consider experimenting with various sizes, which also afford their own distinct advantages. For example, placing two equal-sized magnets on the side of your car and a larger magnet on the rear is a great way to capture the attention of just about any passerby.

Applying And Removing Magnets Is A Cinch

Maintaining car magnets is usually quick and easy. In addition to being easily removable, they are extremely easy to clean. In most instances, all you have to do is apply a small amount of soap, gently rinse, and you are ready to go. This way your magnet will always be legible to everyone who passes by.

In most cases, applying your car magnet is as easy as following these steps: first, make sure to carefully clean the surface where you will be applying the magnet. A small amount of soap should suffice—however, if your vehicle is extremely dirty then it may be a good idea to give it a more comprehensive cleansing.

Next, ensure that the surface is completely dry. As with the previous step, be sure to focus on the area or areas where you want to apply the magnets. This will help you avoid compacting dirt and grime into your vehicle’s paint job and optimize your magnets for years of use.

Once everything is prepped and ready, double-check your work then go ahead and apply the magnet. Take care to massage out any curves or bumps, as these could cause problems down the road. To prevent any long term damage, even without bumps and curves, be sure to clean and dry the space underneath the magnet on a daily basis. Additionally, make sure that you remove the magnets whenever you get your car washed, as not doing so could result in loss or damage to the magnet.

Branding Considerations

Things To Keep In Mind

Before you finalize the design of your magnet or spend so much as a dime for that matter, you should thoroughly consider whether or not the look of the magnet (i.e., it’s color and general aesthetic) will vibe with your vehicle. Nothing stands out more than a dazzling color scheme, and your vehicle is certainly part of the equation. In this regard, keep in mind that minimalism is the hot trend right now—so when it comes to designing a custom magnet, less is definitely more.

Most people only have a limited number of seconds to read a vehicle magnet, so using large letters in tandem with short phrases is an excellent approach. The font choice should also correspond with your other marketing materials to promote a sense of uniformity. Additionally, consider using a border around the sign, as this has been known to focus attention and make content easier to read.

In regards to color combinations, using darker backgrounds with lighter colors optimizes readability and, depending on the colors, usually doesn’t result in significant eye strain. Get creative with your color scheme to focus viewer attention on the most important information, such as your website, phone number, or the sense of gratification your customers will get from doing business with you. Some studies have shown that simply rendering your most essential text in a different color can increase retention by as much as 75 percent.

The 10 Most Creative Ways to Advertise With Yard Signs

Table of Contents

In addition to their affordability, yard signs are both lightweight and portable. With this in mind, it’s no wonder why they are so popular with both large and small businesses alike. That’s because no matter the size of the business, yard signs are an excellent means of capturing the attention of anyone who passes by.

However, while yard signs do contain a ton of potential, there are other factors you need to consider to amplify their effectiveness. After all, a sign without a coherent strategy isn’t all that effective, is it? So before you spend so much as a dime, ensure that the text you are using is proportional to the overall size of the sign and the distance of visibility you hope to achieve. Additionally, make sure your color scheme is simplistic and straightforward to capture the maximum amount of attention.

Needless to say, yard signs can be appropriated for various uses and applications. To help give you a better idea of potential uses, here is a list of 10 creative ways to use yard signs.

Custom Yard Signs

1. Yard Signs Are Ideal For Home Businesses

Working from home comes with distinct advantages—unfortunately, crowds are not one of them. While most businesses attract a decent amount of foot traffic, working from home may mean you are tucked away from all the action. However, a cleverly placed yard sign will ensure that you can capture a sizable customer base by appealing to them as they drive by. It will also attract the attention of your neighbors and any visitors they may have.

When placing a yard sign in front of your home, check local ordinances, as you may be able to carry out some tricks that will give you another leg up on the competition. For example, you may be able to place a few signs at the end of your block, cul-de-sac, or even at an intersection. Even better, yard signs are inherently mobile and can be moved wherever you desire.

2. Raise Awareness For Nonprofit Organizations

As far as your nonprofit organization is concerned, yard signs make it that much easier to make an impact. Whether you aim to point people towards a secure donation box or initiate a dialog with one of your representatives, yard signs work best when erected in high-traffic areas with ample visibility. To further inspire people, you could even include some of your talking points and desired results or explain more about how donations will be used. However, you should be cautious of cluttering your sign too much, as doing so could drive people away. What better way to raise awareness for a particular cause than with a yard sign? Placing a sign in your yard is a great way to compel your neighbors to do the same, which will only serve to further amplify awareness and rally even more people around the cause. Just be sure your sign contains a concise summary of the objective, as well as legible contact information so anyone wishing to obtain additional information can do so.

QR Code Yard Signs

3. Ever Thought Of Using A Yard Sign For A QR Code?

This one is a little more esoteric but is becoming more imperative by the day. Yard signs are great for displaying QR codes. Simply use an online generator to create your code, print it to a sign, then place that sign in your yard. If programmed correctly, the QR code should link to a page that will enable you to provide potential clients with more information, as well as monitor the effectiveness of your yard sign.

4. Give Your Political Campaign An Extra Edge

When it comes to political campaigns, name recognition is essential. This is precisely why you see so many political campaign signs pop up as election day gets closer and closer. Indeed, these yard signs have become essential to running an effective political campaign. So if you are planning on using a yard sign to raise awareness about a campaign or cause, be sure they include the name of the candidate or cause, as well as all necessary information required to make an informed decision when it comes time to vote.

Custom Fundraiser Signs

5. Promote School Fundraisers Throughout Your School District

Do you or your children have a school-related fundraiser coming up? This is the perfect time to place an attractive yard sign on every street. Regardless of whether your fundraiser is a one-off or recurring event, a few cleverly placed yard signs are sure to lure many prospective customers.

6. Buy and Sell More Real Estate

Yard signs are perfect for real estate companies looking to raise awareness about specific properties available for sale or lease. However, you may have noticed that they are quite overused. With this in mind, your sign must stand apart from the competition, at least if you want to capture a decent share of the market. Here is a short list of effective tips, followed by more comprehensive descriptions:

  • Conceive a creative color scheme
  • Make sure your yard sign has a distinctive shape
  • Use an effective tagline
  • Affix a brochure that customers can use to glean more information

When it comes to color schemes, don’t be afraid to take the time to decide exactly what works best for you. Changes may be dictated by demographic preferences as well as natural surroundings. A good rule of thumb is to notice what colors are popular within your area, ascertain the reasons why then implement them into your own designs where applicable.

As far as selecting a distinctive shape is concerned, make sure to choose something that the surrounding area does not see every day. A sign with abstract dimensions that simultaneously provides extra room for additional graphics, text, or negative space will help underscore your brand. However, be careful not to clutter your sign with too much information, as this will detract rather than attract. Additionally, try to focus on a single unifying message that will simultaneously entice buyers and push your brand.

Yard signs and taglines go together like peanut butter and jelly. Just be sure to take the time to craft an effective tagline rather than rushing through it just to get your sign-up. Keeping your primary goal and focus at the forefront of your mind will help you assemble the perfect text.

Finally, attaching a brochure box will enable prospective buyers to find more information about the property, as well as obtain an efficient means of contacting you.

Custom Party Signs

7. Personalized Yard Signs for Parties And Other Celebrations

Make your next social gathering a smash with a personalized sign. No matter whether the event is a birthday party or that pool party you’ve been waiting for all summer, a prominent yard sign will ensure that your guests will know where the party is at. If your event is reasonably large or located in a hidden place, you may want to consider purchasing multiple signs with different instructions on how to navigate the area. Additionally, you could use signs to direct guests to key areas such as restrooms, trash receptacles, and food stations. Think back to your own childhood experiences on days like Easter. Wouldn’t an egg hunt have been much more fun with a couple of creative signs? In addition to informing people about the celebration in the first place, a few well-placed yard signs will result in even more fun. Just think about how you could confuse people or give understated hints about the location of specific eggs.

8. Yard Signs to Help Recruit the Best Employees

If you are a business owner looking for a way to accelerate your hiring process, look no further than a few yard signs. Placing a few of these puppies here and there will promote more visibility than other forms of signage and give you more control over how your message is displayed. Before printing your sign, consider what questions potential employees may ask, such as those pertaining to wages and hours, and be sure to include them in the text.

9. Conventions, Conferences, and Other Large Events

Even if the concert or convention you are promoting has been sold out for months, it never hurts to have a little more signage here and there. While signs can certainly raise awareness about an upcoming event, they can accomplish much more.

For example, in the case of a sold-out event, a prominently placed sign is the perfect way to direct the crowd to essential stations, such as restrooms, food, designated exits, will-call, and ride-share pickup locations, and much more. You can even tell people where not to go using signs with messages such as “Keep Out” or “Restricted Access.” The possibilities are virtually endless.

Random Uses

10. Spread Your Own Personal Brand of Joy in a Troubled World

What if you just want to place a sign in your yard because you feel like it? Nowadays, we are so bombarded with sales and related messaging (not to mention divisive political ads) that we forget life is supposed to be fun. Bring some much-needed cheer into your neighborhood with a random sign that conveys a funny or sentimental message that will brighten everyone’s day and bring us closer together.

No matter the use, or whether you opted for I-frame or wire stakes frames, a tactfully placed yard sign is sure to get the point across. As with any public display, be sure to check with local authorities regarding specific rules governing signage. Doing so will help you avoid any unwanted confrontations.

Depending on the intended use, you may want to consider one of the following: ordering multiple copies of a single design or ordering multiple copies of several unique designs. Multiple copies of a single sign are great for handing out to friends and neighbors, but they could cause people to overlook the message if too many are placed in the same vicinity. On the other hand, ordering several unique signs gives you the option of diversifying your message to yield a much higher return.