Could custom yard signs be the missing link when it comes to publicizing your next big event? With yard signs, you can quickly and easily create a customized message that will resonate with potential attendees – but only if they’re carefully planned and designed correctly!

It’s not just what kind of signs you use or where they’re installed – EVERYTHING matters, including when you order them, what they look like, and how you install them. We have some tried and true tips explained below that will help you find “sign success” for your next event.

When to Order Your Custom Yard Signs

The most important part of throwing a good event is planning.  That’s why you should order yard signs at least one month before your event (or as soon as possible). While this might seem like an unnecessarily long period of time, many things can happen between now and then. 

Typical sign production at our shop can take around five business days, and we’re much faster than most. Then, you should expect to add another 2-4 days for shipping. Even if you don’t have this kind of lead time, make sure you don’t put off ordering your signs until the last minute. Rush jobs always add stress and cost to the project and you might end up with a sign that says “Hapy Graduation (even though our design team prides itself on its incredible attention to detail). 

Where to Place Your Yard Signs

Audiences require convenience, so your event signage must accurately and simply direct guests to the intended location. It’s a poor strategy to have guests getting lost or meandering around the countryside –  and this is especially true if they’re a necessary part of the event.

Signage should be placed in a yard or along roadside corners to be seen without obstructing traffic. 

Use Common Sense and Obey Local Regulations

When posting yard signs on someone else’s property, asking landowners politely can go a long way – especially if you throw in an invitation to the event.

When you receive your yard signs, be respectful of where you place them. You want to place your custom yard signs on a busy thoroughfare or corner, but not if it’s along a high-speed highway, on-ramps, off-ramps, or utility poles. Sign placement might be allowed on state and county roads, so long as they don’t create traffic hazards or block traffic and stop lights. 

Even if you want to post a sign in your own yard for a short while, be sure to check local ordinances regarding sizes and quantities of signs. You wouldn’t want an unpleasant encounter with law enforcement, so always consult the appropriate authorities before posting anything

When Should I Place My Yard Signs Outside?

When to place event signs depends largely on the type and location of the event. If you’re hosting a political fundraiser, a good rule is to place event-specific and standard campaign signs outside about two weeks before the event, then take them down within 24 hours. 

Two weeks typically provide enough advance notice for attendees to clear their schedules. Be sure to record where all of your signs are placed since having old signs perched around town is a poor sign of organization.

Lawn Signs for Closed Events

For events that are closed to the public (like graduation parties and weddings), signs can be placed 1-3 days beforehand. It’s assumed that guests have invitations and directions, but big directional signs can be extremely helpful for getting folks where they need to go.

Make Sure You Have the Right Signage

Yard signs are an affordable, highly visual opportunity to promote nearly any event, including: 

  • Open houses
  • Graduation parties 
  • Political rallies 
  • Charity events & galas 
  • Garage & rummage sales

With nearly unlimited options to channel your creative side, it’s important to match an event’s advertising with its personality. So how do you do it? 

How to Make Your Own Yard Sign

Our cheap yard signs offer flexible designs and durable materials to get your event the publicity it needs. Start with our straightforward online ordering process – you’ll create your custom yard sign in minutes.

Stay organized and plan to make your event a hit.