Hang Your Banners Anywhere with Our Wide Selection of Accessories

Vinyl Banner Accessories

Everything you need to hang your banner in a way to get noticed.  Something you need not here?  Let us know and we'll add it for you.

18 inch bungee cords, navy blue
Bungee Cords - 18" (sold individually)
24 inch bungee cords, navy blue
Bungee Cords - 24"
48" bungee cords in black
Bungee Cords - 48"
14 inch zip ties
Zip Ties - 14" (sold individually)
suction cups with hooks
Suction Cup with Hook
Metal u-channel sign post 6 ft (sold individually)
Economical Tri-Stand Banner Stand
Easy Banner Stand (graphic banner sold separately)

Product Range and Descriptions:

  • Bungee Cords (18", 24", 48"): Essential for outdoor banners, these cords allow flexibility in windy conditions, ensuring banners remain taut and visible.
  • Zip Ties (14"): A simple and effective solution for securing banners in various settings.
  • Suction Cups with Hooks: Ideal for window or smooth surface applications, offering a clean and straightforward installation.
  • Metal U-Channel Sign Post (6 ft): Durable and sturdy, perfect for longer-term banner displays.
  • Easy Banner Stand: A versatile stand, suitable for different banner sizes and occasions, enhancing portability and presentation.