Durable 24" Red Bungee Cords

24 inch bungee cords, navy blue

Q: Why should I consider using Bungee Cords - 24" for my banners?

A: Bungee Cords - 24" are a must for ensuring the long life of your banner. They offer reliable support and enhance the visual appeal of your banners. Each cord is sold individually, providing flexibility in purchasing quantities based on your specific needs. With a length of 24 inches, these bungee cords are designed to provide a recommended stretch of up to 175% of their size, ensuring a secure hold for your banners. The coated hooks offer additional protection and ease of use.

Q: How can incorporating these bungee cords extend the lifespan of my banners?

A: By incorporating these bungee cords into your banner installation, you can extend the lifespan of your banners and make them more visually appealing, increasing their chances of being noticed. Whether you’re displaying banners indoors or outdoors, these bungee cords are an essential accessory for any banner installation project.

Bungee Cords - 24"
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Bungee Cords - 24"

  • Please note that each bungee cord is sold individually, allowing you to purchase the quantity you need based on your specific requirements
  • 24 inches in length - recommended stretch to 175% of size
  • Coated hooks
Total Price: $4.00
$4.00 $4.00