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Add a little something extra to your real estate sign with an awesome sign rider. Sign riders can help your buyers know if the property is sold, available, or in escrow. With the help of rider pins, your sign riders can sit proudly on top like the crown on a king. We also have steel and plastic sign frames that can display sign riders, but on the underside of the sign instead of the top. If you need something else to help share your message, then check out our accessories page!

Real Estate Sign Riders 

One of the most tried and true methods for advertising the sale or rental of a property is a yard sign. Yard signs are large, colorful, eye-catching and one of the most universally understood types of signage. There are times, however, where the sign alone is not enough to communicate with potential customers. Real estate sign riders are smaller signs that can be attached to the primary sale or rental sign. These riders can offer more information on the property, advertise an open house, or announce that a sale has been made.

Customizable Sign Riders 

Most real estate riders are going to be made out of corrugated plastic or aluminum. There is a slight price difference between the two, but either option will work well. The signs are designed with bright colors and easy-to-read ink so that potential customers can easily read the sign as they are moving past the property. When you shop with Super Cheap Signs, you will also have the ability to customize your sign from start to finish. You will be able to choose the size, coloring, text font, text color and printing on one side or both. There are some preformatted templates to work from, or you can upload your own graphics and create a sign rider from scratch. 

Placement of Sign Riders 

One of the convenient things about real estate sign riders is that they can be placed on the primary sign at any point during the sale or rental process. You may find it valuable to start out with a particular sign rider attached, or you might wait to see how the first few days or weeks of the listing goes. The real estate sign riders can be attached with pins to the top of the sign. Another option is to place the rider below the primary sign using a steel or plastic frame or S-hooks. 

Either placement will bring more attention to the primary sign which is the overall goal of the sign riders. Despite the small amount of text on the sign rider, it can give just enough extra information to a potential customer to make them pause and take an extra look at the property. 

Ideas for Sign Riders 

Once you have decided that putting a sign rider within one of the real estate signs frames that Super Cheap Signs has to offer, it is time to decide exactly what you want it to say. There are some very traditional or classic options such as:

  • Sold
  • Sale Pending
  • For Lease
  • Open House on Sunday

These sign riders all give a bit more information than what the primary sign is able to communicate. 

In addition to the more traditional messages, there is also room to put out a more creative or eye-catching message. Options for this type of message could be:

  • Call Me Today
  • Book a Showing
  • Newly Remodeled Kitchen

This type of real estate sign rider gets more specific and is a more compelling message for potential clients to take action. Using sign riders to make a call to action is a very effective strategy as it is a bit more passive and gives customers a chance to really think more about their next step. Taking a step further you could include something more comedic or attention-getting. Some options for this type of message could be:

  • Honey! Stop the Car!
  • It’s Gorgeous Inside
  • See Yourself Living Here
  • Fall in Love and Make an Offer

The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can put on your real estate sign riders. The bottom line is these signs add an additional level of detail that can be just the thing customers are looking for when driving by a property. 

Much of the focus of advertising today is on digital platforms. While this is a necessary component of any real estate business, the more traditional methods still work. One of the most efficient and effective traditional methods of advertising is using real estate sign riders. These signs can go on top or underneath your primary sign. They come in a variety of materials and are extremely customizable. These signs are also very affordable and they will have a high level of visibility. If you want to increase traffic to your properties and see an increase in business then contact us today and start creating your real estate sign riders.