Corrugated Plastic Cutting Tool - Saw Trax CCD4 Coro-Claw

safety cutting tool for corrugated plastic

Looking for an easy way to cut corrugated plastic? Look no further than the Saw Trax CCD4 Coro-Claw Corrugated Plastic Cutting Tool! 

This hand-held flute cutter is designed for 4 mm corrugated PVC, but is also capable of cutting 5 & 6 mm. The Saw Trax cutter's ergonomically designed handle allows for easy and effortless cutting, while the angle of the blade allows you to utilize the larger muscles in your back and shoulder -- scoring with the outer prong and cutting with the inner prong. 

Plus, blades are easily replaceable when needed. Best of all, this is the most economical flute cutter on the market! So why wait? Order your Corrugated Plastic Cutting Tool online from Super Cheap Signs today!

Saw Trax CCD4 Coro-Claw 4mm Coroplast Cutter
Rating: 4.7 18153 reviews

Saw Trax CCD4 Coro-Claw 4mm Coroplast Cutter

  • Ergonomically handle design allows user to get a better grip
  • Almost half the cost of other flute cutter on the market
  • Easily cut along flutes of full or partial sheets
  • Make an inside or outside bend easily
  • Make a box or column by cutting three corners

suggest utility knife and straight edge for cutting against flute direction

Total Price: $29.95